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Medical Instruments Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Medical Instruments Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Do you want to become your partner's sex doctor and see what happens inside their orifices? Buy these medical instruments, including therapeutic, diagnostic, and surgical instruments, and bring the hospital to your home. 

Medical Instruments Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Generally, medical instruments are equipment meant to aid in the monitoring of patients' treatment, diagnosis of disease, and therapeutic purposes as Ventola (2014) explained. These instruments are mostly found in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare setups. Nevertheless, Li (2013) states that some medical instruments can be used to detect and monitor any progress of a patient while at home. The development of new advanced medical equipment makes it easier for patients to recover from their diseases. These devices can also be used in erotic settings, especially by couples who want to test their medical limits or view each other's orifices.

Types of Medical Instruments

Therapeutic Instruments

These are among the most important pieces of medical equipment used by doctors. The physiotherapy includes ultrasound, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, and laser therapy devices. All these devices are designed with high technology for effective use. Most of the therapeutic products serve to heal or prevent wounds, depending on their designs. Different wounds include swelling of the genitals or those related to diseases that range from lymph-edema to diabetes.

Diagnostic Equipment

Just as the name goes, these tools are used to diagnose, screen, or test for a health condition. They include a thermometer, stethoscope, MRI machine, and X-Ray machines. Once a patient is rushed to the hospital, the first step for a doctor is to diagnose the problem since correct diagnosis will lead to correct treatment. There is a wide range of diagnostic tools available in the market today. Some conditions such as heart diseases are detected using a CT scan while scanning is taken care of by an X-ray machine.

Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments come in a wide range, which can be divided into several categories. Every doctor will tell you that for a successful surgery process, you need to ensure there is accurate continuity of high-quality instruments used. Let us break down the six categories of surgical instruments. They include:


These are nerve hooks, obstetric hooks, and skin hooks that will enable a surgeon to actively separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound.

Cutting Instruments

Cutting instruments include bone cutter, dissecting knife, and bone chisel. These instruments are essential during the cutting process in the surgery room.

Hemostatic Forceps

They include Kelly, mosquito, and Kocher forceps, and they are important in stopping blood flow during surgery.

Holding Equipment

Just as the name suggests, these are pieces of equipment used in grasping during surgery. They include forceps dissecting, needle holder, and forceps tissue.

Accessories and Implants

Accessories and implants include surgical needle and sterilization trays.

Clamps and Distractors

These include towel clamp and towel forceps.

How Can Couples Use Medical Instruments During Sex

Couples can use medical instruments during the BDSM games in the bedroom activities. They can be used during role-play games. Some of them are used to inflict pain on their significant other to have them get the pleasures of the medical instruments. Moreover, some of the instruments can be introduced in the bondage activities, especially if your partner is into rough and hard sex. Some medical instruments, such as the speculum, are great when using them in the bedroom. They are used to open the vaginal labia, thus helping you during penetration or even during foreplay to stimulate the clitoris using your fingers or mouth. You can also try fisting with the medical instruments.  

What is the Best Lube to Use with Medical Instruments?

The best lube to use when having sexual pleasure with the medical instruments will always depend on the instrument's material. Some of them may be made from glass, stainless steel, and even silicone. Lubrication is very important as explained by Angel (2022). Moreover, Wilson et al. (2017) explains that lubricants are used to wet the genitals during procreative sex. If the material of the medical instrument is silicone, it is better if you use the water-based lube or the oil-based lube. This is because the silicone-based lube may alter the silicone made from the medical instrument. However, if the medical instrument is made from steel, glass, or metal, the best lube to use in this case is the silicone-based lube. This is because the silicone-based lube is thick and sticky. They do not require one to use them in plenty because they do not dry out easily. Oil-based lube should not be used, especially on the anus or the vagina, because they are likely to cause some irritation, and this may cause some infections or even diseases that could be avoided.   

Factor to Consider Before Purchasing Medical Instruments

Before buying any medical tool, you need to exercise a lot of patience and caution to avoid falling for low-quality products due to the rate of innovation of medical technology. You should also learn how to use every instrument to avoid disappointment when you choose the wrong device. That said, here are vital factors to help you find the perfect tool for use.

The Functionality of the Product

The usability of your product depends on its feature. Before purchasing any respective product, one has to familiarize with how it operates less you face additional costs for familiarization with the functionality or delay of the product. Therefore, you can opt for a flexible product with relevant user guides.

Supplier’s Reputation

Always consider a supplier with a positive reputation since it is the only way to know if you are dealing with a reliable person. Experts with a positive review on the internet are the best ones to deal with to avoid falling for inferior products. Once you have enough information to be fully convinced, you can go ahead and make a purchase. Remember, differentiating genuine and fake manufacturers might be hard sometimes, especially when you are purchasing online.

Price and Quality of the Instrument

Always be careful with the quality since there are a lot of products to compare. You may consider products from renowned manufacturers or check the serial number as well. Also, remember every dealer has different rates making the price vary to the quality of their product and brands. If you want to be on the safer side, then consider a brand with a reasonable price and quality enough. For those with limited cash, you can as well rent the equipment.

Consider Second-Hand Products

According to Chanthy & Nitivattananon (2011), second-hand products are affordable when one has a limited budget. Nevertheless, you need to be keen not to fall for fake second-hand products. You can make this easier by locating the supplier and making a thorough inspection of the instrument to detect if there are any faults. Lastly, ensure you get insurance coverage since the cost of maintaining your product in good condition might rise if you are not covered by any insurance company.

How to Use

Medical Instruments Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

  • Always ensure you are using the right equipment for the right purpose.
  • When doing a surgical operation, first you need to ensure you have sanitized your hands thoroughly.
  • Lay down the patience on a flat surface.
  • Apply aesthetics to kill any pain.
  • Ensure you have an assistant who will be passing you the tools you need.
  • Follow the right procedure for operation.
    • Safety Tips
  • When doing an operation, whether in lab or theater, ensure you limit the movement. If possible, limit the number of people inside the room.
  • All sharp objects should be disposed of safely to avoid accidents
  • In case of any malfunctioning of any equipment, ensure you replace it with another one to get correct results
  • Work under a noise-free environment when doing any operation for easy concentration
  • Avoid carrying any food in the theater room
  • Frequently touched surfaces must be kept clean
  • Attend to one patient at a time before proceeding to the other.
  • Ensure you prescribe the correct drug for every patient.
  • After using any medical equipment ensure you clean them thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sexual Medical Instruments

Are There Risks of Using Medical Instruments for Sex

When not used correctly and properly, the medical instruments may cause a lot of dangers to an individual's life. However, they should not cause any danger. When engaging in the sexual activity, make sure that you use the medical instruments where they are supposed to be used. Make sure that you also use a lot of lube so that you may reduce friction and the tearing of tissues. The best lube to use in this case would be silicone-based lube. However, you should check on the type of the material that the medical instrument is made from before choosing the type of lube to use. 

Where Do I Buy Medical Instruments? Do I Need Certification

For one to get access to some of the medical instruments, one needs to have certifications. This is so that you have accountability and be reliable in case an accident happens. However, some quacks will still get to have them and sell them to their people. The best thing would be to use them well and prevent any danger that may occur when using them.  this is because if any danger or an accident occurs, you will have no one to blame but yourself, especially if you didn’t get certification when you were buying them for use.

How to Use Medical Instruments for Foreplay

Most of the medical instruments can be used by couples during foreplay. According to

Kreuter et al. (2011), foreplay makes one relax and enjoy sex. You can use the speculum during foreplay activities. The speculum is used to spread the vaginal labia to be easy for you. Once it is opened, you can always try different ways for your partner to feel the pleasure. You can always try the clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Give them some head or even finger them or try fisting. This way, you are guaranteed that they will get to achieve an orgasm. However, you should ensure that the medical instruments are sued for the right purpose. You cannot use the speculum on the anus. This is because it was specifically designed to be used to open the vagina and help in insertion. If you want to use the medical instruments during foreplay, try to get an instrument that can work on the part you intend to stimulate.    

How Do I Clean Medical Instruments?

According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning sex toys is important. Medical instruments should be sterilized first at home. You can use boiling water and place the medical instruments into the water for about 20 minutes. The medical instruments can either be metals, plastic, or rubber. This is important because it helps to get rid of the bacteria from building up on them and causing some infections or diseases. According to Wang et al. (2012), sharing sex toys can lead to infections. Using boiled water also helps get rid of some of the bacteria hidden inside them. 

How Do I Properly Store Medical Instruments?

Medical instruments should always be kept safe from other people's reach. It would help if you always had them in a box. They should be placed on a high shelf where you are the only person who can reach them or even place them somewhere no one can access. They should also have covers that protect them from getting them out easily and hurting someone, especially when picking them up. They should be put or stored in an enclosed area that is free from dust so that they may not get contaminated and bring some infections into the body when you plan to use them on your partner. 


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