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Masturbators Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Masturbators Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Masturbation topics or talks were taboo and rarely came into discussions. However, things changed, and nowadays, sex toys and masturbators are all over. You'll find them featured in magazines, TV shows, and on almost every social network. It's no longer the case where they said sex toys are for desperate individuals or loners. Below is everything you need to know about masturbators.

Masturbators Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Female pleasure was also another thing overlooked by many. However, times have changed, and there's a positive transformation in talks concerning female orgasm and enjoyment in sex, which was traditionally linked to men. This article will discuss everything you need to know about masturbators, from definition to how to use them. Let's read on to understand more.

What are Masturbators?

A masturbator is a sex toy that complements and arouses a user’s erotic body parts. We’ve got both male and female masturbators. Have a look at the following.

Common Features of Masturbators

For starters, masturbators refer to any type, form, or model of anthropomorphic adult sex toy that resembles a sexual partner's genital anatomy. A masturbator can comprise a partner's body part such as the penis, anus, mouth, or vagina. Thanks to the advancements in technology, manufacturers are making vibrating masturbators designed to enhance sexual stimulation.

Male or female masturbators come in numerous variations in terms of quality, material, skin tone, and size. Some are extra-realistic, while others are well-crafted asses, mouth openings, and vaginas. Nonetheless, below are common features to look out for if you are looking to get started with masturbators.

  • Masturbators feature exquisite, real 3D structure that is often full of the meat layer.
  • Some, such as the Fleshlight vagina, have realistic labia that give a real feeling.
  • They are made from soft super skin or TPE material that simulates the real touch of human skin.
  • Masturbators such as the pocket pussy come in discreet packaging, perfectly portable sizes, and are easy to carry around and enjoy anywhere.

How Couples Can Use Masturbators

Masturbators have easy usage criteria and, regardless of the type and material, it is important to start slow, be gentle, ensure plenty of lubrication, and stay away from pounding. Some masturbators require adequate care and maintenance to last long and retain their texture and quality. Regarding usage, whether solo or couple play, it is important to get in the mood, find an ideal position, and apply plenty of compatible lubricant before penetration. Lubrication is very important as explained by Angel (2022). Moreover, Wilson et al. (2017) explains that lubricants are used to wet the genitals during procreative sex.

While all masturbators can be a couple's thing if you all get creative, some of them specifically apply to partner play. Most of them are designed to simulate the P-spot. An accessory such as the paloqueth couples vibrator can be inserted into the vagina to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, and penis. Insertable vibrators and rabbits can be added to sex play to induce more indulgence for your female partner. Penis strokers, which can easily be mistaken for a flashlight, are ideal to offer intense penile stimulation.

Types of Male Masturbators

Male masturbators come in different types, making it hard to put them in groups. Below are the various types categorized depending on the function, use, and shape.


Fleshlights are among the main male masturbators. The textured type has a hollow and narrow passage with a textured design. The inside has bulges and ridges, for stimulating the penis when sliding in. Most sleeves are made of plastic and can be worn just like condoms.


The difference between textured and realistic fleshlights is the opening. Realistic toys are designed to imitate the mouth, anus, and vagina. Each of the sleeves is made with an entry hole mimicking the actual body parts as mentioned.


These aren't fleshlights, but have openings for penetrating with your penis. You can get full-body dolls with different holes, including the anus, mouth, and vagina. Another type is mainly the body parts. It could be a complete bum area with an ass hole and vagina features or separate.


Some fleshlights require less effort to use since they've got an inbuilt vibrator for stimulations. You only slide in and wait for the magic.

Types of Female Masturbators


A dildo is a common female sex toy due to its versatility. They’re mainly used for internal massage and penetration. Some are designed anatomically to mimic a real penis, whereas others are non-anatomical. You’ll find them in various shapes, textures, and sizes. Some are curved to reach the G-spot. Also, we’ve got anal dildos for arousing nerve endings in the butt.

Female Vibrators

Generally, sex toys help you reach the climax, as Quilliam (2007) described. A vibrator is an overall term for toys that stimulate erogenous zones through vibrations. Female vibrators could be internal types for sensitizing the G-spot, while external ones stimulate the clit. Some types like the rabbit vibrator simultaneously serve both the internal and external functions.

Clit Massager

Research shows that most women can achieve an orgasm through clit stimulation. A clitoral massager works best in this case. An example is the wand vibrator that can be used in solo or partnered sex.

Butt Plug

Both genders use this sex toy for stimulation during backdoor plays. It can be during partnered play or masturbation. Others use it for reparation to anal plays.

Nipple Clamps

Most sex toy users overlook the nipples during sex. Clamps are rarely used since most individuals associate them with pain instead of pleasure. They work by pinching the nipples to restrain blood flow. After removing the clamps, the effect is wonderfully felt, which brings a combined emotion of sensation and endorphins. Look for an adjustable type if you're a beginner for the best first experience.

Factors to consider when buying masturbators


The size of your masturbator narrows down to preference. Some individuals prefer small dildos and sleeves, whereas others require medium or large types. Your experience level may greatly determine the choice.


Hakala & Mustak (2017) explains that material type should always be prioritized when buying sex devices. Most sleeves are mainly silicone and TPE made. Silicone is good since it’s durable and nonporous. That means it’s easy to clean and doesn’t stock dirt and germs.


If buying toys for the first time, don’t go for expensive products. You may not be sure whether toys are a thing for you or not. It's wasteful to spend large sums of money to buy something that ends up in the dustbin later. Therefore, begin small as you gradually advance to luxurious types.


Discreet toys are great, more so when you live with your family. Go for toys available in vague covers that give zero clue of what you’re holding. When purchasing online, ensure the manufacturer doesn’t disclose labels when packing.

How to Use Masturbators

Masturbators Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Using a piece of masturbator equipment may seem easy, but you may need enough time to find the feeling amazing. Let's look at the following points to help experience heavier and better orgasms.

Carefully go Through the Manual

With a lot of keenness, reviewing the toy’s manual can help optimize your masturbator.

Countercheck Every Part of Your Sex Toy

Your masturbator may require setting up before use. That’s why you should verify all parts and ensure they’re in proper working condition. Areas requiring fastening should be perfect to avoid any accidents during use.

Set a Romantic Ambiance

You should create a romantic environment if you want the best outcome from your device. Tuning into a quiet and lovely music, dimming the lights, and being romantic with your partner can get you started.

Apply Lubrication

Lubrication is essential, especially with automatic tools. Lube up your toy and penis or vagina before getting involved in the sex play. Lubrication should be frequent to avoid irritating your sweet spots and generally spoiling the great moment.

Concentrate on the Play and Enjoy

Don’t let distractions interrupt your mind during such a precious time. Use gadgets that allow you to relax and let go of any tension to enjoy.


Toys contract bacteria and germs. For this reason, cleaning before and after every use is essential. Go back to the manual and acquire the toy’s cleaning tips.

The Best Sex Lubricants to Use

Are you new to the extensive industry of sex lubes? Unlike other retail products, finding the right lube can be surprisingly tricky. For starters, folks often look for the ingredient list before making a purchase. That is because common lubricant additives such as glycols and parabens are known to elicit infections or allergic reactions.

To potentially avoid running into irritations, however, experts recommend sex lubes with fewer and less processed ingredients. Because most buyers don't bother researching the ingredients, water-based lubes are more recommended because they are a versatile option as you can use with silicone sex toys and latex condoms.

Sex lubes such as Sliquid Sassy, on the other hand, have added natural plant cellulose that gives it ultra-thick consistency. This makes it long-lasting and perfect for anal play. To keep things gliding when using masturbators, water-based lubes are recommended for their versatility.

Safety Measures When Using Masturbators

  • Apply lubricant to avoid unnecessary friction, and remember to penetrate gently.
  • In case of any scratches, apply TPE glue to the affected area to seal.
  • Avoid pounding heavily or using too much pressure for the case of TPE and TPR masturbators because these materials are porous and cannot withstand extreme pressure.
  • For masturbators made from silicone material, use antimicrobial soap to clean them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Masturbators

Are Masturbators Safe?

Yes. Manufacturers of these sex accessories are often certified and use high-quality, body-safe, and medical-grade material that ensures safety when using them in your most intimate area.

What are Masturbators Made Of?

Masturbators are made from rubber, TPE, or silicone material. These materials are often regulated to be non-allergic, medical-grade, and make these sex accessories feel alive.

Are There Allergy Concerns?

In some ways, yes. Quality masturbators are made from safe TPE material, soft, non-toxic, elastic, smooth, and odorless material. However, ensure you stay away from brands that use additives such as parabens and glycols because the two are linked to allergic reactions or even infections as Farber et al. (2010) described.

Are There Realistic Masturbators?

Yes. The realistic part of masturbators describes the material feel that gives a lifelike experience. Realistic silicone, for instance, feels like the real thing. The inner texture of masturbators is granulated, multi-layered, and often spirals to offer intense pleasures with each thrusting.

How Loud are Masturbators? Can I Use Them in Public?

When it comes to sex or masturbation, privacy is a real concern for most people. Whether you want to avoid the prying eyes of parents, partners, or housemates, certain forms of masturbation are embarrassing to do in public. Because of this private nature, brands make discreet sizes and silent masturbators that can help you keep your habits private.

How Do I Clean My Masturbator?

When it comes to cleaning your masturbator, warm water will take care of most. However, soap should be avoided as it can erode the sleeve. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol will surely do the job.

Can Frequent Masturbation Lead to De-sensitivity of the Penis?

No. Not really. This is a myth and it has to be debunked. As long as you can ejaculate (which is your body's reflex to sexual stimulation), the only hurdle that can stand between you and ejaculation is psychological. According to Björkman & Persson (2020), excessive masturbation in men can lead to cause prostatitis (which means an inflamed prostate). However, that cannot make a difference to your penile sensitivity, whether it is manual stimulation or vaginal sex.

How Often Should I Use My Masturbator?

The latest data regarding masturbation frequency is offered by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB). The agency conducts online surveys anonymously to enhance the likelihood of honest feedback. The only takeaway from their data is that masturbation is more or less psychological and that you can't put a number on what ideal masturbation frequency is. However, folks between 18 to 35 years masturbate more frequently than other age groups.

Can I Use My Masturbator with My partner?

Yes, you can share your masturbator. However, cleanliness between sessions should be a priority. According to Wang et al. (2012), sharing sex toys can lead to infections. Therefore, Wood et al. (2017) explains that cleaning sex toys is important.

Can I Get Addicted to My Masturbator?

The term "masturbation addiction" is rather contemporary and refers to an individual's tendency to excessively or compulsively masturbate. As of yet, there is some debate regarding whether someone can truly become addicted to masturbation. While certain quarters are pushing for it to be medically recognized, others say there is no known clinical diagnosis to tie someone to masturbation addiction and should, therefore, be recognized as a compulsive sexual behavior.



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