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Large Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Large Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Getting the best and most fulfilling sexual pleasure from sex toys depends on several factors, including size. Therefore, sex toy enthusiasts that have tried different dildos and now want something bigger can consider metallic or realistic large dildos.

Large Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Even though dildos are already famous, ladies are always on the front line to challenge themselves by purchasing those with extra length and girth. Some people love the sensation of gigantic sex toys, while others may find them too large to handle. Some people get worried when their partner wants to use a dildo because they have been fed many myths and misconceptions about them. For instance, they think the dildos will take their positions in the bond fade, while others think maybe they don't satisfy their partners fully. All these are myths, but studies show that sex toys enhance sexual experience and intimacy.

Understanding Large Dildos

Döring (2021) states that, although dildos and vibrators are sex toys and function similarly, not all dildos can vibrate or create a sensation with the same features. Some vibrators are meant for internal sex, while others are for external stimulation. Contrary, dildos are only designed for internal stimulation, except vibrating dildos that can stimulate other external sweet spots. Therefore, large dildos are humongous-sized penises-like devices meant for heightened pleasure in anal and vaginal penetration. The dildos' length ranges from 8 to 20 inches long and features a large perimeter.

Types of Large Dildos

Monster Dildos

These are huge dildos that came into existence after the dragon penises. The toys measure 17 inches long with 4 inches in circumference and are made with feel-good textures that come in different firmness. Monster dildos have different colors and sizes, including mini, small-large XL, and XXL. They are meant to last longer, giving you endless pleasure.

Large Anal Dildos

According to Döring et al. (2020), large anal dildos are mostly created for experienced anal play lovers looking for extraordinary anal stretching. When it comes to anal play, you need to be extra careful. Do not exert more pressure on the dildo while pushing it inside the rectum. Take it slowly if you want to experience a pleasurable anal penetration. The tools are made from PVC or silicone material for intense sensations. Moreover, they come with 9 inches wide and 13 inches long measurements. You can get them in various shapes, colors, sizes, and textures.

Metallic Large Dildos

Metal dildos are made from smooth stainless steel for incredible endless pleasure. They have a smooth curved ending to massage all the sweet spots in your cunt. The advantage of these metal dildos is that you don't need to use lubes, and they can provide both anal and vaginal sensations.

Realistic Giant Dildo

The realistic dildos mimic a real penis, taking excitement and fun to another level. The toys come more than 11 inches long and have a diameter of about 8 inches. They are made from super-soft silicone to give you a lifelike feeling of orgasm and leave you craving for more.

How to Use Large Dildos

Ciach (2020) explained that, If you are not used to longer and thicker dildos, try to create some time for preparing yourself before inserting the dildo into your body. You can also consider the following safety hack for a pleasurable play:

Large Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Start with Foreplay

You can start by either including your partner in the foreplay or using it in a solo play. You can engage in oral sex or masturbate to produce natural lubricant before using the dildo. Your mindset by this time will determine if you can handle the size of the dildo or not. Do not proceed with the party when you are not aroused or relaxed because your vaginal and anal walls may cause resistance when inserting the dildo.

Use Sex Lube

Hillman (2017) explained that if the natural lubricant produced is not enough, do not fear adding more sex lube for easy insertion of the dildo. Lubrication reduces friction that may cause injuries to your vaginal or anal opening. Make sure you use the right lubricant to prevent spoiling your sex toy. You can also use a hybrid lubricant, a combination of silicone and water lubricant formulas.

Warm-Up with Smaller Dildos

Stretch yourself gradually using other sex toys like vibrators, or you can start with smaller dildos before inserting the larger dildos. As you increase the size, your body adapts to the new toy, helping you relax and prepare for the digger toy.

Find the Perfect Position

Before inserting the large dildo, make sure you are comfortably positioned. If you need to give yourself more height for easy sliding of the dildo, place a pillow under your rear while lying on your back. It will allow you to achieve deeper penetration. You can also try the squirting position or spreading your legs and inserting the sex toy underneath yourself. Experiment with different positions until you find one that suits you perfectly.

Start Slowly and Work Your Way Up

It would help if you started slowly as you gained momentum for your body to get ready for an extra girth dildo. Once you find the perfect position, insert the dildo and twist it to stimulate internal erogenous zones, and remember to go slow and steady. Stop if you start to experience any pain or discomfort. According to Garcia (2020), some people fear using a large dildo might stretch them permanently, leaving their vaginal walls loose. However, this is not true since your body's natural elasticity will prevent that from happening, and you will regain the tightness after a day.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Large Dildo

The Material

Silicone is the most commonly used material because it is safe for the body and non-toxic. It does not react negatively with the skin, and its softness delivers immense pleasure like a real penis. Experienced players usually use dildos made from metal because they are heavy and rigid. Glass dildos are usually beautiful and perfect for G-spot stimulation without using any form of a vibrator. Such toys can withstand a lot of pressure since they are made from borosilicate glass to make them strong enough to avoid breakages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Large Dildos

Are Large Dildos Safe?

Kirsch & Kirsch (2017) explained that large dildos are considered safe when using them by following all the instructions carefully and properly. If they require that you use them with a lot of lubes, try not to go light on them. Make sure that you use them in plenty so that you may get to enjoy the whole experience. Be gentle and slow when you are using the large dildos on yourself. Please do not force them into your erogenous zones. When you are done using them in the anal activities and want to switch it up and use the vaginal sexual play, make sure that you clean and disinfect them so that you may get rid of the bacteria from building up on the dildo and transferring it into the vagina. Or the best thing will be to start with the vagina first, then finish off with the anus. It will make it easy not to transfer the fecal bacteria into the vagina and prevent irritation or a reaction.

Make sure that you also listen to your body. Do not force yourself if you get to experience some discomfort and pain while using the dildo. You will end up tearing the tissues or even end up bleeding. Stop using it, do other sexual activities, and give yourself some time. There will be no fun felt when you are feeling some pain.

How Do Couples Use the Large Dildos?

According to Wassersug & Wibowo (2017), large dildos are not necessarily used during solo play alone. You can as well use them during partnered play with your significant other. When giving your partner a blowjob or licking their clitoris, you can penetrate their anus using the large dildo and let them experience double stimulation. The anus, the prostate, and the penis or vagina will be stimulated and experience intense sensational feelings. You can also try penetrating them from behind and still insert the large dildo into their mouth and make them feel like they have a penis. There is also the chance of inserting the large dildo into their vulva while thrusting into their anus. The large dildo can come in handy when you want to have fun with your partner. You bring out your creative side and come up with different ways to have some pleasure with your significant other.

Can An Individual Use Lube on Large Dildos?

Rullo et al. (2018) stated that most sex toy you use requires that you use lube to avoid discomfort or pain when engaging in sexual activities. You can use the large dildos during vaginal or anal sexual activities. You should use lube on all sexual activities, especially the anal ones because the anus does not self-lubricate. Before deciding on a certain lube, you should check on the material used to make the large dildo. If it is made from silicone material, you should avoid silicone-based lube. The best one, in this case, will be the water-based silicone, but you should ensure that you have plenty of it as it is not thick enough and dries out quickly. However, if it is made up of glass or other material, you can use silicone-based lube. The good thing about the silicone-based lube is that it is thick enough and does not dry out so quickly. However, it would help if you do not go light when using lube. Make sure that you keep on applying it to the large dildos. It is always a great experience when the erogenous zones are so wet.

Can An Individual Use Large Dildo for Anal Sex?

Large dildos can not only be used during vaginal sexual activities but also during anal activities. They can either be used in solo or partnered plays. The dildo resembles a penis, thus making it possible to use anal activities, especially foreplay activities. The large dildo is not necessarily meant for the vagina but also for the anus and the oral play. However, when using it in the anus, you should ensure that you are gentle and slow and do not use force when exploring it. You are likely to love the whole experience and look forward to using it anytime you plan to engage in sexual activities.

Care and Safety When Using Large Dildos


Make sure that you wash and disinfect the large dildos after every use. You can follow the instruction that comes with the sex toy. You can wash some large dildos with warm water and some antibacterial soap. When you intend to use the body soaps, make sure you use the chemical-free ones, so they do not leave any film on the large dildos. If they do, they will probably contact your partner's skin and may get irritated or make them uncomfortable.


The anus and the vagina are the most sensitive parts of the body. Whatever you insert through them should be body-friendly and of the best quality. You do not want to gamble with your health. Do not get into buying large dildos just because they are not expensive. A cheap can, at times, is expensive. Invest in something you know will be of the right quality and do its work correctly. The best large dildos are made from silicone as they are soft and firm.


Without lube, the whole sexual activity will be a total mess, and you should ensure that you always have it. It is not optional as the whole sexual activities are always great when one is so wet. Also, make sure you choose the one that will not react to your large dildo or the condom you will use. You do not want to treat fissures, hemorrhoids, and infections.


Large dildos are becoming popular since many people are now ready to test their limits and enjoy deep-reaching sensations. However, they are not recommended for beginners since they can cause permanent injuries if misused. Therefore, before trying a large dildo, ensure you understand your limits to avoid overstretching your orifice. You should also equip your room with enough sex lubricant for pain-free play. 


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