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Mould Your Own Kits Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Mould Your Own Kits Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Do you plan to mould your sex toy kits at home to survive sexual pleasure in the absence of your partner? Knowing the right material to use is fundamental and requires you to research deeply. Even though the sex toy industries have created unique devices for the same purpose, you can create your favorite dildos to curb expenses. Therefore, you will need skin-safe materials, such as rubber, latex, ABC plastic, and silicone to make a replica of your penis.

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In modern society, fixing your sexual fantasies is simple as never before. Thanks to the sex toy inventors, no matter the distance between you and your partner, the orgasms train will always be in motion. It might sound difficult to some, especially those whose finance have been haltered. However, you can just mould your kits and restore extreme pleasure in the bedroom.  Making a replica of your dick spices up and introduces a new wave of erotism in your bedroom. The tool ensures faithfulness in your bond because even if you are away, your partner continues to fix her sexual desires with a replica of your manhood.

Understanding Making Your Own Kits

Mould-You-Own Kits are devices designed to help replicate your manhood. The tools are created for men to help them guard their relationships or marriages. Probably, your wife cannot withstand missing out on the pleasure of penetration; hence, can end up cheating on you. To be realistic, missing orgasms can make her think about her ex, and even invite another man or even your friends to give her the pleasure she desires. Therefore, moulding kits are designed with various realistic colors to help her think about you. However, you can turn it into your favorite color such as blue, black, white, or flesh to match perfectly with your real dick.

You can have a DIY dildo and equip it with a vibrating motors to provide strong orgasms and sensations. Whether you need oral play, penetration, or clit stimulation, you can easily come up with any tool from the provided moulding kits. You can modify the cock with veins, tapering head, shaft cup, and balls to allow your wife to feel the pleasure same as one offered by your real dick.

Why Should You Prefer Homemade Dildos?

According to Montgomery (2008), failing to achieve orgasms, especially when you are used to it, can cause health issues including social, mental, and even physical impairments. Therefore, getting fulfilling orgasms once in a while improves your health. Forget about bacterial and fungal infections because DIY dildos are safe. Their vibrations will leave you mentally and sexually satisfied. The devices are suitable for self-satisfaction or enjoying the game with your partner in anal, vaginal, oral, and clit stimulation.

Types of Material Used

Choosing the right material is challenging, especially if you are a beginner. However, the best materials to use include;

ABC Plastic

If you wish to include bullets and classic vibrators in your homemade sex toys, consider choosing ABC plastic materials because they are hygienic, hard, and easy to maintain. Plastic transfers the vibrations well to allow the user to attain orgasms more quickly. The material is firm enough to give strong sensation and stimulation. You can also coat the dildo toy with a smooth surface to give the toy a rubber-based touch for compatibility and realistic touch. Always remember to wash the device in hot water and the best cleaner to continue enjoying it with your partner.

Skin-Safe Rubber

Skin-safe rubber, also known as TPE or TPR, provides a smooth feeling that creates double sensations. The material is soft and smooth and is used to make sex tools of different firmness and flexibility to enhance maximum pleasure. Furthermore, it is compatible with water-based lubes for more fun, reduced friction, and easy insertion. However, there will be a slight, ‘nail polish’ smell because of chemical reactions.


Beer (2015) states that silicone is a safe material. It gained popularity as the best alternative to porous material because of its smoothness and softness that allow gorgeous and extreme sensations. The material makes the user feel good during vaginal and anal penetration, oral play, and clit stimulation. It is non-porous, phthalate-free, and smooth to touch. Moreover, it is easily cleaned and long-lasting to ensure you are driven the whole season. You can use them with water-based lubes. However, avoid silicone-based lubricants because they break the material.


Do you wish to have a material that does not require special care? Choose latex material, which is flexible, smooth, and soft to deliver multiple orgasms. Nonetheless, it is compatible with silicone-based lubricants for a glossy and wet-look shine to capture your eyes.

How to Mould Your Homemade Dildo

Creating your sex toys at home is the best source of pleasure because you know exactly what your partner needs. The pleasure starts with making the dildo with the right size to fit your wife’s pussy and give painless sensations. The following steps will help you get the right masterpiece to take your bond to the next level;

  • Get the material ready and insert your hard erect dick into the molding gel to get the right measurements.
  • Let the dick stay in the tube for a while for the gel to get the right length, diameter, and width.
  • Remove the penis and fill the gel with your favorite material or molding powder to strengthen the dildo.

How to Use Your Moulded Dildos

Mould Your Own Kits Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

  • You can leave your wife to ride herself or join her for more fun.
  • Ensure before using it, you are completely relaxed and aroused to achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Lubricate the toy with recommended lube for smooth penetration. Lubrication is very important as explained by Angel (2022). Moreover, Wilson et al. (2017) explains that lubricants are used to wet the genitals during procreative sex.
  • Always wash, dry, and store correctly to maintain the durability and avoid contamination. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning of sex toys is important.
  • Avoid frequent folding to maintain the shape, color, and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Molding Your Own Dildo

Are Casted Dildos Safe?

The materials used to make the molded dildos are completely non-toxic and safe. Some part is also made from silicone, thus making them safe for use. The part that comes into contact with the skin is made from powder; hence cannot cause any reactions. The molded material can also resist any breakage or damage that may be caused when using the silicone or oil-based lubricants on them.   

Are There Allergy Concerns?

The part that comes into contact with the skin has powder that is a food additive. This rules out the possibility of having an allergic reaction to the molded dildo. It does not have any chance of posing health concerns and reactions. However, you should also make sure that you are not allergic to the powder before molding the kits for your use.

Can You Make a Mould of a Woman’s Inner Vagina?

It is very easy and possible to mould the outer lips of the labia. Berer (2010) defines labia as the genital lips. The inner parts of the vagina are always difficult to mold because one doesn't know how exactly they look, and if you do, it may just be an illusion you have created in your mind. It is advisable not to mold the inner part of the vagina. You should try and mold stuff that other companies have recommended instead of trying it on your own and being at risk. The outer vagina can be easy to be molded because it is something that can be seen and not made from simple assumptions about the way they look.

What Happens If the Dildo Turns out Sticky?

When molding your own dildo, problems may arise most of the time. One of the problems may be that the powder used to make the material has gelled so quickly and become very hard. When you penetrate earlier and leave it inside for a longer time, you are likely to lose your erection. When the powder becomes hard quickly, the mixture was not well portioned and measured correctly. Make sure that you have measured the amounts well before mixing them up. The best thing is that the molded kits come with extra materials, and you can use to try and make another mold that won't turn out sticky like the first one.

What If It Does Not Mold the Way I Want?

There is always that possibility that you will fail in making the molded dildos. You will not always have the first perfect try. The great thing is that the kit comes with enough and, at times, maybe extra molding materials that you can use in different attempts. This will be easy for you to keep on and mold the ones you want until you feel like you have done it correctly. You will then be able to have your perfect molded dildo. You are prone to make mistakes on the first try but will become perfect as you practice more.

Can I Mold My Flaccid Penis?

You can always mold your penis when it is soft and loose. So it is very much possible. However, it would be good if you were on the look-out when doing it to avoid pulling your skin or destroying the mold. Follow all the instructions when molding your soft penis.

Can I Use a Cock Ring?

You can always put a cock ring on the molded dildos. It is even a good and recommended idea. However, make sure you use those that cannot destroy or damage the whole dildo and its make. The thin ones are the best cock rings to use with the molded dildos. 

What if I Have a Crooked Penis?

There is no problem if you have a crooked penis. You can still go ahead and mould your own dildo in a way that it can accommodate the curved penis.

What If I Have Genital Piercings?

Before molding the dildo, you should first make sure you get rid of the piercings on your penis. If not, the mould will appear to have some hoops around it, and it will be difficult to remove it. It will also be hard to remove it from the mould once it has stuck on it. If you want to have the piercing on, you can drill a hole in the mold and create some space for the piercing. However, make sure you clean the piercing after every use with the mould dildo. 

Can I Make the Mould of Another Dildo?

It is possible to make a mould of another dildo. The issue is always that the dildo is bigger than the penis, and there may not be enough materials to mold the dildo according to its size. You may be required to buy more materials, like silicone and powder, for moulding the dildo. 

Does One Have to Wait for the Penis to Get Soft to Remove It?

The moulded dildo is flexible enough to allow you to take out the penis without affecting it. You do not have to stay for long for it to be dry enough to take it out.

Does Pubic Hair Matter?

It is unlikely to make a mistake when molding the dildo with or without pubic hair. As much as you can say that it does not matter, there are cases that it does. Therefore, you should make sure that you follow all the directions and instructions so that your mold can come out perfectly. There are times when the pubic hair will dry on the mold, making it difficult to remove it.


The decision of moulding your dildos at home is much the same as choosing the best sex toy on the market. Start by picking the right size, color, texture, and shape, and what fits your partner’s desire perfectly. You can also ask to get your partner’s feedback before starting the moulding process. Mould your own kit and enjoy the sensations that come from them.


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