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Glass Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Glass Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Folks often wonder why they would need glass dildos. Some say the glass is fragile and could be dangerous inserting into the vagina or butt hole. Still, contrary to popular opinion, glass sex toys are designed for high temperature and pressure and are non-porous. Like their metallic or silicone counterparts, glass sex toys are available in varieties, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and dilators. If you are looking to explore extreme sensational pleasures and mind-blowing orgasms with glass sex toys, here is a guide to glass sex toys and everything you need to know.

Glass Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

The sex toy market is full of metallic, silicone, and glass sex toys. Those mentioned above are the main materials used to make sex toys. Depending on your preferred material, there are advantages and disadvantages. Glass sex toys are smooth textured, often cheaper, and are compatible with all sex lubricants on the market. At the most basic level, glass sex toys are popular because they possess a certain kind of sleekness and attractiveness and have a special vibe of high-end aestheticism. Therefore, let's take a closer look at glass sex toys, why use they, how the different types are compared, and safety tips accompanying their usage.

What Are Glass Sex Toys?

Döring (2021) explained that a sex toy is any device or object designed to enhance sexual pleasure for solo play or couples. Glass sex toys belong to the broader category of toys made from glass material and can be used to enhance sexual activity such as masturbation or partner play. Dewitte et al. (2020) explained that some, such as glass dildos, can be used for vaginal sex, while others, like glass butt plugs, can be used for anal stimulation or dilation in preparation for penetrative anal sex.

How Glass Sex Toys Were Invented

Over time, people have been exploring sexuality in different methods, and that includes the use of sex toys. Several historical accounts trace back to when glass dildos came into being. In the beginning, glass sex toys were hollow, filled with warm water, and hand was blown. Italian nuns normally used these types of glass sex toys in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In 1893, Otto Schott, a German chemist, invented Pyrex glass, the main material used to make glass dildos today. Like the Pyrex glass used to make chemistry experiment apparatuses such as test tubes, Pyrexing borosilicate glass ensures that the Glass remains intact even when subjected to sudden temperature changes. They remain the same when inserted ton the body and tests what makes glass sex toys the best for temperature play.

Common Features of Glass Sex Toys

They Are Easy to Clean

Glass sex toys are non-porous and will not hide germs or bacteria. You can spray it with disinfectant if you are in a hurry, and it will be safe. You can also wash it with a dishwashing machine, use warm water and soap, or use a toy cleaner. Additionally, you can easily sterilize them after washing.

They Are Smooth

Glass sex toys penetrate and exit easily, unlike any other toy. This feature gives all glass sex toys gliding sensations that will make you gasp with pleasure. Kellershohn et al. (2018), glass sex toys are your only choice if you usually experience pain when using toys or when having sex. It is also the best choice for penetration as it will not meet any resistance no matter how tight your sphincter muscles are. Additionally, they make up the best sex toy for pleasure if you experience vaginal dryness during stimulation as they do not use the lubricant you apply.

They Are Safe

Since glass sex toys are non-porous, they will not secretly hide bacteria or germs that will harm you later. Also, they are antiallergenic, meaning they will not bring you any allergic reactions regardless of your skin allergic status. Hakala & Mustak (2017) you are advised to use glass sex toys if you have experienced pain or irritation with other toys.

They Are Compatible with Any Lube

Glass sex toys are smooth and non-porous, which means the lube will slide over them and not be absorbed into them. Therefore, you need less lube for your play than other sex toys.

They Bare Hard

The flexibility of glass sex toys cannot be questioned. They are made with specific shapes for specific shapes. For instance, some glass dildos are slightly curved at the tip to make sure they can stimulate hidden hots spots such as the g-spot.

Why Use Glass Sex Toys?

Ronen (2018) explained that glass sex toys are popular because they are non-porous, hypoallergenic, compatible with all sex lubes, have smooth textures, and are simple to clean. Moreover, experts point to several physical and emotional benefits of using glass sex toys. Incorporating sex toys in your bedroom play can help you achieve orgasms and explore more sexual fantasies for you and your partner. Among others, glass sex toys can benefit you in the following ways:

They Maximize Sexual Satisfaction

Anzani et al. (2021) explained that sex toys could increase sexual pleasure. Most women have confirmed that sexual intercourse alone cannot give them the pleasure they want. Therefore, bringing glass dildos into the mix helps them stimulate multiple erogenous zones, leading to quicker orgasms.

They Boost Your Bedroom Performance

Sex toys are versatile and can be handy if your bedroom game is underwhelming. Folks who struggle climaxing can get a kick from using glass sex toys.

They Are Durable

These toys are made from temperature and shatterproof glass material. The indestructible nature of this material makes glass dildos durable, and you wouldn’t have to worry about minor accidents such as dropping one on the floor.

Different Glass Sex Toys Compared

Realistic Glass Dildos

Glass dildos come in different shapes and sizes like silicone counterparts; realistic glass dildos feature a life-like penis shape designed with the ridged and veined shaft and a base. These dildos are ideal options if you like the smooth texture, hypoallergenic, and lube-universal nature of glass sex toys. They are also great for vaginal and anal stimulation.

Glass Butt Plugs and Anal Toys

Dubberley (2021) explained that numerous anal toys, such as butt plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos, are made from glass materials. The main reason for their popularity is that Glass is non-porous, easy to clean, and will provide a mess-free pleasure experience. Cutrer, R., & Glahn (2020) explained that anal glass beads could generate intense pleasure, while butt plugs can be used to dilate the butt hole in preparation for anal sex.

Glass Prostate Massagers

Imagine the smooth texture of Glass hitting your P-spot. If you want to generate extreme sensational pleasure from your prostate, then a glass prostate massager, for example, might be the ideal choice. Some are designed with a uniform width, while others come with spiral curves to maximize sensational stimulation.

Other glass prostate toys are huge enough to manipulate your prostate for mind-blowing orgasms. Some come with long insertable lengths and huge diameters suited to stretch your prostate and create head-to-toe orgasms.

Glass Dilators

Neville (2018) explained that glass dilators are quite popular among women and gay men as they utilize them to dilate the vagina and anus in preparation for penetrative vaginal and anal sex, respectively. It makes sex more comfortable. Glass dilators are available in different sizes and shapes; they are non-porous, easy to clean, and can fit your preference.

Glass Floggers

Floggers are used multi-purposely in adult sex play and BDSM to whip sexual partners as you fuck them. Some come with a flogger on one end and a dildo on the other to match bondage play and intense thrusting.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Glass Sex Toys

Folks have it as common knowledge that Glass is fragile, and it is no wonder some are scared of inserting seemingly fragile or delicate sex toys into their orifices. However, glass sex toys are made from non-porous, shatterproof, pressure and temperature-resistant material. That means you can delve into glass sex toys and have worry-free fun. Below are some aspects to consider when making a glass sex toy purchase.

Buy from A Reputable Manufacturer

Many brands are mushrooming; you don't have to experiment with buds or poor-quality glass sex toys. Remember to buy from a reputable company to get a high-quality glass device.

Consider the Sensation Needed

For intense anal stimulation, it is best to go with glass anal toys such as butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, or anal dildos. For vaginal stimulation, you can opt for realistic glass dildos or vibrators.

How to Use Glass Sex Toys

Glass Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Using glass dildos, for instance, is similar to the way you would with regular dildos. However, you don't have to worry about the lube types because Glass is compatible with all sex lubricants, which is admirable. Besides, borosilicate glass toys are temperature-responsive and can be placed in warm water to heat up before inserting.

Safety Tips

  • Keep your glass sex toys clean by washing them before and after use for every session.
  • Cover penetrative glass toys such as vibrators using a condom for couple or group play.
  • Use different sets of sex toys for every partner, or sterilize them before using them if you are sharing with friends.
  • Use different glass toys for different body parts, such as the anus, vagina, and mouth.

How Should I Keep My Glass Sex Toy Clean?

Cardoso Filho et al. (2019) explained that Glass sex toys are one of the easiest to clean. That is because Glass can withstand high and low temperatures, and you can sterilize it. For that reason, you can use warm water and soap to clean it and then sterilize it. Their ability to withstand temperature means you can dip in the dishwasher to clean normal dishes without worrying about anything going wrong. Additionally, glass sex toys are resistant to corrosion; hence you can use an antibacterial toy cleaner to wash and disinfect them. Glass is not porous, meaning it will not hide bacteria or any dirt, meaning you can wipe it down with warm water and towel then sterilize it and wait for the next session.

The Safety of Glass Sex Toys

Many people are against using glass dildos because they always imagine them shattering while using them, thus harming them in one way or another. This misconception has affected many to avoid using glass sex toys for pleasure. It is far from the truth about glass sex toys. Most glass sex toys are made using borosilicate glass – a strong form of Glass that will not shatter unless you drop it on a tiled or cemented floor. The borosilicate glass is tempered to avoid chemical corrosion and thermal changes. Most people know that Glass reacts explosively to a sudden change in temperature that causes it to break. However, with the borosilicate glass in place, all these can be avoided.

A glass sex toy can break if you drop it on a hard surface such as tiles or cemented floor. That means it will never break when in use. If you notice that your glass sex toy has cracks or is wearing out by producing some chips, you are advised to discard or take it for recycling. Additionally, you are not advised to use a dropped glass sex toy even if you don’t notice any cracks or damage. It may have developed some invisible weak points that may break when you use it, thus causing harm to you.

When you use glass sex toys in the crest manner and take care of them as required, they will never break, and it's safe for all your sex needs. Glass sex toys are also antiallergenic, meaning they will never react with your skin regardless of the sensitivity. They are also non-porous, meaning hygiene can be achieved with a flip of your hand. You can clean glass sex toys with clean water, toy cleaner, and mild soap. You can also use the dishwasher for convenience.

How To Experiment with Temperature Play Using Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are the best when it comes to temperature play. As said earlier, glass sex toys are made with a strong form of Glass, borosilicate glass that is tempered to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking. For that reason, you can easily warm them in hot water for warm play or cool them by putting them in the fridge or surrounding it with ice in a jar. Temperature is a sensation type of play that stimulates the skin with heat or cold. The smooth and slick texture of glass sex toys glides over your skin pleasurably, and with either the cool or warm sensations, you can experience explosive orgasmic sensations. You can apply glass sex toys in many places, and it's your turn to explore them slowly.


Glass toys are in use by most people because of several advantages. They are easy to clean and handle and easily accessible. Glass sex toys are not porous as they cannot infect an individual with any germ-causing disease or infection. There are several glass sex toys on the market that individuals can easily access without any problems. Also, when buying such toys, individuals should be keen on some aspects as they should be able to differentiate quality glass from non-quality Glass. 


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