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Sex Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Sex Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

You don’t have to contend with sex deprivation while there are sex dolls for your convenience. Get these amazing dolls and we’ll tell you how to use them, what to expect, and safety measures to observe.  

Sex Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Sex dolls have been around for decades. Since the creation of the Barbie doll for men in 1950 in Germany. These remarkable companionship tools are evolving into more realistic and life-like sex accessories. They are ideal for lonely days, and make great companions when having your "Me times." Sex dolls are quite popular, and if you have crazy sexual fantasies, you can spring them to life. Besides, they pose no danger of diseases and don't involve unnecessary relationship drama. Therefore, we shall take a closer look at sex dolls and help you choose the best to fix your solo sexual desires.

What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll is also referred to as a love or blowup doll, and is any model of anthropomorphic adult sex toy resembling a sexual partner with realistic size and shape. A sex toy can comprise a partner’s entire body or part of the body such as the pelvis, head, or others body parts like the mouth, anus, breast, penis, and vagina.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, brands are now making sex dolls with movable, interchangeable, and vibrating body parts designed to enhance sexual stimulation (Döring 2020). Sex dolls come in numerous variations in weight, size, quality, material, skin tone, and height. Some are life-sized and extra-realistic, while others are well-crafted asses, vaginas, and torsos.

Why Use Sex Dolls?

The subject of the importance of sex dolls, and indeed sex toys, hasn't had plenty of scientific research. However, experts assert that, beyond the stimulation pleasures offered by sex toys, these lifelike erotic accessories can help folks handle mental trauma and offer relief from stress (Harper, et al., 2021). Put simply, sex dolls are the closest alternative for sensational pleasures to their sexual partners, not to mention they are completely safe from diseases. Below are the potential impacts of sex dolls that are often overlooked:

  • Sex dolls offer a different pathway to the relationship as they have plenty of advantages over sexual partners.
  • They are an amazing way to restore intimacy without necessarily having to cheat on your sex partner.
  • For individuals with traumatic experiences in relationships, sex dolls are an ideal step to get back on the horse.
  • Physicians have recommended them in handling problems such as loneliness, irregular libidos, lowering rates of rape or non-consensual sex, and correcting erectile dysfunction.
  • Sex dolls promote safe sex because they are 100% safe from STIs.
  • They are 100% submissive, and always ready for you at any time.
  • Sex dolls have been used as therapy as recovery schedules for sex offenders such as pedophiles

Common Features of Sex Dolls 

Sex dolls have some common features, including:

Sex Dolls Are Human-Like

They replicate the whole human body, meaning they have realistic orifices such as the vagina, anus, and mouth where the user inserts a figure or the penis.

Sex Dolls Are Anatomically Correct

Sex dolls have body parts like those of real people. For example, they have legs, mouths, and other body parts to resemble people. These characteristics make them ideal companions for lonely people. Other remote-controlled sex dolls can also walk and make sounds, creating a lively atmosphere in the house (Smith 2019).

They Are Made of Different Materials

Sex dolls are made of different materials, including silicone, rubber, Cyberskin, and TPE. Silicone is the most preferred because it is body-friendly, easy to clean, and super soft. Cyberskin mimics human skin with a soft texture and reliable stretchability. However, most materials such as rubber, TPE, and low-grade Cyberskin can cause skin irritations; hence, should be chosen wisely.

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

Sex dolls have at least one penetrable orifice; mouth, vagina, or anus that the user can insert tongue or penis during solo play. They come in different genders, races, ages, body types, and eye colors. The owner of the sex doll has to use the preferred orifice either the mouth, the vagina, or the anus to enhance sexual arousal and pleasure to keep the body in good condition. This can be considered a healthy way of maintaining from mental disorders exacerbated by lack of sex.

Different Brands Offering the Best Love Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

The company is based in the United States and is known for its excellent models, including male, ladyboys, anime, and elf sex dolls. These dolls cater to all sexualities, allowing users to fulfill their imaginations.


RealDoll is also a classic company that offers the best sex dolls for all genders. Most sex dolls from this company are made using silicone material, making them safe for use and easy to clean. The company, using the services of Abyss Creations, makes the dolls from skeleton to finish. Unfortunately, most RealDoll sex dolls are expensive, though they are of the best quality.

Silicon Wives

The company was founded in 2015 and has close ties with other leading companies such as JM Dolls, JY Dolls, and YL Dolls. Silicon Wives sex dolls are affordable, made using high-quality materials, and feature realistic body parts like breasts, torsos, and legs.

How Couples Can Use Sex Dolls Together

It may sound weird but couples can indeed use sex dolls together. Talking to partners about exploring sex dolls does not to be a difficult endeavor. Before using sex dolls, there are some things to consider, including;

  • Proper timing. You should set aside time for a conversation about introducing sex dolls into your, a good step for you since it will not be a surprise.
  • Avoid forcing the issue. If your partner is not open to the conversation, don’t force sex dolls on them as this may bring conflicts. Value their opinions and introduce sex dolls only when they are ready.
  • Ensure you both have fun with the doll. This scientifically can elevate your sexual pleasures, building a long-lasting relationship.
  • Use sex lubricants. When using sex dolls, always apply plenty of sex lubricants for smooth penetration. Oily lubricants can also act as massage oils during couple play.

The Best Lubes to Use with Dolls

There are specific lubes used with dolls to enhance safe play and reduce friction. These lubes include;

Oil-Based Lubes

Baby oil, mineral oils, petroleum jellies, or hand creams are easily found around the house, but they can damage the latex condoms and make things messy. Also, they have no FDA oversight or quality control approval and can go bad while sitting on the shelves. This oxidative damage can, in turn, interfere with embryo development and damage sperm. On the other hand, oil lubricants are thick and are best for massage. They are, therefore, ideal for couples who want to bring sex dolls in their massage mix.

Water-Based Lubes

These are the most popular lubricants since they mimic fertile cervical mucus with lower salt concentration than many leading lubricants. They are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, have no taste, and feel like natural lubrication; hence, they do not interfere with oral sex or other types of sex play.

Silicone-Based Lubes

These lubes last longer than water-based varieties and are usually safe to use with condoms. They are designed not to dry out quickly and stay slick longer than other kinds of lubes. They also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Gun oil silicone lube is a good example of these lubes.

How Do Different Types of Sex Dolls Compare?

Robot Sex Dolls

Thanks to the technological revolution, sex robots have been created and are increasingly becoming popular. Manufacturers continue to develop robot sex dolls with amazing sophistication that can handle instructions when indulging in erotic pleasures (Döring and Pöschl 2018). Essentially, robot sex dolls are lifelike kinky love dolls that mimic human behavior such as speech, movements, and can make realistic impressions. Some have built-in sensors that respond to touch and emotions, while others have in-built heaters that control body temperature.

Gay Sex Dolls

Are you looking for some steamy session with a perfect male companion? A gay sex doll is an ideal approach if you feel deprived of sexual pleasures. These accessories are designed to cater to the needs of the gay community and are simply fitted with a rounded butt, a penis, and a muscular male figure. The penis has a texture that resembles the lifelike male penis and has a flexibility that can allow deep penetration.

Celebrity Sex Dolls

Do you have a fantasy to make out with your action figure or celebrity? It could be a model, actor, or TV anchor but overall, you will be surprised how frequently people fantasize about celebrities. Meeting your celebrity is one thing, but how about having one in your arms every night?

Thanks to celebrity sex dolls, you can transform your dream into reality. That is because such dolls are designed with specific celebrities in mind and features like the face, butt, body figure and style are made realistically with the same appeal (Döring, et al., 2020). Essentially, these sex dolls are the closest replicas to your celebrity.

Inflatable Sex dolls

Inflatable sex dolls come in different shapes, sizes, and cover both genders. They are designed to offer the best realistic experience you can have with a sex toy and are ideal for partner or masturbation.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Do you crave extreme sexual gratification when your partner is absent? Well, realistic sex dolls are life-sized and are designed with lifelike features that can fulfill your craving for intense sensational orgasms. If you like the busty or curvaceous kind, a booty sex doll, or you are drawn to skin tone, all these accessories are available to fulfill your sexual desires.

Male Sex Dolls

Similar to female counterparts, male sex dolls are designed to have a masculine appearance, with features like an elongated penis, prominent testicles, a broad chest, and a nicely rounded butt. They are quite popular among women.

Shemale Dolls

Designed to keep the transgender woman in mind, shemale dolls come in various shapes and sizes and are fitted with realistic features like a life-sized torso, anal gap, dick, and luscious breasts to fondle on. Some manufacturers even create ones with the option to interchange the dick with a tight pussy.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Sex Doll


The material used to craft a sex doll is vital because it determines what a doll looks and feels like. Hard materials such as plastic cannot elicit the sensual feeling you crave. That's why manufacturers make sex dolls from rubber, TPE, or silicone materials. These materials are often regulated to be non-allergenic, medical-grade, and make the sex doll feel alive.


Sex dolls come in different shapes and sizes. Some are tiny or life-sized, while others long and short. Either way, the numerous variants in the marketplace have got you covered. This means you can choose a slim, plus-size, short, or even taller sex doll. You should also consider the size of the orifice or penis.


Sex dolls come in differentiated gender. Some mimic the male and female sexual anatomy, while others are transgender. That means your options aren’t limited to male or female sex dolls.

How to Use Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Sex dolls have easy usage criteria and, regardless of the design and material, it is important to start slow, be gentle, and avoid hard pounding. Döring and Pöschl (2018) argues that sex dolls require adequate care and maintenance to last long and retain their texture and quality. Regarding usage, it is important to get in the mood, find an ideal position, and apply plenty of compatible lubricant before penetration.

Safety Tips

  • Apply lubricant to avoid unnecessary friction, and remember to penetrate gently.
  • Utilize proper storage by keeping your sex doll away from sharp objects.
  • In case of any scratches, apply TPE glue to the affected area to seal.
  • For the case of robot sex dolls, ensure to follow all the usage instructions as outlined in the manual.
  • Avoid pounding heavily or using too much pressure for the case of TPE and TPR dolls because these materials are porous and cannot withstand extreme pressure.
  • For silicone sex dolls, use antimicrobial soap to clean them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

What Are Sex Dolls Made Of?

Most sex dolls are made of silicone and TPE. Silicone is considered the best material since it feels a little harder than TPE. It also has a good texture and a good tensile strength; hence, it can stretch 3 to 5 times.

Can I Ejaculate in My Sex Doll?

A man feels good while ejaculating; thus, one can ejaculate inside the sex doll to satisfy their sexual pleasures. Sex dolls are also easy to clean regularly to avoid germs that may accumulate when left dirty.

How Long Will My Sex Doll Last?

A sex doll's lifespan depends on the material and how you use it. Silicone dolls can last longer if you use them carefully and store them well after use. However, you can replace your sex doll anytime you need something new or when you see some changes on the surface.

How Often Can I Use My Sex Doll?

You can use your doll anytime according to your sexual desire. No specific time is recommended to use the doll. It is upon you to use it according to your time frame.

Can I Use Lube on My Sex Doll?

It is advisable to use lube on the sex doll during sex since it enhances safe play while enjoying the sex. Most lubes are compatible with doll materials and have a balanced pH range.

Are There Allergy Concerns?

There are allergy concerns mostly associated with condoms or the lubes used on sex dolls. The oily substance used in making condoms can cause skin irritation to some people. The products used in lubes can also be allergic to some people.

Are Sex Dolls Waterproof?

Most quality sex dolls are waterproof. Silicone sex dolls are more waterproof and pressure-resistant than other most sex dolls.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll?

You can clean your sex doll using warm soapy water and toy cleaner. When cleaning, ensure you thoroughly wash the orifices and rinse them with clean water before storing them. Alternatively, sex dolls come with usage, storage, and cleaning instructions. Follow them carefully to maintain your sex dolls.

What Is the Best Way to Store Sex Dolls?

Many sex dolls come with fabric pouches, cases, or boxes to store them in when not in use. 


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