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Pre-valentine's Day - Psychologists Recommendations

Pre-valentine's Day - Psychologists Recommendations

Valentine's Day is around the corner. On the 14th of February, lovers celebrate their love and friendship. Whether in a relationship or not, this day can bring various emotions. Psychologists have a few recommendations to help you minimize any pressure and enjoy yourself to make the most out of your day before Valentine's Day.

The psychologists recommend taking extra time before V-day to think deeply about your relationship and express any feelings or emotions that may arise for both individuals to get the most out of their experience on this special day. This will minimize pressure from either party and allow them to enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed by expectations.

It is difficult to decide what would make an appropriate gift or how the other party will perceive your gesture of love. To help minimize the pressure and enjoy V-Day, psychologists recommend taking a few moments to think about what you want out of the day before planning anything.

Before buying gifts, take time to evaluate your thoughts on Valentine's Day in general. What would your gift say about you?

Katie Lasson, a relationship advisor from Peaches and Screams, explains; When choosing gifts for your partner or potential love interest, consider what message will be sent by giving gifts, such as lingerie or sex toys as presents. These should only be given after discussing appropriate boundaries with each other beforehand. Lingerie tends to bring out uncomfortable feelings in many people due to its highly sexualized nature. If you're uncertain about your partner's comfort level regarding these items, then perhaps sticking with something more traditional might reduce unnecessary pressure or anxiety on their end and yours.

According to Barbara Santini, a psychologist and sex advisor from Peaches and Screams, you can introduce your significant other to new sex toys to lighten up their mood if they enjoy novelty items or experimenting in bed. Not only do most couples experience an increase in pleasure and satisfaction during intercourse while incorporating certain devices into their practices. Tatyana Dyachenko, a lingerie reviewer and sex therapist from Peaches and Screams, states; A unique set of lingerie also makes a great conversation starter. Don't be afraid of those vibes and enticing your partner with nice lingerie at home.

What about how you want to spend your time? Consider if you plan on going out for dinner, enjoying some quiet moments together at home, or doing something more active like going ice skating. Talk it through with your partner and decide how best to enjoy the occasion together. Food makes for a great way to show someone love. Pick up their favourite meal (or order delivery) during dinner time and set aside quality time for just the two of you that evening. While enjoying each other's company, don't forget dessert. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate go nicely with wine. Whatever food choices, aim for high-quality ingredients over expensive dishes since it's all about sharing a meaningful moment.

Pre-Valentines day can be a perfect day to propose to your lover or ask your secret admirer for the first date. Therefore, how best can you make your move?

Katie Lasson, a sex and relationship advisor from Peaches and Screams, explains; When proposing date ideas and attempting romantic gestures, remember that no one likes to feel uncomfortable, especially if rejected. Everyone has their way of expressing love. Explore what feels right for you without pushing too far beyond self-imposed limits.

At times like these, when everything seems too hectic, trying one's best to minimize stress by being prepared ahead works wonders. Make sure you know exactly what you want without having last-minute jitters. Plan and enjoy the day.

Happy Valentine's Day!