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Prostate Massagers Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Prostate Massagers Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Sex life requires good preparation for sexual and physical satisfaction. Therefore, getting high-end prostate massagers, including waterproof, non-vibrating, vibrating, and remote-controlled will have you enjoying every bit of your anal penetration.

Prostate Massagers Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Be among the lucky men who enter their bedrooms without fear of dissatisfaction. According to Ralph (2021), the prostate also referred to as the P-spot, is one of the sensitive centers to which many attribute extreme pleasure and intense orgasms with the application of direct or indirect pressure. Chandra (2021) states that most people enjoy P-spot orgasms through fingering, while others have embraced the use of digital devices like prostate massagers.

What Are Prostate Massagers?

Takashima (2012) describes prostate massagers as anal sex toys that target the prostate gland to give multiple anal orgasms. The devices come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and textures to offer complete prostate gland satisfaction. For instance, they are curved to press against the part of your rectum which rests alongside the prostate, providing extreme pleasure. Moreover, most of them are typically made from healthy silicone or stainless-steel materials for use of use and maintenance. Sexologists also advise that you buy one with a flared base to prevent it from slipping inside your anus.

Why Do You Need Prostate Massagers?

Prostate massagers have various benefits, including;

They Offer Extreme Sexual Pleasure

The pleasure provided by prostate massagers depends on whether you are feeling it from outside or inside. When feeling it from the outside, the device should be firmer near the inner end of the shaft at the front of the penile bulb. There is a soft and fleshier feeling at the back which provides a pleasurable sensation. On the other hand, it feels sensual on the front wall of the rectum lining and different from other tissues inside the rectum when you are enjoying it from inside.  

Treating Enlarged and Inflamed Prostate

This condition has made several men live without sexual pleasure. However, prostate massagers help in relieving this condition by draining the inflamed and infected prostate.

Types of Prostate Massagers

Non-Vibrating Prostate Massager

Non-vibrating prostate massagers are made from different materials to allow newbies, intermediates, and experts to explore their pleasures comfortably. Most of these tools have necks with two bulges for anal stimulation. They are different from vibrating prostate massagers because they lack vibrators. The user controls prostate pressure by using sphincter muscles and natural contractions to attain the orgasms desired. The tools are made from smooth and non-porous material to provide a perfect filling sensation.

Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers can increase the size and intensity of your pleasure by 50%. Therefore, these remote-controlled prostate massagers are designed to help you fulfill your P-spot stimulation. They are the best hands-free devices you will ever account for steamy masturbation or P-spot stimulation. These prostate massagers do not only come to take your pleasure to the climax but also give a variety of medical benefits like treating erectile dysfunction. Some have two motors in the base to ensure that you leave the party fully satisfied. Moreover, they are compatible with your favorite lubricants and other hot sex toys to enhance double orgasms. Wassersug, Westle & Dowsett (2017) explains that prostate massagers help with erectile dysfunction. Adding this type to your sex toy collection will help you have a long-lasting erection leading to a strong bond.

Waterproof Prostate Massagers

Do you wish to experience an endless P-spot sensation in the shower without your toy breaking down? Purchase these advanced prostate massagers to attain multiple orgasms alone or with your partner. Waterproof prostate massagers can be used in water for a long time because they are body-friendly and durable. Some of these tools have batteries to ensure you get a long-lasting sensation. They come in a variety of colors and shapes allowing you to choose the best that fits your purpose perfectly. Nonetheless, they are made from different materials like silicone, plastic, and glass to enhance the pleasure of your fantasy. Those that are designed with beads carry medical benefits like strengthening your muscles.

Factors to Consider When Buying Prostate Massagers

Check the Vibrations

According to Fan (2015), when buying vibrating prostate massagers, choose one that offers multiple speeds and pulse settings for maximum sensation. Ensure that the vibrations do not produce much noise to enhance silent but steamy stimulation.

Consider the Insertion Depth

Depth is another important factor to consider if you are looking for a tool that will offer a strong sensation. You can try different anal toys or just get a longer one that will go deeper to fix your desires.

Check the Pressure Delivered

The pressure exerted by the tool will determine the sensual intensity offered. For this reason, choose a toy that gives enough pressure for multiple orgasms. Also, buy one that allows you to control the pressure easily, especially when you are playing solo. You can test the tool by pressing it against your prostate till you get the perfect one.  

Choose a Body-Safe Material

Before choosing your toy, check the material used for a worry-less experience. For instance, silicone material is mostly preferred by sexologists because of its smoothness. Avoid jelly material because it can irritate your skin.

How to Use Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Getting a perfect prostate massager does not guarantee you the pleasure desired. The most important trick is knowing how to use the tool. Therefore, you can try various positions like facing down and legs up to achieve multiple orgasms more quickly. With legs-up position, lie on your back and pull your knees up towards the chest. Hold the legs in place by one arm and use the other to do the magic.

If you are playing with your partner, stay in the same position holding the legs with both arms with your partner kneeling and taking you to the climax. You can try the facing-down position by lying on your stomach and letting your arm reach the anus. However, if you are playing with your partner, lie down with your arms at the sides and legs open and let her sit comfortably to massage you gently.

Safety Tips

Maintain Body Hygiene

Prioritizing cleanliness will help you enjoy every session of the game. According to Bagnall & Rizzolo (2017), maintaining high hygienic standards prevents STIs, bacterial, and fungal infections. For this reason, take a warm shower and wash your prostate massager thoroughly before starting the party.

Use a Quality Lubricant

Any penetration needs the use of lubricants for easy insertion and reduced skin breakouts. Choose the right lube compatible with the sex toy material and without any skin-irritating agents.

Start with a Finger

Consider using the finger first to let your anus get used to the sensations before trying with a prostate massager. Trim your fingernails or wear a glove to avoid skin tearing. Try this by lubing up the finger, sliding it two inches into the anus, and holding it inside for about ten minutes for your sphincter muscles to adjust to the penetration.

How Couples Use Prostate Massagers

Couples have come out with their creative side and tried to develop different ways to use the prostate massagers to stimulate their partners. When giving your partner a blowjob, you can always try and use the prostate massagers to massage your partners prostate. They are likely to get double stimulation; the penile and the prostate stimulation. They may even end up getting an orgasm. Many are the times when couples use their fingers to stimulate the P-spot. However, prostate massagers made it easy for the man to have intense stimulations. This is because they have quicker motions than using fingers.  

The Best Lube To Use with Prostate Massagers

The best lube to use with the prostate massagers will always depend on the toy. Water-based lube will always be best with the prostate massagers made from silicone. They cannot react to the sex toy and damage it. However, they will need to be used in plenty because it is not thick, and they dry out quickly.

If the prostate massager is made up of glass or metal, the best lube to use in this case is always the silicone-based lube. The silicone-based lube is always the preferred lube because it is thick and sticky. This limits the chance of it drying out quickly. Therefore, it is important to choose the best lube according to the material that the prostate massager is made up of.    

Frequently Asked Questions about Prostate Massagers

Are The Prostate Massagers Safe?

Prostate massagers are considered safe when you follow the instructions carefully and properly. For the whole process to be enjoyable, you should always make sure that you use a lot of lube on the prostate massagers. This will make you enjoy the whole moment. This will help to prevent the risk of getting rectal lining. You can use the prostate massagers without a condom. Still, you should ensure that in instances where you do not use a condom, the prostate massagers should be cleaned thoroughly before using them on another surface or by the other partner. This is because of the bacteria that may be present in it. When you feel discomfort, you should stop using the prostate massager and try something else. However, rare cases have been reported about the prostate massagers being unsafe.

Before using it on your partner, how about you try using t on yourself and see if it is something that you will enjoy doing or feeling. If it is an experience that you love, you can introduce it to your partner and inform them if it is something that they would like to explore. If they agree, be sure to stop the whole thing if they co plain or end up that they do not love the feeling that it gives.

Does The Prostate Massagers Help to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Most men who use the prostate massagers can be in a position to have an erection and end up not disappointing their partners, especially during sexual play. According to Ibrahim, Lynne & Brackett (2016), most men who use the prostate massager have improved their condition of erectile dysfunction if not treating it. They do not feel pressured to satisfy their partner as they know the prostate massagers will do their trick.

Can Prostate Massagers Damage the Prostate?

The prostate massagers have a lot of benefits for the prostate gland. Instead of damaging it, they help to cure the condition of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Most are when men experience a lot of discomforts and even feel pain when they are about to ejaculate. Through the massage, they can make it easy for them to ejaculate without them feeling any pain.   

Are There Risks in Using the Prostate Massagers?

Although using the prostate massagers can bring a lot of fun, it also has its disadvantages and risks that can be caused. You should avoid using them every time you want to engage in sexual activities, especially when you have conditions such as hemorrhoids. It may worsen the condition. The excessive use of the prostate massagers can also worsen the presence of acute prostatitis and make it easy to cause blood poisoning by spreading the infection. It can also make those with sensitive skin get a skin infection known as cellulitis. When one has prostate cancer, they should avoid using the prostate massagers as they are likely to spread cancer throughout the body and may as well make one bleed around the area surrounding the prostates.

Are Prostate Massagers Healthy?

Most are when men have premature ejaculation that is so uncomfortable and full of pain. This is because their prostates swell when releasing the fluids. Using the prostate massagers will ease and minimize the swelling and pressure one has by releasing the fluids that are building up in the process. 

Are Prostate Massagers Meant for Gay Couples Only?

Prostate vibrators are not necessarily meant or specified to be used by gay couples only. They can be used by either person regardless of their sexual orientation. The great thing about the prostate massagers is that they can even be used in either solo or partnered play. This means that the couples can use them during masturbation and feel pleasure. Masturbation is not done by only gay couples. This rules out the myth that prostate massagers are only meant for gay couples.  

How Do I Clean My Prostate Massagers?

Keeping your sex toys clean should not be an option or something to think about. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning sex toys is important. You should always care for them as they play a big part in you since they are used on the sensitive parts of the body. Since the prostate massagers are electronic components, you should avoid washing them inside water. They may get damaged. You should get a damp cloth with some antibacterial soap and wash it. This will help to get rid of the bacteria from building up in the prostate massagers and prevent the risk of getting infections.


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