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Kama Sutra Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Kama Sutra Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Sex can become unpleasant and fatiguing if you are not creative enough. Sex is not just about lying down and having your partner penetrate you. It involves the new creation of different styles that will make it satisfying and beneficial. Therefore, introducing Kama Sutra to your sex menu will create a pleasant atmosphere for both of you.

Kama Sutra Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Sex is more appealing if you communicate positive feelings to your partner. However, most couples fail to feel this magical connection because they only focus on one sex style every night. Usually, such couples use missionary positions where the woman lies on her back while the man penetrates her. What about introducing new positions where the woman takes control of the sex game? It is very vital as it makes a woman accommodate her desire and satisfy her curiosity. It is where the use of the Kama Sutra comes in. Here is an ultimate guide for beginners to understand the Kama Sutra's art and how to use it in your sex life.

Understanding Kama Sutra

Ali (2020) explained that the term Kama Sutra originated from an ancient Hindi textbook about eroticism. The book has different verses written in an abstract and vague from Sanskrit. It has led to difficulty in translating the book into modern English. Vaishnav (2019) explained that the Kama Sutra is not only about lovemaking and different sex position as topics such as living well, finding a partner, and taking care of your love life are also discussed in the book. Kama sutra outlines how sex should begin and end. If you are the person who looks at your lover after sex, then that may not be the case with the Kama Sutra. Lovers are also advised to go to the washroom separately and drink and eat light food together afterward. You may have an agreeable conversation with the female lying on a male lap.

Fahmy (2017) explained that Kama Sutra divides women and men into three classes based on the depth of their vagina and the size of their dick, respectively. Men with large-sized dicks are advised to sleep with women with exceptional deep vaginas. It prevents ending up in unequal union when having sex with the wrong class. However, that does not mean that the Kama Sutra forbids anything; it only suggests matches based on anatomical similarities.

Why Incorporate Kama Sutra in Your Sex Life

Most of the time, people get tired of not doing anything different in the bedroom. Most of the sexual activities in the bedroom have become a routine, and they have turned your sexual time into boring. Couples can then decide to get rid of the normal routines and find something interesting to do to spice up their sexual life. They introduce different sex positions they have never tried together and have fun with their partners.

  • Different Kama Sutra Positions

Kama Sutra outlines different sex positions for couples to use and spice up their sex life. These positions include:

Tripadam Positions

These positions work best for people of the same height. They are also suitable for people in the mood for a quickie. Another advantage of these positions is that you may not need a bed to perform them. All you need is to stand facing each other. The process is performed when one of a woman's knees is lifted with the man's hand under it. These are the best shallow penetration positions and promote maximum blood flow to erogenous zones.

Butterfly Position

The position is great for the optimal weighted individual with voluptuous partners. The woman should stand on the side and raise her leg to the man's chest level. If she is flexible enough, she can raise her leg as much as her flexibility allows. Gently slide towards her holding her leg while penetrating her. Another way to make this position more pleasurable is to stand in front of your partner with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Lift the legs and let them rest against you. These sex positions can also be done as a kneeling position.

  • Janakurpara Position

The position requires both of you to have fit bodies with strong abs. It offers extra-deep penetration and ergo-lots of pleasure. It also leads to eye contact that flavors up the whole process. When performing such a position, you might end up burning a lot of calories. If you have been facing any challenging gym exercise, these positions will suit you perfectly. All you need to do is lift your woman with your elbows under her knees to get a better grip. Allow her to hold you from the neck as you hold her butts.

Factors to Consider Before Incorporating Kama Sutra in Your Sex Life

Your Weight and Body Size

Dubberley (2021) explained that before deciding which Kama Sutra position to perform, ensure you can handle your partner's weight and size. If your partner is huge, you can opt for positions requiring a little workforce to avoid unnecessary accidents. Your partner's weight is another thing to keep in mind. You may not necessarily need to have her exact weight detail.

Check Your Stamina

It is one of the basic factors used to divide men and women into three categories. These categories include short-timed, long-timed, and moderate-timed. True union comes when the desire of women and the lust of men are fully satisfied. Blair-Loy, (2009) explained that women might take longer to be fully satisfied, unlike men. If you need to make the whole process more pleasurable, consider producing both of your emissions together through foreplay.

Your Dick Size

Karras (2012) explained that men with huge dicks are advised to sleep with a female, expecting deep penetration. It will make the whole process much more pleasurable. Some positions may be more pain than pleasure if the man has a bigger cock. Some may be uncomfortable for men with small dicks since they may not give satisfactory penetration, and the dick may keep sliding out.

How to Use Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Most of these positions are used when one partner is tired of the normal sex positions. Therefore, while the positions may allow role exchange during a sexual encounter, partners may need to understand these steps first:

  • Getting enough space in case the game involves more training activities.
  • Starting with shallow penetrations and increasing the speed as both partners gain momentum.
  • Once both partners are satisfied, they should perform aftercare activities such as massage, showering, and curdling.
    • Safety Measures
  • You can use lube for easy penetrations.
  • If your partner starts to complain, consider changing the style to a more comfortable one.
  • Ask your partner if you need them to get involved in something new. It will help prepare their mind psychologically and make the process more pleasurable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kama Sutra

What Is the Origin of the Kama Sutra?

Kamasutra came from an ancient Hindu textbook that talked about erotic love. It does not focus mainly on having sex or trying out different sex positions but also focuses on other issues such as the art of living well, getting a life partner, caring for your love life, and the nature of love as a whole. The sexual positions drew the people to focus and get to know what the book Kamasutra mostly focuses on. It made people relate the book of Kamasutra as an erotic sexual positions book. 

Is It Safe to Try Kama Sutra

It is so safe to try the Kamasutra in your sex life. The important thing is to try it out with a lot of precaution. Make sure that both you and your partner are in a comfortable physical state so that the both of you can try out the different sex positions you will introduce. Once you feel some pain or discomfort as you try out the different sex positions, it is safe to leave that position and try a different one.

How to Try Kama Sutra Safely

Most of the Kamasutra sexual positions may be hard to pull off or might be challenging. Before trying any sexual positions, it is better to talk with your partner and get consent from them. Do not just start by putting them in a position they have never tried. Talk and let them know what you intend to do with them. Get to know if they are comfortable with what you plan to do. Let them know everything it entails and what they are expected to do.

Make sure that you and your partner are physically okay and that you can do all the activities without any pain. It may involve a series of sexual activities that will put you in a position to stay for some time in a position you never thought of. If you feel like you cannot do it, talk to your partner and try out something else that you feel you will be comfortable with. Both of you should have a safe word to use when you feel like you are not in a comfortable position and you would wish to stop the whole activity. Do not continue with the position you feel makes you feel pain. Stop it and get your partner to try something else that will not put you in an uncomfortable pose. 

Should I Be Strong and Flexible to Try Kama Sutra positions?

The Kamasutra sexual positions demand that you should be physically able to try out different positions. It means that you need to be flexible enough so that you may be in a position to welcome any style that is introduced without feeling uncomfortable or some pain. If you feel weak or tired, you should avoid the sexual positions as you may get yourself in an uncomfortable position and up with some pain. Therefore, trying out the Kamasutra positions is important when you are strong and flexible enough. However, this does not mean that those not flexible enough cannot practice the Kamasutra positions. They can, but they need to try out the positions that do not require so much flexibility.  

What Are the Sex Toys Used in Kama Sutra?

Kamasutra is mostly known as an erotic sexual life introduced into the bedroom activities to make one's sexual life interesting and pleasurable. It involves a series of erotic sexual positions. Sex toys may follow these sexual positions to make the activity fun and pleasurable. Some of the sex toys that you can use in the Kamasutra positions include vibrators and dildos. The vibrators and the dildos can stimulate the various parts of the body. Just like you are introducing the sex positions in your bedroom to spice things up, sex toys are also introduced to make the whole thing enjoyable and much more pleasurable.

Are There Myths Involving Kama Sutra?

There are some myths and misconceptions involving the Kamasutra positions. Some believe that Kamasutra is mainly a sex book comprising sex positions and nothing more. However, this is contrary to the belief as it mainly involves aspects of marriage, love, and building a connection with your significant other.


There is also the belief that only flexible and strong people can engage in the Kamasutra positions. As much as Kamasutra mainly focuses on sex positions, it does not mean that physically challenged people cannot try it out. They can and may even end up exploring more sexual positions they never thought of. It is all about creativity and having the mind to try out so many styles without limiting yourself to the styles that need you to use so much of your strength. A lot of Kamasutra positions do not require you to be more flexible.       


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