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Male Chastity Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Male Chastity Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Enhance your sexual pleasures through erectile denial using these male chastity devices. They are designed to limit the man from accessing his manhood and engaging in any sexual activities.

Male Chastity Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Many people find the idea of male chastity exciting and fun. However, this is only possible if the woman is dormant and the man takes the submissive position. Having said that, male chastity is not only perfect for couples but can also suit any heterosexual relationship. Orgasm and male chastity are common fantasies for men, but they are only limited to the fact that you can't perform them alone. The other most interesting part is that they make a man feel like he got no choice in the game and it is only upon the woman to decide his freedom. Therefore, if you plan to introduce male chastity devices into your relationship, here is a comprehensive guide to help choose the best.

What Is a Male Chastity?

Male chastity is a broad spectrum that ranges from foreplay and includes a man being locked up in a physical device for a short period to a full-blown lifestyle. It can also involve a person abstaining from sex and the keys to sexual freedom are controlled by a partner for days or even months. Male chastity will make a man do all that it takes to free himself and please him sexually. It will also make him a more experimental and better lover, giving you more orgasms in than you have ever experienced before.

Benefits of Male Chastity

Male chastity is not only about fun and games but comes with its benefits, and some of them are discussed below:

  • It Limits Time for Masturbation

Male chastity device helps your man not to waste his libido and time masturbating. A man’s energy should be channeled to a woman and not wasted in touching himself while thinking about other women.  If a man is allowed to masturbate then he is probably cheating on his women psychologically and lying by default.

Male Chastity Improves the Man's Orgasms

Once a man is limited from frequent ejaculation, his penis will automatically become more sensitive. This makes his orgasm stronger, unlike when he masturbates regularly and makes his penis desensitized.

Improves Relationships and Makes Them Stronger

Male chastity encourages honest and open communication about each other's needs. This will improve the natural bonding among any couple. According to Edwards, Rehman & Byers (2022), communication keeps things safe, sane, and consensual for everyone involved in a relationship

Male Chastity Will Bring Back the Romance to Your Relationship

Once a man knows that he is not limited from accessing your body, he becomes less romantic. This is the main reason romance stops once you get married since your man knows that he can have sex anytime he wants. Using male chastity will help you limit his sexual access to you and allow you to train your man to be the best lover he used to be when you were still dating.

Types of Male Chastity

Steel Large Health Metal Chastity Cage

These male chastity devices are perfect for male couples. They are easy to wear, making them possible to be used by even newbies. They feature curved and more comfortable rings and are made from stainless steel material. The material is also safe to use and environmentally friendly; hence, you do not have to worry about your health and happiness.

Small Device Stainless Male Chastity

These chastity tools are also made from body-safe and environmentally friendly stainless-steel material. They are made to serve you for a longer period since they are durable and strong. They are easy to use with lots of fun and are changeable, making you explore a world you have never imagined of. They are ergonomic and uniquely designed and can suit most people's size. As if that is not enough, they are small enough to be carried anywhere you need and allow you to enjoy intimate moments anytime.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Male Chastity

Check the Price

This is the most essential factor to consider before even thinking of getting involved with the chastity staff. Just because you came across the most expensive male chastity does not always mean it is the best decision for you. Always remember many low-cost models offer excellent performance and are more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are more options for quality and performance since more enterprises are entering the male chastity market.

Look at Specifications

Always make sure that the product fulfills all your requirements before adding it to your cart or even make an attempt of clicking the "buy now" button. Specifications help every customer to define the product's capabilities. Make sure you choose the correct option since it always features many options. Affordability, performance, and features are the three basic factors you need to bear in mind when comparing specifications. Always remember each of the three has a role in your final choice.

Buy from a Reputable Brand

A product created with extreme care and precision is always the best brand product. A brand with outstanding customer service and high-quality products is the best one when it comes to the selection of male chastity. If you come across any damage to your products, you don't have to worry since you will have a refund.

The Best Lube To Use to Prevent Chaffing

The best lube to use when preventing chaffing will always depend on the chastity device's type of material. Hakala & Mustak (2017) explains that material type should always be prioritized when buying sex devices. If it is made from stainless-steel or metal, the best one is always to use silicone-based lube. The best thing about the silicone-based lube is it is thick and sticky. This means that it will not dry out easily. You can also use the water-based lube on the chastity devices made of silicone materials. The only disadvantage is that they dry out quickly and may require you to have them in plenty. Wolf (2012) explains that silicone lube is not slippery as water-based lube. Oil-based lube is likely to cause some irritations when it comes into contact with the skin and may even worsen the soreness that one may have.

How to Use Male Chastity

Male Chastity Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

  • Choose the best chastity that will fit you comfortably.
  • Wear it around your waist with ease and ensure your cock is comfortable enough.
  • Allow your partner (woman) to lock it and keep the key herself.
  • Let her take control of your sexual access to her. This will make it fun as she can watch you do anything that it takes for him to please around.

Safety Tips

Here are the tips to help you ask for what you want without being embarrassed.

  • Always don’t make it all about the great sex. Always focus on the increased emotional intimacy and connection that elevate her enjoy with you.
  • Do not let her know that you will bow to her every time. Tell her that denied orgasm means you will be more naturally attentive just like you were when you were first together. Also, remember that every woman is looking for a better relationship and not just sex.
  • Do not pester your women for sex. Always show your woman exactly when you need it and not just talk to her. Remember talk is cheap and easy. This will open doors for honesty and communication between both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Chastity

Are Male Chastity Devices Visible Under Clothing

There are times when one will want to go out to an event and would wish to put on their cock cages. This will happen, especially if they want to stay in chastity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing them when you are going out. It is still okay. The best thing in such a situation is to wear tight clothes. This will make them not noticeable, and it will not create a lot of attention on your middle legs. Tight pants help keep the chastity device in place and not move around. It is always okay to wear the chastity devices under your clothing, and they will not harm you or your penis.

Why Do Males Enjoy the Chastity Devices?

Giving Complete Control

Allowing your partner to lock your penis into the chastity device means that you have given them all the power and control over your sexual life. This is because they control when you can get an orgasm, when you can have sexual pleasure, and the types of sexual pleasures you will engage in. This type of power is mostly loved by people who are into the BDSM games.

Focuses the Mind

Most people who use the chastity devices are convinced that this is the only way to focus their minds and make them concentrate and pay attention to their feelings and the feelings of their partner and end up pleasuring them. It also helps them focus on things other than their sexual urges. 

Better Even Though there is Fewer Orgasms

For men, when they deny themselves orgasms for a while, they are likely to get an orgasm that is more powerful than the normal one. Chastity does not mainly mean going without sex completely. It can also mean that you want to enhance the sexual experience. This can be seen when you deny yourself the chance to cum for some days without getting stimulated. When you decide to get some stimulation, you will have a more powerful orgasm.

Can One Sleep with Their Chastity Device?

Most people who are into kinks have always thought of the idea of sleeping with their chastity devices. It seems like a hot idea and brings a different vibe to the feelings. However, it is not as easy as it seems or sounds. Normally when you are sleeping, you are likely to get an erection once in a while and then lose it, which is a normal thing. However, when wearing a chastity device, you will always feel some pain when getting an erection, and you are likely, and you will have to wake up at night. When you plan to get back to sleep, try and think of ways in which you can take off the erection by just distracting yourself. Find something that can distract you, even if it is peeing. Loosen the chastity device, then go back and sleep. Be prepared to have this as a normal routine when you are new to sleeping with the chastity device.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Male Chastity Device?

To use the chastity devices, you need to have a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. You will always have to remove the chastity device so that you clean your penis as well as the device. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning of sex toys is important. Drops of urine, pre-cum, and sweat can make the chastity device have an unpleasant smell. No matter the days that you plan to stay in chastity, you should make sure that you remove the chastity device at least once a day. Ensure that the chastity device has dried out before locking the penis again back to its cage. Taormino (2006) state that you should clean sex devices with sex toy cleaner.

The best chastity devices that are easy to clean are stainless-steel devices. They do not cause moisture, unlike plastic and silicone devices. Plastic chastity devices are also great, but they start to smell faster than stainless-steel devices. Just Like you want your chastity device washed and clean, the same should apply to your penis. Anytime you plan on taking a bath, you should make sure that you clean and wash your cock and check on the areas caged by the chastity device. Check if the area is red and sore. Once you feel the area is ore, you should take a break from using the chastity device and wait until you heal before embarking on the device journey.


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