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Sex Creams, Oils, and Gels Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson


Different ways describe sex beyond penetration. Some people may prefer to explore their sexuality through magic touch only. This could be made possible through an erotic massage which is still part of the stimulation. A perfect massage may require you to have perfect oil to make the process more pleasurable.

Sex Creams, Oils, and Gels Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Different creams, gels, and oil may help you reach your goal. All creams, gel, and oil could be silicon-based, water-based, or oil-based. If you use the water-based one, you may be forced to reapply it multiple times, unlike the silicone- and oil-based ones. Some of these creams may be used to delay the orgasm process for those who would like to last longer in bed. Sex creams, oil, and gel improve oxygen delivery, and blood flows into the genitals. It will result in vaginal secretions and expansion of your sensitivity, making your orgasm strengthen.

Oil is a perfect agent for massing as it feels warmer and relaxing when applied. You are not supposed to apply it to your genitals since it may clog vaginal tissues and pores, leading to infections. Creams are thicker than oil and will absorb perfectly into your skin. You may not have to worry about staining your sheet since they are not greasy.   Despite gels being expensive, they are long-lasting and offer great effect.

Benefits of Using Sex Creams, Oils, And Gels

Below are some of the importance of using sex cream, gels, and oil.

  • Topical oil ad creams are formulated from herbs and may offer some nutrients to the body.
  • Gels and lotions help women get into the mood much faster as they stimulate erogenous zones.
  • Some of these oils and creams may increase their physical size when applied to the penis.
  • They are used to deliver instant sexual effects.
  • When used correctly, these sex essentials provide extra energy.

How Couples Use Sex Creams and Lubes

Carballo-Diéguez et al. (2000) noted that couples use sex creams, gels, and oils as lubrication when having sexual activities. They can be used during anal, vaginal, and oral sexual activity. Couples use them when they want to reduce friction and to make the whole activity fun and pleasurable. The good thing about creams is that they are not sticky and won't mess up the bed, unlike the oil-based lube.

Types of Sex Creams, Oils, And Gels

Below are types of sex creams, oils, and gels you can add to your bedroom list.

Massaging Gels, Creams, And Oils

Most of these products are usually water-based and laundry-friendly. One advantage of these products is that you can use them together with condoms. Water-based products cannot react with latex, which will offer increased pleasure. Be keen when using sex gel as they are unsuitable for oral sex, as Huang et al. (2015) advised. They are used in relaxation massages, and some of them are permeable.

Delay Orgasm Creams

Kessler (2019) stated that delayed orgasm creams could make a person last longer in bed as they make the penis maintain erections. They will delay the process of getting to the climax when having sex or masturbation. They are easy to apply and bring about a warming sensation. They increase circulation making contact more pleasurable when applied. You should apply such creams for about 3 minutes before having good times. The period is given to allow the skin to absorb the cream completely.

Silicone-Based Creams, Oil, And Gel

These are perfect for those who may need to practice penetration. They last longer than water-based, and you don't have to worry about adding them every time. However, consider being keen enough when using these oils since they are incompatible with a latex material. It may lead to the breakage of condoms if you use latex protection. When solo play using sex toys, you should use water-based oil since it is compatible with most sex toys.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sex Creams, Oils, And Gels

The Type of Sensation Provided

Sex creams, gels, and oils offer different sensations to boost blood flow. Some may offer a warming or cooling sensation, while others will offer a tingling sensation. All these three bring sensation when touched. All you need to do is go for the type of pleasure you need. Some may feature a certain scent for awakening your senses through their aroma, while others are edible and flavored for oral play.

Ingredients Used in Formulating Them

It is a vital aspect to consider when choosing your product for use. Look for a product with cinnamon oil, menthol, CBD, THC, or peppermint for effective use. Cinnamon offers a faster bodily response compared to CBD. On the other hand, CBD is more powerful and tends to last longer. The type of ingredient used may be printed on the label, and if not, you can use the internet to get more information about the product before purchasing.

Cost of The Lubricant

Different companies use different criteria to rate their products. It will lead to variation in price. You can opt for the water-based product if you have a limited budget.

Their Manufacturing Standards

The term cream may mean a different product since each country has its standards. Sometimes the milk's fat content may contribute to the variation of the product. For example, in Europe, "cream" only applies to the product with a minimum fat content of about 30%.

Pasteurized and Ultra-Pasteurized

Creams will be labeled whether they are pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized. The pasteurized one tends to hold up longer and provide a better flavor. On the other hand, the ultra-pasteurized cream has been heated to above 280 degrees and may not work well with frothing and peaks.

How to Use

Sex Creams, Oils, and Gels Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

  • Ensure your partner is laid on a flat surface if you need to perform a massage.
  • Start by applying little oil to the body as you rub if you feel the oil, gel, or cream is drying up.
  • Consider adding more until you get your desired expectation.
  • Consider washing the oil off your body after use.

Safety Tips

  • You are advised not to use topical serum products for genital herpes.
  • Consider using numbing properties if you need to desensitize your penis.
  • You can mix and match the various sensations if you need a more exciting and erotic experience.
  • Do not use the silicone-based product with silicone oil, cream, or gel.
  • Do not use these products for oral sex since the ingredients may not be suitable for ingestion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Creams, Oils, and Gels

Which Oil or Gel Is Best for Me

The oil or gels are applied to the body and can also be used in sexual activities. Vegetable oils are some of the best oils and gels to use in the bedroom. They include coconut oils, olive oils, and vitamin E oils. The good thing about some of these oils is that they are great on the skin and prevent them from drying off. They are also very easy to wash off and will not irritate your skin.

Can Sex Creams Be Used for Oral Sex

Sex creams are not necessarily meant for anal and vaginal sex. They can also be used during oral sex, and the whole activity will be enjoyable. You can apply whipped cream all over the body, and your partner can lick it off using their tongue. The same can be applied to the area surrounding the erogenous zones. However, be careful not to use sex creams that may affect your body. Check the ingredients to see if you are allergic to a certain sex cream.

Can a Person Use Sex Creams and Oil with Condoms?

According to Burnier et al. (2020), water-based and silicone-based lubes are best used with condoms because they do not damage the condoms and may not react to them. According to Pray et al. (2005), sex creams and oils should not be used with condoms because they will react to latex. They can destroy the latex condoms and make the condom break. It will increase the risks of getting unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections as you are not protected. Sex creams and oils can only be used with latex-free condoms. They will not react or damage it.

Are There Natural Lubricants.

Getting hold of personal lubricants such as the sone-based is difficult. It is better to look for an alternative solution. Natural lubricants are always the best to experiment with. However, it should be a safe option. Some natural lubricants one can decide to use are aloe vera, yogurt, olive oil, or egg whites, as Adams (2004) stated.

Can Lube Cause Infections

Lube can cause infections only when someone is allergic to them. Lube is meant to ease pain, reduce friction, and maximize pleasure. However, those who are allergic to certain lube, such as the oil-based ones, are likely to get irritated. Like the flavored ones, some lube is likely to cause a yeast infection in ladies, as Wolf (2020) revealed. They give out a burning sensation, make one itchy, and make your skin react, hence rashes. Consider trying out another lube and top using the one reacting to you.

Can  a Person Use Lotions as Sex Lubricants?

Lotions belong to the group of oil-based lubricants. People use them when engaging in sexual activities. It may not react to you, but it is better not to use them, especially in the vagina. The lotion is likely to react on the skin and may cause irritation or infection. The lotion may interfere with rectal or vaginal skin, making it itch, burn, and even have rashes. Avoid using the lotion that may interfere with the vaginal pH or the anus, leading to yeast or bacterial infections.

What Are the Risks of Sex Creams, Oils, and Gels?

Sex creams, oils, and gels can be used with condoms during sexual activities. However, they should only be used with latex-free condoms. The sex creams, oils, and gels are likely to react on the condom and make one at risk of getting sexually transmitted infections and having unintended pregnancies when used with latex condoms. They may even bring infections and likely have a burning sensation or feel itchy. It may make a person have a red and swollen vagina and may bring about yeast infections.

How Do I Wash off Sex Oils and Gels?

The important thing to know is that you are supposed to wash off the sex oils, creams, and gels. You should use warm water and soap to wash off the sex oils and gels. Do not douche so that you wash inside the vagina. This is because the vagina washes naturally using a healthy bacteria that is also regulated by the body. Doubling to wash the vagina will introduce infections to your body, and you will likely have a yeast infection. It would help if you tried to only wash the outside area or the folds around the clitoris using warm water and some soap or even wipes to avoid the hiding bacteria from building up.


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