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Other Style Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Other Style Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Probably, you are trying to find out other style vibrators to add to your bedroom for intensified pleasure with or without your partner. Thanks to new technology, now you can get powerful vibrators including anal, undercover, wand, rabbit, bullet, G-spot, and oral stimulation vibrators, created to give you unending sensation.

Other Style Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Traditionally, it was challenging to fix your sexual pleasure in the absence of a partner. For this reason, people became prisoners of sexual feelings, while others used tools that led to health problems, such as skin irritation. However, in modern society, the erotic world is more enjoyable because of newly introduced powerful sex toys created to help people get orgasms. According to Heljakka (2016), sex toys have gained popularity. As such, vibrators are the best alternative to fingering and other tools that can cause problems. These toys have helped people, especially women who could not achieve orgasms quickly.

What are Vibrators?

Döring (2021) defines vibrators as sex toys designed to be used internally or externally on the body to create sexual sensations. Due to the shifting technology, today you can get electric vibrators, also known as massagers, that use electric power to produce different pulsating and escalating stimulations. The toys come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They can be used externally on the clitoris, penis, vulva, and anal opening or internally by inserting them into the vagina or anus. The tools increase sexual pleasure and help the user achieve orgasm more quickly through masturbation or penetration.

Common Features of Other Style Vibrators

Other-style vibrators do more than vibrate to deliver your desired sexual stimulation. Some fun features about these sex toys include;

Waterproof Properties

Waterproof vibrators are a must-have for folks who want to experience unique sensations while relaxing in water bodies. These devices have water-friendly materials that can withstand water splashes or stay some inches deep in water without damage. They also have battery compartments or USB ports secured safely to prevent water entry. Waterproof vibrators are also easy to clean with water before and after use.

Hands-Free Vibrators

As the name suggests, hands-free vibrators are those that allow you to enjoy intense stimulation without holding them with your hands. These vibrators have friendly features such as suction cups that can stick to a flat surface and allow you to ride on them as you use your hand to arouse other sensitive spots. Others also have strap-on features that keep the vibrators close to your genitals for hands-free stimulations. Moreover, wearable vibrators are becoming popular accessories as the wearer can feel the buzz hidden in their underwear, even in public, without raising alarm.

Versatile Vibrators

Versatile vibrators such as wand massagers can double as pain relievers and erotic stimulators. For instance, couples can use back massagers to soothe each other after a hectic day and later use them to heighten sexual pleasure in bed. That is because these devices are heated and give pleasurable vibrations when they come in contact with genitals.

App-Controlled Vibrators

Bluetooth-enabled and app-controlled vibrators are best for long-distance lovers as they can enjoy sexual pleasures even when they are some distance apart. These devices are controlled by applications installed on phones and PCs, and couples can tease each other using different vibrations and pulsations.

Different Brands Making the Best Other-Style Vibrators

There are plenty of pleasure products on the market, following the increased awareness about sexual liberation. However, with this increased establishment of various sex toys companies, comes the risk of buying low-quality products that do not fulfill your sexual desires. That is why sex educators suggest buying other-style vibrators made by these top-notch companies:


We-Vibe is a top-rated company that manufactures some of the best remote-controlled vibrators. Its vibrators are also suitable for couple use since they feature curved designs that can fit between two bodies for mutual satisfaction. Examples of its vibrators include We-Vibe Melt, a slim couple vibrator controlled remotely via an app.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is like a godfather brand that offers various erotic products, including bondage toys, sex enhancers, bedroom accessories, and even sex magazines. Talking about other-style vibrators, the company offers some of the best couple vibrators that allow partners to experiment with different kinky ideas. These toys include Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Couples Vibrators, with flexible arms that bend to fit different sex positions.


Jimmyjane's Form 2 is an ideal clit vibrator that can double as a nipple stimulator or couple sex toy. It also has flexible arms that hide dual motors for incredible vibrations. This makes Jimmyjane among the best brands that manufacture discreet and powerful vibrators for beginners and pros.

Different Vibrator Styles

It is no doubt that women own a significant percentage of vibrators in the market. While the common vibrators include vibrating dildos, clit and nipple suckers, vibrating butt plugs, and magic wand massagers, the sex toy industry has also seen different versions of vibrators, including:

The Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is created to serve more than one purpose, including simultaneous penetration and clit stimulation. The tool is made from a soft material to provide sensual feelings and intense orgasms. It has multiple motors that exact pressure to each part, allowing them to move at different speeds. It features a dildo-like harness for penetration and a small finger-like extension used for clit stimulation. The dildo comes with a perfect length and diameter to get deep into your vagina or anus touching all parts of their wall. Most rabbit vibrators are also compatible with water-based lubricants for easy penetration.

The Wand Vibrator

The wand-style vibrator is specifically designed for external pleasure like clit stimulation. The tool is designed with tiny batteries to give you an unending sensation. It has a long handle that fits perfectly in your palm for easy control. Moreover, it contains power, plus, and minus buttons to allow you to take control of the party. You can use it alone or invite your partner to help you achieve orgasms quickly. Furthermore, it has a beautiful color and shape that creates romantic feelings.

Oral Stimulation Vibrators

Oral stimulation vibrators come with amazing features that welcome beginners. For example, they are designed with vibrating suction cup heads to offer incredible clit stimulation. Most oral stimulation vibrators also have built-in rechargeable batteries to provide endless orgasms. The tool comes with a mouth-like shape with an easy-to-use button for comfy stimulation. Furthermore, you can use it for nipple or clit sucking while your partner stimulates other sensitive parts. The tool is small enough to fit in different palms sizes.

The Bullet Vibrator

If you are looking for something small to give you a new wave of eroticism, a bullet vibrator is a go-on orgasm. The toy is generally small, specifically created for external stimulation. It comes with different speeds to offer maximum sensations and endless pleasure. Moreover, it is made from smooth material to stimulate your clit.

G-Spot Vibrators

A G-spot vibrator is specifically meant for shallow penetration targeting exactly the G-spot. It is designed with a smooth and soft oval-like head with a perfect diameter to give you extreme and intense orgasms. Further, it contains a slightly flexible long handle for compatibility and to allow you to change positions.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are specifically designed for anal penetration. The tools have flared bases with long handles to grip and prevent the toy from sticking in the rectum. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes to fit different people. The tools are recommended to be used with lubricants for easy insertion. You can use it alone or with your partner to take your bond to a different level.

Undercover Vibrators

These vibrators come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are made from a variety of materials including plastic, rubber, and silicone to ensure you get a stress-free orgasm. They are relatively small enough for you to carry them wherever you wish. The devices come with one battery to power the vibrations.

How Couples Can Use Other-Style Vibrators

Incorporating sex toys into your relationship is not intimidating anymore. According to sex experts, sex toys are designed to heighten sexual pleasure and help partners enjoy mutual satisfaction. Contrary to what most people think, sex toys should not replace your partner; hence, couples can use other-style vibrators in the following ways:

Why do you Need a Vibrator?

First, ask yourselves why you need a vibrator during your intimate moments. This step includes discussing the topic and ensuring everyone is on board.

Shopping Sex Toys Together

Shopping together creates self-confidence and allows each partner to choose what suits their desires.

Try Solo Stimulation Before Penetration

Self-pleasure increases anticipation and allows one to understand their body. Before penetration, play with the vibrators on your most erogenous zones as your partner watches. According to Leonard (2010), masturbation is harmless and convenient for everybody.

Try Edging with Sex Toys

Vibrators are best when experimenting with edging as they push couples close to orgasms faster with their intense stimulation. Ventus et al. (2020) explained that edging is a technique known to deal with premature ejaculation which can be effective through the use of vibrators.

Teasing Each Other with Remote-Controlled Vibrators

Couples using vibrating butt plugs or penis enhancers can tease each with intense vibrations by allowing the other partner to decide on intensity and patterns to use.

Best Sex Lubricants with Other-Style Vibrators

Sex lubricants are among vital essentials that should not miss in the bedroom during pleasure games. Whether it is during solo masturbation or couple play, ensure there is plenty of sex lubricants in the room. Various sex lubricants are available to enhance these adult games, categorized into three major groups; water, silicone, and oil-based lube. Silicone-based lubricants are the most recommended due to their silky nature and long-lasting properties. However, they are not compatible with silicone sex toys.

According to Crosby et al. (2004), water-based lubes are the best for condoms and sex toy materials. They are also easy to clean and do not stain bedsheets. However, they are not long-lasting and dry out quickly, which requires frequent reapplication. On the other hand, oil-based lubes are thick and form a protective layer when used for anal play. The only downsides are that oily lubricants are not recommended for vaginal play since they can cause infections. They are also challenging to clean and not compatible with latex condom

Factors to Consider When Choosing Other Style Vibrators

The Material

Whether you are interested in an external or internal vibrator, consider the material used because it is going to touch the most sensitive parts. Hakala & Mustak (2017) explains that material type should always be prioritized when buying sex devices. Thus, you must select one made from a body-safe material for a relaxed experience, such as silicone. Avoid jelly-like material because it is porous and can harbor toxic bacteria.

Pick the Right Size

Size matters when it comes to sex toys. You may prefer a small or big-sized toy depending on the purpose and size of your palm and pussy. If you are new to sex, start with small sizes for sensual pleasure.

Medical Benefits

Even though most vibrators come with extreme fun, they may lack physiological support. Sex therapists suggest that you choose one that has medical benefits like improving your pelvic muscles.

How to Use Vibrators

Other Style Vibrators Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

  • You can use the toy alone or with your partner for more fun.
  • Tease your clit with the vibrator while your partner stimulates other parts like the breasts and thighs.
  • Always wash the tool after using it as recommended to avoid infections.

Safety Tips When Using Vibrators

As much as vibrators are pleasurable devices to use, users should be cautious to avoid injuries and the spread of infections. Here are a few safety tips to consider when using other-style vibrators:

  • Always apply plenty of sex lubricants to reduce friction and enhance penetration.
  • Clean your toys before and after use to prevent bacterial accumulation. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning of sex toys is important to avoid contracting infections.
  • Avoid sharing your sex toys with short-term friends to minimize the spread of infections.
  • When using your vibrators in water, ensure battery compartments and USB charging ports are sealed to prevent water entry.
  • Store your toys in clean, cool, and dry places, preferably in their storage bags.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrators

Are Vibrators Safe?

Any sex device is safe if you only use it as recommended by the manufacturer or seller. In the case of vibrators, ensure you read all the instructions to avoid injuries and stay safe.

Do vibrators Come with Custom Made Features?

Some other-style vibrators have customizable features that allow users to add their desired attachments for enhanced pleasure. For instance, some wand massagers have custom heads that allow the user to attach accessories for G-spot or internal stimulation.

Are There any Risks of Using Vibrators?

Yes. Excessive use of vibrators can cause overstimulation, making one not feel sexual pleasure when engaging in normal sexual intercourse without sex toys. Careless use of vibrators in water can also cause electrocution, especially when water penetrates the toy.

Why Should I Use a Vibrator?

As stated above, vibrators are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and not a human replacement. This means you can use a vibrator with your partner to heighten pleasure climax mutually. You can also use it during solo masturbation when your partner is away.

Can I Use a Vibrator in the Shower?

Waterproof vibrators are best for shower play since they have water-friendly material and sealed compartments to prevent water entry.

How Do I Clean My Vibrating Sex Toy?

You can clean your vibrating sex toy using lukewarm soapy water and toy cleaners. For waterproof options, you can soak them in water and clean them with antibacterial soap.

Final Thought

Vibrators have helped women realize and embrace their sexuality, even when they are single or in a long-distance relationship. Women who have tried the popular vibrators can also up their bedroom games using other styles of vibrators as mentioned above. However, they should know that maintenance is key for the vibrators to last longer and avoid injuries.


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