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Male Love Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Male Love Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

If those Tinder hookups have stopped working for you and you are looking for a man to be with forever, worry not. Male love dolls are as realistic and good-looking and could be what you need to rediscover your sex touch. Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers have developed life-sized sex dolls that resemble, feel, and behave like human beings.

Male Love Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

When male love dolls first hit the market, there wasn't much excitement because they were mostly inflatable plastics. However, today's variants are uniquely designed to suit specific pleasure needs. Different types are crafted to look realistic and like life-sized males, with some designed to offer optimal affection, comfort, and intensified sexual pleasure for women and gay men. Regardless of your motivation behind getting into male love dolls, this article will enlighten you on the benefits, types, maintenance tips, usage criteria, and buyers' guide to male love dolls.

What Are Male Love Dolls?

Knox et al. (2017) explained that male love dolls (also referred to as male sex dolls) are specific sex toys that resemble human males. They are anatomically correct from head to toe and embody the sexual qualities of a man. Different manufacturers create customizable sex dolls, with most models having anal, penile, and oral sex customizable parts. Male sex dolls mostly come in full-body realistic options, blow-up options, or torso models. Some have removable body parts to simplify cleaning. They come in different shapes, but the size and functionality of a male sex doll will determine the price point, ease of storage, and maintenance.

Why Use Male Love Dolls?

Contrary to popular opinion, Döring & Pöschl (2018) stated that male love dolls aren't designed specifically for sex. They are excellent relationship companions and have been used in therapy for folks with bad experiences in relationships, and they are not as demanding. Below are the benefits of using male love dolls:

  • Male love dolls can enhance intimacy by spicing up your sex life.
  • Döring et al. (20120) explained that male love dolls are ideal and less- demanding alternatives to the real human partner, are available for you all the time and can do whatever you want.
  • They are convenient and safer means of intercourse because they don’t expose you to the risk of STDs.
  • In the case of relationship therapies, male love dolls can help deal with anxiety and loneliness.
  • Male love dolls come in different shapes and sizes, making them versatile. That means you can use it anywhere in the room and try oral sex with the mouth, vaginal sex with the penis, or anal sex with the butthole to vent your desires.

How Many Different Types Of Male Love Dolls Are Compared?

According to Döring (2021), male sex dolls come in two broad categories, namely full-body and half-sized bodies. The full-body male sex dolls have all the realistic and customizable features from head to toe. Half-sized sex dolls (also referred to as the torso) are mini dolls with upper body parts, including the genitals. Below is an overview of the main male love dolls categories:

Full Body Male Love Dolls

Anatomically correct from head to toe, male sex dolls are the closest you could have to your dream sex partner. With a full and life-like body, Chandra (2021) explained that a male sex doll features an erect penis, a butt hole for anal sex, and a realistic mouth opening for enthusiasts of oral sex. Depending on what you pay for it, some are customizable parts while others aren't. Full-body male love dolls also offer a heightened degree of functionality and realism. Besides, they come in super skin materials, with Black, Latin, Caucasian, Asian, and even celebrity accents.

Half-Sized/Torso Male Love Dolls

Featuring a torso with realistic genitals, half-sized male love dolls are designed with newbies in mind. They are less functional than their full-body counterparts, but you can derive optimal pleasure from the torso. Their reduced size and features mean they are more portable and can offer pleasure on the go.

Blow Up Male Love Dolls

A blow-up sex doll is an excellent choice for those who are low on space and regular travelers. Compared to the options above, they are more discreet, lightweight, and have seamless usage criteria. All you have to do is unpack it, blow in the air, use it, and then release the air before taking it back to storage.

Muscular Male Love Dolls

This category of male sex dolls features realistic ridged veins on the penis and a broad and muscular chest on which a lady can learn and feel the life-like warmth. They differ in size and features, with some having an in-built heating system, customizable erect penis, a fuckable anus, sculpted abs, and juicy testicles.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Male Love Doll

The Material Used

Different brands craft male love dolls using different materials. When looking at this aspect, durability and safety are key. The medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free silicone and TPE materials are recommended.

Size and Design

Depending on your experience and fetish fantasies, consider the design and size that don't limit the fun.

Level of Customization

Different sex dolls come with different levels of customization. Some have a removable penis for versatility and simplified cleaning, while others don't. Also, remember that the more customizable a sex doll is, the more you will pay for it.

Number of Orifices

Male sex dolls can have three orifices (anus, mouth, penis) or one of them. So, opt for the one that suits your preferences.

How to Use Male Love Dolls

Male Love Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Using a male sex doll amplifies pleasure sensations and makes the experience as realistic as possible. These dolls are textured and made with human-like skin, making the experience as memorable as possible. Below is how to go about having fun with a male sex doll:

Touching and Kissing

According to Burns et al. (2021), male love dolls are made with realistic mouths, faces, and arms, and the super skin is squishy and can respond to touch. It makes kissing and touching feel like you have your partner.

Using Them for Anal Sex

Anal sex enthusiasts can get a kick from having a male love doll. The butt hole is super tight and makes the thrusting more fun.

How Couples Can Use Male Love Dolls

Most couples use the male love dolls when they want to bring some excitement into the bedroom. A couple is always fascinated by the thought of having a threesome in the bedroom. Most of them may be against a real person or would first want to try it out with the male love doll. They will use the male love doll as a person and get to satisfy their fantasy. You can also use them, especially with someone with a higher sex drive than the other. They can use the male love doll to get themselves in the mood and make them be prepared until their partner is ready to get off. At times, partners can as well use it when masturbating. There are many things that they can do with the male love dolls; they have to tap into their creative minds and work with what they want to achieve.

The Best Lube To Use with Male Love Dolls

Miranda et al. (2019) explained that the best lube to use with the male love dolls is the water-based lube. It is because the male love dolls are made of silicone material. However, it would help if you had plenty of them in the bedroom because the lube is light and quickly dries out. You will have to apply more of it when it dries out. Although many prefer silicone-based lube because of the ability to be sticky and thick enough, it is highly avoided in this case. It is because they can damage the material of the love doll. The oil-based lube is also discouraged as it may cause some irritations in the erogenous zones.

Safety Tips

  • Apply plenty of lubricants to reduce friction when penetrating the orifices and enhance your pleasure.
  • Clean and dry your male sex dolls with hot soapy water and toy cleaner after every session.
  • Avoid sharing your love dolls to limit the spread of infections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Love Dolls

What Are Male Love Dolls Made of?

Most love dolls are made from silicone, jelly, PVC, and rubber. The most common one is the silicone male love doll. They are the most preferred ones because of their properties. They are soft, smooth, body-friendly, and do not irritate the skin, even those with sensitive skin. However, when using the silicone male love doll, be sure not to use the silicone-based lube as it may react to the love doll and damage it.

Are There Allergy Concerns when Using Male Love Dolls?

The male love dolls are safe to use and have no allergy concerns or scares. It is because the only material that can make someone allergic is mostly in the presence of latex. The male love dolls are made from silicone material, and it is soft, smooth, and body-friendly and offers no irritations to the skin. The best thing is to invest, but the silicone males love dols because they offer so much comfort and are safe. They are also non-porous, making it difficult for bacteria to breed on them. Unlike the other types of male love dolls, they also do not attract dust. The best way to feel safe from allergies is to use the male love dolls when engaging in sexual activities. You are guaranteed to be safe.

Can One ejaculate in A Male Love Doll?

Chalker (2018) explained that ejaculation in the vagina makes the men want to release a lot of semen. It is great when it is the natural vagina because the vagina can self-cleanse itself and make it clean after some time. However, there is no problem ejaculating inside it if it is the love doll. However, the chances that the sex doll is cleaned immediately after releasing the semen is minimum. It makes the semen corrode inside, and the bacteria may build up. When this happens, the sex doll is likely to rot. It means that anytime one engages in sexual activity with the sex doll and you release semen, the sex doll is supposed to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid bacteria from building up and making the doll rot or have an awful smell.

How Do I properly Clean and Store a Male Love Doll?

Once you are done using the sex dolls, the best thing is to ensure they are cleaned properly. It would help wash them properly with warm water and a block of antibacterial soap. It will help to get rid of bacteria from building up. You can start by removing or washing off the lubricant from the sex toy with a towel. Lay the whole doll on a towel placed on a surface. And use soap and warm water to clean the doll. You can use your hands or a soft sponge to clean the doll. Ensure that you do not apply so much pressure on the love doll while washing them. Once you have finished washing them, the best thing you can do is gently pat the love doll using a soft cloth and allow it to air dry. Make sure you use a lot of corn starch or powder when storing the male love dolls. It ensures longevity for the sex toy. 


Male love dolls are a big achievement for both men and women who are always interested in sex toys and self-satisfaction. Individuals can have extreme experiences on their own or with their partners without much of a problem. It is seen as the male sex dolls that couples can use as a third wheel in the bedroom. Several male love dolls on the market allow an individual to choose from. It is beneficial as it helps one choose from their preferences and be able to meet their own needs.


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