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Lesbian Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Lesbian Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Lesbian sex toys are becoming valuable accessories to spice up a lesbian couple's sex life. Lesbians have a wide spectrum of sex toys, with designs to simulate everything from the clit and g-spot to anal play. Therefore, two vulva owners looking for sex toys that stimulate everything from head to toe should try these lesbian sex toys.

Lesbian Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

There are plenty of lesbian pleasure accessories to make your shopping choices limitless. However, the question remains as to what can make a perfect lesbian sex toy? Consider the type of stimulation you are looking to elicit if you are going for solo play. Is it clitoral or g-spot? Do you want penetrative sex or massage your nipples and other erogenous zones? Understanding your partners' needs is vital in attaining sexual pleasures. You should also experiment and communicate your needs and desires before settling on the perfect lesbian sex toy to incorporate into your bedroom play. Below is a comprehensive guide to getting you started.

What Are Lesbian Sex Toys?

Sex toys can be any device or object specifically designed to enhance sexual pleasures with solo or partner play by facilitating orgasms. Therefore, lesbian sex toys are sex accessories uniquely designed to enhance sensational pleasures for two vulva owners. These devices can be incorporated into sex play to enhance penetrative and non-penetrative sex. They fall into the wider categories of vibrators, double-headed dildos, strap-ons, clitoral stimulators, and massagers.

Common Features of Lesbian Sex Toys

Sex toys add a different dimension to an individual or couple's sex life. They are little pleasure perks that introduce more vibrations or indulgence to the bedroom play. Most pleasure-seekers mistakenly imagine that lesbian sex toys are limited to double-ended dildos, strap-ons, and harnesses. A large section of the queer community enjoys these toys, but there is a whole world of lesbian sex toy options beyond these classics that can take your pleasure game to the next level, whether in solo or partnered play.

Any toy can be a lesbian sex toy. A person needs a little creativity to have them pay off in the pleasure department. Be sure to check out certain features if you want to venture into lesbian sex toys for the first time or to seek to add some extra buzz to your existing collection. Picking the right device, from the endless innovative booty toys and magical wands to dildos and harnesses, is hinged on the following features:

  • Ability to enjoy hands-free pleasures.
  • Availability of lesbian-recommended sex toy accessories.
  • Compatibility with sex lubes.
  • Ability to offer dual pleasures for partnered play.

Why Use Lesbian Sex Toys?

Dorn et al.(2019) proved that humans are biological entities, and sex is necessary for health and well-being. Sex toys are increasingly becoming popular for their ability to help people instill more fun into their bedroom play. The industry offers numerous variants of sex toys that possess health benefits to those involved. Below is a highlight of why you should incorporate lesbian sex toys and other sex toys into your bedroom play:

  • Sex toys help improve a person's physical wellness and mood during and after sexual activities. Sex toys add fun to the game, boosting physical and mental wellness. This feel-good factor enhances blood circulation in the body and the release of happy hormones into the bloodstream.
  • Lesbian sex toys improve gynecological health: Marrazzo et al. (2005) discovered that sex toys play a bigger role in rejuvenating a woman's vagina. The study above also noted that sex toys help maintain the muscle tone, shape, and elasticity of the vaginal walls and promote vaginal lubrication.
  • According to Fahs & Swank (2013), lesbian sex toys can boost a partner's self-esteem by improving their performance in bed.

How Different Lesbian Sex Toys Compare

Clitoral Stimulators

Nothing compares to clitoral stimulation and their associated orgasms for vulva owners. These devices are often simple vibrators, made with minimalist and discreet designs. Some, such as the finger vibrators, are tiny that they can fit between two fingers. Perfect clitoral stimulators are designed to offer targeted pleasure. Others, such as the suction clitoral stimulators, are positioned to send vibrating pulses to the clit to achieve intense orgasms, as Komisaruk et al. (2009) stated.

Double-Ended Dildos

These are two-in-one dildos ideal for lesbian couples looking for simultaneous penetrative stimulation. Their simple design is ideal for a hands-free experience, giving both partners the leverage to explore other sweet zones. Some double-headed dildos are fitted with strap-ons or vaginal plugs to help the wearer keep them in position during sex play. In contrast, others come with customizable suction cups for a versatile experience.

G-Spot Vibrators

The g-spot is located an inch or two inside the vaginal canal. The clit can deliver mind-blowing orgasms when stimulated. Therefore, the best way to stimulate this spot is to use a g-spot vibrator. These devices are crafted in a phallus shape with a curved tip that applies targeted pulsations on the g-spot. Sundahl (2003) discovered that the G-spot vibrators come with shafts to offer penetrative stimulation on the rarely-accessible C-spot.

Finger Vibrators

These are usually rubber or silicone pads on your fingertips, transforming your fingers into vibrating finger dildos. They are mostly textured and have a ring on the pad that offers pleasure. Apply lubricant on their textured surfaces, strap it on your finger(s), and trace it over your inner things, nipples, clitoris, hips, or any erogenous zones to experience intense sensations.

Thrusting Dildos

These lesbian sex toys are designed for the vagina or ass hole by expanding and retracting back and forth, essentially simulating penetrative sex. These dildos take care of everything without you needing to lift a finger. Apply lube on their surfaces and your orifice, and you are good to go. However, some thrusting dildos have inbuilt rabbit-style vibrators that stimulate your clit.

How Couples Can Use Lesbian Sex Toys

Lesbian couples can have many different sex approaches. Often, one explores various sexual activities in a consensual way to help one achieve sexual satisfaction. However, when introducing lesbian sex toys to the mix, a few handy tips and creativity can ensure intense sensational stimulations and pleasures for all involved. Below are select lesbian-recommended sex toys and how couples can use them to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lesbian Sex Toys

Take the following aspects into account when purchasing lesbian dildos:

Pleasure Delivered by The Sex Toy

People's sexual preferences differ. Depending on what you like in bed and the intensity, the lesbian sex toy market has covered you. Learn your sexual desires before purchasing a sex toy to help pick the right one for the right purpose. You may need a clitoral, G-pot, or whole-body stimulation. You can also opt for a couple's sex toy if you want partner play.

Size of The Toy

Lesbian sex toys come in numerous shapes and sizes, with some like finger vibrators are discreet and can fit between fingers. Always start small as a rule of thumb with sex toys; ensure to select a device that you feel comfortable with.

Check the Material

Check the material used when looking for a perfect sex toy. You should choose body-safe, non-allergic, non-porous, non-toxic, and medical-grade materials. Health professionals often caution people against PVC or jelly rubber material because they have leach chemicals that pose a high risk of bacteria cultivation around your vagina.

How to Use Lesbian Sex Toys

Lesbian Sex Toys Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Apply plenty of sex lube before insertion for penetrative sex when using a lesbian sex toy. Ensure adequate lubrication before sticking your fingers inside your partner's or your vagina for the case of fingering and fisting in lesbian sex play. You can try strap-on sex with your partner if you derive plenty of pleasure from penetration. Your partner can wear a strap-on and penetrate you using a dildo while enjoying some hands-free stimulation from other erogenous zones.

Best Sex Lubes to Use

Several factors determine an ideal sex lube for lesbians. Water-based lubed are ideal if you are a beginner and use toys and condoms. The only downside is that it doesn't last long, and you must reapply sex lube often. Silicone-based lubes, on the other hand, last longer but can damage condoms. Beginners should learn how to use the lesbian sex toy before using them to avoid injuries and discomfort. A beginner can try different variations such as cooling sex lubes, vagina-specific sex lubes, and anal lubes to explore varying sensations as they mature into the world of lesbian sex toys.

Safety Tips

  • Always wash and dry your lesbian sex toys after every sex act and change partners to prevent it from curbing germs causing infections. A person can contract STIs and STDs from a sex toy when fluids contact the vaginal fluid. Store a sex toy in a cool and dry place after washing to avoid catching molds.
  • Buy sex toys from a credible and reputable supplier to avoid experimenting with substandard options.
  • Apply compatible sex lube and handle with care because sex toys require sound maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lesbian Sex Toys

What Are the Common Accessories for Lesbian Sex Toys?

Lesbian sex toy accessories that add more variety and sexual pleasure indulgence include magic wand attachments, stimulating serums, strap-ons, and harnesses.

Why Should I Use Lesbian Sex Toys?

Humans are biological entities, and sex and pleasure are necessary for health and well-being. Lesbian sex toys, and indeed sex toys, are popular for their ability to instill more fun into bedroom play. Incorporating lesbian-recommended sex toys in the bedroom improves physical wellness, mood, and gynecological health and boosts the partner's self-esteem due to enhanced bedroom performance.

Are Lesbian Sex Toys Beginner friendly?

Lesbian sex toys are designed to offer partnered pleasure. Most of them are 100% adjustable and can fit any range of sizes. They also suit an individual's level of expertise. Some strap-ons, for instance, are entirely customizable, and beginners can find the right fit.

Which Is the Best Lube to Use on Lesbian Sex Toys

Lubricants offer the same function regardless of whether you engage in oral sex, manual stimulation, vaginal sex, or sex toys. While most would rather experiment and find out what lube works for them, silicone-based sex lubes are the best lesbian sex toy lubricants because they are specifically designed not to irritate the delicate chemistry of your most intimate areas.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for Lesbians Sex Toys?

Lesbian sex prioritizes the clit as the gateway to pleasure, unlike popular sex culture. That is because clit-centric folks need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasms. Therefore, lesbians rely on specific pleasure-inducing techniques and sex positions to climax. The same goes when sex toys are introduced to the mix. Below are lesbian sex toy positions that experts recommend.

  • Scissoring.
  • Lying 69.
  • Queening.
  • The high Riser

Can Straight Couples Use Lesbian Sex Toys?

Introducing a pleasure product into your sex life can make things way hotter. That's true regardless of sex, gender, or orientation. However, straight couples can get a kick from lesbian sex toys.

How Do I Clean Lesbian Sex Toys?

You don't toss your sex toy into the drawer and busk in the afterglow after playing with a lesbian sex toy. It is necessary to disinfect and properly store your sex accessories to ensure safety and your toy's shelf life. Different materials require different care procedures when cleaning lesbian sex toys. However, standard warnings like never submerging your motorized or battery-powered vibes in water apply across the board.

According to Nilsson et al. (2006), lesbian sex toys made from ABS plastic and crystal should be cleaned using warm water, soap, or sex toy cleaner. Those made from glass, Pyrex, silicone, or stainless steel can be washed using warm or boiling water or sanitized in dishwater.

The Bottom Line

Sex toys are beneficial to people since they increase pleasure during sexual intercourse. Life is meaningless without sex, as a person's health depends on it. Lesbians enjoy sex like other people. Use lesbian sex toys like a clitoral vibrator to experience a mindblowing orgasm. Consider safety measures and use when stimulating a vagina with a sex toy. 


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