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Glass Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Glass Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Most people are conditioned to believe that glass dildos are scary sex toys. However, that is not the case since these are the most incredible sex toys you should use for a mind-blowing sexual experience. Note that not all glass toys are made from glass materials. You can get those made from acrylic Pyrex, Lucite, and mild bumps. For this reason, if you need the best dildo you can use at any temperature, glass dildos should be on your next purchase.

Glass Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Probably, you are wondering what exactly these glass toys can be about. Worry no more, as this article has exact answers to help you choose the type of glass dildo for a pleasurable sensation. Glass dildos are beautifully designed to offer a painless penetration. The tools are considered the gold standard as far as dildos are concerned. Glass dildos can be heated up or cooled down to be used for a temperature play. They are easy to clean because they are made from bacteria-free non-porousials. These toys are available in myriads colors to give a romantic impression. Even though glass dildos are less flexible than silicone, they are more compatible and safer. They are easily accessible and can be used on all body parts such as the nipple, butt, and clitoris to provide internal and external stimulation.

Why Use Glass Dildo

They are Ideal for Temperature play

Glass dildos are ideal for couples who enjoy temperature play. You can warm the dildo by dipping it in hot water or using a microwave. Also, you can cool the glass dildo in the refrigerator to enjoy cold play. 

Glass Dildos Are Great for Shower Sex

If you are into water play, consider getting a glass dildo. Most glass dildos are waterproof. However, when using glass dildos in the shower, be careful not to drop it.

Unique Feeling

Glass dildos can take your sex life to a new level. Their rigidity is something most advanced users enjoy. These sex toys are also heavier than other sex toys, offering different sensations.

Glass Is an Easy to Clean and Safe Material

Glass is non porous. This means that it does not have tiny holes on t surface that would accumulate bacteria that would cause infections. Glass dildos are also easy to clean with warm soapy water or toy cleaner

Types of Glass Dildos

Luminous Glass Dildos

Press et al. (2017) explained that the luminous dildos have pieces that can be hand-blown and even used as modern art in your home. They are perfect for solo play but can also be used in a two-person play. The toys are made from non-porous allergenic Glass, giving you complete control over how deep you need them to go.

Medium Realistic Glass Dildos

The realistic dildos offer a sleek penetration because they are made from realistic phallic texture and shape. They are also designed with veins to make them look more familiar to the user for a worry-less pleasure and sensation. These dildos feature a tapered tip and thick shaft for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. Moreover, they are made from durable borosilicate material.

Whisper Whip Glass Dildos

The whip dildos are compatible with the new babies. They feature a whip on one end and a glass dildo on the other to give you double pleasure. The toys are made from a non-porous body-safe borosilicate glass material for comfy play. They can be used for internal and external stimulation because they feature a smooth curve that acts as a sensual massager.

Factors to Consider When Buying Glass Dildos

Safety and Cleanliness

Always consider glass dildos that are made from non-porousials. Most glass dildos are temperature-resistant, body-safe, and non-nonporous dildos are easy to clean and cannot harbor harmful bacteria or fungi. You can wash the dildos in hot soapy water and a toy cleaner to restore color, shape, and texture. When it comes to lube-friendly, glass dildos are ranked the best. You can use any lube provided you attain the maximum orgasms you desire.


Glass dildos come with functional ridges and smooth surfaces to deliver more intense pleasure. They are also whimsical, with a ribbed shaft and a g-spot curve to add a touch of class and sophistication compared to plastic materials. A glass dildo resembling a crystal can drive you crazy and give you an immense orgasm.

Safety During Performance

Everyone needs a toy that will lead to extreme pleasure. Glass is more weighted than any other toy to give an amazing feeling in your hands and inside your cunt. Whether you prefer p-spot, g-spot, or c-spot, you will get stimulated by this incredible tool.

How to Use Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Get in The Mood First

Set the mood by changing the ambiance by turning down room lights and lighting a few candles, whether in a solo play or with your partner. You can also put on some sexy music and lock the door to ensure you are in total privacy. Lay down a towel before getting started because hitting the g-spot may lead to ejaculation.

Choose The Right Dildo

McKeal (2008) explained that one should choose your glass dildo to get the shape, color, and size that fits you perfectly. Be keen when choosing because glasses are always malleable materials. They also come in different options; for instance, some are twisted, curved, ridged, and bumped. Moreover, many are made from high-quality borosilicate glass for safer use, durability, and sturdiness. You can choose a hard glass to match your desires for ladies who crave hard stimulation.

Start With Foreplay

After choosing a glass dildo that suits you, warm up before you start using it. Warming up means manual stimulation like touching your nipples or rubbing your thighs. For those who cannot produce enough natural lube, apply sex lubricant for easy insertion and increased arousal and physical comfort sex. Sex toys are the only perfect choice for masturbation and massaging your body, just like these amazing glass dildos. Glass dildos feature a smooth and firm surface to massage the sores on the muscle.

Start With Gentle Penetration

After lubing up and fully aroused, insert the dildo into your pussy to get the pleasure you fantasized about. Twist it and whistle the toy while in your pussy. A smooth dildo will give you a sensual and pleasurable feeling to take your pleasure a notch higher. Try rocking the dildo inside instead of thrusting it. You can also play around with straps-on to make it hand-free.

Play Safely

Do not thrust it deeply because most sensitive nerve endings exist in the first 1/3 of your vaginal opening. Perform short and rapid strokes to make the dildo easier to hold and avoid barraging your cervix. The extra shaft of the dildo can be helpful for better grasping.

The Best Lube to Use with Glass Dildos

Sex lubricants are essential when using glass dildos for solo or partnered play. You can choose silicon-based, oil-based or water-based lubes. Water based lubes are compatible with most sex toys. However, they are easily washed off, thus unsuitable for water play. Also, water-based lube is not ideal because it dries off fast and require frequent reapplication. In contrast, oil-based lube is thick and long lasting. This sex lube is not ideal when using condoms with your glass dildos because it can cause breakages. Silicone based lube is also thick and long lasting. However, it is not compatible with most sex lubes. Consider all these factors when selecting the best sex lubricant for you.

Frequently Asked Question about Glass Dildos

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Better (2016) explained that there is always that inner worry that glass dildos can break while you are using them. The thought and panic of the Glass breaking on you should never be a worry. To be safe, you should check on the type or quality of the glass dildo you want to buy as they are not like the regular Glass. They are shatterproof and cannot break. They also are resistant to any extreme temperature. It would help if you also were wary when shopping for glass dildos. You can sometimes opt for the most expensive ones, but they may make you regret them. However, the expensive ones most times are the ones that are great and of good quality. It may help you for a while, but it may be dangerous for you.

Are Glass Dildos Beginner friendly?

It all depends on one's urge to use a dildo. If you do not know how to use one and are new to the whole experience, it is always advisable to use the other ones made from silicone. It is because they are soft and comfortable on the skin. However, if you are into bondage or have rough sex, the glass dildo can be very good and advisable. It is because it is hard and will give you the desire you always wish for.  

What Makes a Glass Dildo Better than Other Dildos?

Döring (2021) explained that glass dildos have a higher advantage than other dildos because they can be used with any lubricant. This is because it is advisable that if you are into rough penetration, you should try the glass dildo. They will give you the feeling that you want or desire. It is also a great toy compared to the rest because it can be used in the shower. The other toys are silicone, making it difficult to use the silicone-based lube, which is always recommended in the shower because it takes some time to come out. The glass dildo will use the silicone-based lube, which will be difficult to react.    

Ways to Make Glass Dildos Feel Better

Using a glass dildo has its benefits compared to the rest of the dildos. Glass dildos are hygienic. They do not worry about having bacteria building up as it is impermeable. It does not allow anything to sneak into it because of the material it is made of. The greatest thing about the glass dildo is that they can be used with any lubricant because they are impermeable. You can explore the different lubricants until you find the one that gives you the desired desire. It also does not require high maintenance.  

How Do One Clean A Glass Dildo?

According to Fitzpatrick (2011), glass dildos may appear like they do not need much care like the rest, but they do in a real sense. It also deserves to be given some attention. After you are done with the sexual activities, you should clean the glass dildo. They should be washed with water and some antibacterial soap. This will help you eliminate any bacteria that would have built up if it was not washed. After cleaning it, you should use an antibacterial wipe to wipe it and allow them to dry off after a while. After washing them, you can place them in the protective bag that came with it.

Can Couples Use a Glass Dildo

The glass dildos are just like any other type of dildo out there. The difference is that they are made of different materials. They can be used with anyone. They are also great when introducing them to the bondage games in the bedroom. They can play a very big role in sexual activities, especially when you like it rough. So it is okay to say that couples can use the glass dildo to have fun and experience different sensational feelings.

What Safety Tips Should I Consider When Using a Glass Dildo?

Dropping It Should Not Be a Habit

Although the material used to make the glass dildo is so strong and shatterproof, you should not make it a habit to drop it on a hard surface or floor every time. When using it in the bathroom, ensure that your hands are not soapy so that you may not drop the glass dildo on the hard surface. It may destroy its structure.

Changes In Heat

Glass dildos are not great, especially in extreme temperature changes, although they can be heated or cooled. Do not change it immediately if it gets cold and you want to become hot. Please wait for it to be at room temperature, then you can decide to boil it.

Use A Padded Bag

Most glass dildo manufacturers sell their glass dildos in a padded bag. This protects them from banging into things and destroying their surface. It also helps in keeping them clean. It would help if you always used the padded bags whenever you wanted to store them.              


Glass dildos, like any other penetrative dildo, are designed with beautiful features to give painless penetration. They are also considered the gold standard in the world of sex toys. The tools can be heated or cooled down for a happy temperature play. 


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