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Paddles Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Paddles Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Erotic spanking is a key aspect for serious impact players. Spanking happens more often than you might think, whether it is in BDSM or your regular bedroom. Tools like floggers or whips offer intense spanking sensations that will make your erotic scene extreme, but not more than a spanking paddle. If you ever wanted to spank or be spanked by your partner hard enough, a paddle is a tool to do the job. That said, herein is your guide to spanking paddles.

Paddles Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

According to Labrecque et al. (2021), spanking is usually done with consent and by a dominating partner, or the one in control. The primary goal of erotic spanking is to achieve a sweet feeling of surrender, as well as an erotic power shift to your dominant partner. This usually starts lightly using hands or floggers and introducing paddles to enhance the intensity of sensations. Easton & Hardy (2011) states that when one gives out power, they feel free. Paddles, unlike whips or floggers, are much easier and safer to use, and the resulting sensational feeling can be quite intoxicating. If you are looking to dive into the world of intense erotic spanking using paddles, here is everything you need to know.

What Is a Spanking Paddle?

Taormino (2012) describes a spanking paddle as a specially designed device used in sensational impact play by striking on a partner's buttocks. For disambiguation, paddles have traditionally been used to strike people for punishment. Paddles are used to facilitate erotic pleasure by folks acting on their fetish fantasies, including impact play, role play, and BDSM.

Erotic spanking has been around for years, and typically refers to the act of striking another person's butt for the sole purpose of sexual gratification or arousal for the participants. Spanking can differ in intensity, duration, implement used, and severity, but the activities involved include sexual role-playing by spontaneously smacking on a partner's bare buttocks. This sex kink is often associated with bondage sex play, but it isn't exclusive to BDSM.

Why Use Spanking Paddles?

  • In BDSM play, this form is referred to as impact play, as Ortmann & Sprott (2012) described. Although you can use any relevant material for spanking, paddles are superior and bring out more impact effects. Having good paddle calls for better spanking and control over the amount of force you apply.
  • You can inflict sensual sounds without getting your hands tired with a spanking paddle.
  • Spanking using paddles can be part of foreplay before engaging in sex with your partner. Many people achieve orgasmic sensations from being spanked with paddles, and that's how hot BDSM is. Kreuter et al. (2011) explains that foreplay helps you relax and enjoy sex.
  • Paddles are flexible and deliver spanking to the required areas accurately without harming other unintended delicate parts of the body.
  • There are many spanking paddles in the market with different makes and designs. Each of them delivers a different degree of pleasure when used for BDSM play.
  • According to Moser & Kleinplatz (2007), paddles are used for delivering punishments to the submissive partners during BDSM play as spanking.

Types of Spanking Paddles

Structurally, a paddle is an object, whether rectangular, square or round, consisting of two main parts, namely; a handle and a blade–the upper impact part that lands on the butt surface. This part can measure anywhere between 3 to 4 inches and can be made from any rigid material. Overall, paddles are made from different materials and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, all of which play a big role in the effectiveness and type of sensation rendered. Below is a compilation of the common types of erotic spanking paddles, which are mainly distinguished by the material used.

Plastic Spanking Paddles

Designed for serious impact players and bondage enthusiasts, plastic paddles offer intense and intriguing sensations. The sting that comes from them isn’t necessarily what everyone can take, but the sensation caused by its erotic pain ensures intense pleasure and sexual gratification. Despite its plastic material, this type of paddle is designed to be tender on the skin, and will not leave any bruises, provided it is handled with care.

Leather Paddles

Leather is a term that has long been related to many sexual fetishes and erotic scenes. That is because leather is sensual and quickly adapts to the body temperature. Leather spanking paddles are crafted using a rigid handle and blade, that are then wrapped using a soft leather finish to create a perfect implement for impact play or BDSM.

Rubber Spanking Paddles

Rubber paddles are quite an erotic pain giver and aren’t your go-to spankers if you are a novice.  These paddles are often created with 6 to 13mm thick rubber designed to render high thuddy pain that leaves a deep sensation. Rubber paddles are ideal for serious BDSM players, and not for the faint-hearted.

Perforated Spanking Paddles

Some spanking paddles, regardless of the material, come with holes perforated on the impact blade. Such paddles are more painful because the perforations reduce the extent of air friction between the paddle impact and the skin. Therefore, they are best reserved for veteran users who have the right sense of their usage.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Spanking Paddles

Design and Structure

Based on the design, spanking paddles can be classified into three main categories, namely; straight, perforated, or dual-slapper paddles. The straight paddles are the typical ones used in BDSM, the perforated ones are more painful because of the holed blade, while the dual slappers consist of two jointed blades that increase the impact area.

The Material Used

Spanking paddles come in a variety of materials; including leather, bamboo, plastic, fur, acrylic, and so on. However, for the most part, sex stores retail paddles covered in faux leather that minimizes the impact of the strike on the buttock. Overall, more flexible and softer covering material of a paddle means less pain and lower intensity of sensation.

Size of the Paddle

When it comes to paddle size, the physics relationship of force and area applies. That is, small spanking paddles have limited impact area, which translates to more pain as opposed to large paddles. For beginners, large spanking paddles are recommended as they strike a large area, hence inflicting less pain.

How to Use a Spanking Paddle

When it comes to partner play, using a paddle requires, first and foremost, consent. Once that has been settled, you can go about the rest by using the tips outlined below:

  • Have an agreement with your partner on where they want to be spanked and the best paddle for the job.
  • Spank the safest areas of the body and steer clear of the head, back, chest, etc.
  • Your partner's butt would be your first choice to spank, but the key is to opt for the thick fleshy body parts.
  • If necessary, agree on a safe word in the event pain becomes unbearable.
  • Spanking can be an intense physical activity and can risk going beyond, so be alert to stop rendering more pain immediately your partner utters the safe word.
  • Angle your spanking paddle appropriately to avoid bruising your partner.
  • Conduct the aftercare by checking your partner's welfare to ensure all parties are happy with the session

How Couples Can Use Spanking Paddles

Paddles Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Using spanking paddles for impact play is not different from other forms of spankings. However, using spanking paddles, one has to pay attention to the spanked areas. Although spanking is simple, free, and crude, there are a few things you have to learn to give your partner a good spanking using paddles. The following are the basics that couples can use when having BDSM play with paddles:

The Type of Sensations

Choose the type of sensations you want to experience from the paddles, i.e., sting or thud.

Before you paddle your partner, ask yourself what type of impact they want to experience; is it stinging pain, thud pain, or both? Paddles can cause stinging sensations. The material used to make the paddle, its density, and the technique used to handle it determine the type of sensations you deliver to your partner. For instance, thin plastic paddles such as slapsticks are good for creating high-intensity bites. If your partner prefers a deep thud from the paddles, go for heavy paddles such as red oak paddles.


Don’t jump into heavy paddling. You should do some warm-ups and increase your intensity as the session goes on. Start with light taps as it helps prepare the mind of the submissive partner, making them anticipate more. Moreover, light taps can also make them relax their muscles instead of tensing whole expecting something hard. People who have practiced paddling for a long always know what they are supposed to do, and they can skip this stage. However, for newbies, go slowly and ease the tension on your partner's body as the momentum increases.

Spank Using Different Techniques

Spanking is an experimental act, and most spankers will love to try something new to create momentum in their session. The following are some of the ideas you can use to spank your partner differently:

Alternate Cheeks

Paddle between each butt cheek. Spank on one several times; then shift to the other. Always do it within a regular pattern or create spontaneous changes.

Maintain Muscled Areas

Even when using bare hands to spank, be careful of the part of the body where you land your hit. If you are new to paddles, aim for the fleshy parts, such as the back of the thighs and butt cheeks. Do this until you learn how to land your hits accurately.

Take Regular Breaks

 Taking breaks during spanking does not mean you stop it completely but lower the intensity of your hits to the lowest levels. That gives the submissive partner time to relax their mind and body and wait for more.

Try Different Sex Positions for Different Sensations

The potions you use for spanking depend on several factors such as physical ability, comfort, mood, and personal preference. However, if you or your partner won't know what positions to use, try experimenting with different positions and find the one that works best. Some of the positions include;


The submissive partner lies on their partner's laps while facing down. This limits the spanker to use only one hand for paddling at a specified angle. However, the positions create intense, intimate moments between partners.

Bent Over

The submissive partner bends over the bed, chair, wall, or other convenient places. The butt muscles are pushed into display, and the spanker can do what they are best at. It creates an intense experience but is challenging if there is nothing to bend over on.

Spanking Bench

You can be creative enough and turn anything into a spanking bench in your room. The bench allows the submissive to rest their stomach on the bench while their knees and hands are on the floor. It creates a good exposure for spanking.

St. Andrews Cross

This kinky furniture is specifically meant for any form of impact play. The positions leave the submissive partner standing upright, thus changing your strike angle. It also allows you to access more parts of the submissive partner’s body for other sensations.

Check-in as You Play

Any form of impact or BDSM play requires communication and consent of each partner. Check in with your partner when changing positions, paddling, and alternating techniques to avoid doing things against their consent.

Do not Forget Aftercare

Paddles are intense and can leave your partner with sore skin, so it is good to take some aftercare precautions. 

  • Wrap your partner in a special blanket, drink water or have some food, massage using sensual oils, cuddle together, and talks some fun.
  • Help your partner put on their clothes. Some may need to be left alone. You must talk about the aftercare before the session.

How to Introduce Impact Play to My Partner

  • Do some homework about impact play.
  • Approach your partner with empathy and collaboration to discuss impact play.
  • Layout the boundaries and desires during the impact play.
  • Start with simple tips as you climb your way up.
  • Review your experience with your partner and plan to have it next time

Frequently Asked Questions about Spanking Paddles

What Are Spanking Paddles Made of?

They can be made from wood, plastics, light metals, leather, or silicone.

Are Spanking Paddles Beginner friendly?

Yes. But the user has to follow safety tips to avoid injuries.

Where on the Body Should I Use a Paddle?

Avoid the spine. You can use the paddle on the butt cheeks, back thighs, and upper back.

How Do I Clean My Spanking Paddle?

Wipe them dry with a piece of cloth and disinfect them.

What is the Necessary Aftercare after a spanking Session?

It depends on what was discussed before the session.

Some partners would want to be least alone, have a drink, food, cuddle, massage, or talk about something sensual.


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