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Small Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Small Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Do you need a comfortable dildo to stimulate your erogenous zones anywhere? Buy these small dildos, including bullet, short pocket, slim, and thin dildos, created to serve both learners and experienced folks.

Small Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Some people always prefer big dildos because they can offer everything they need. However, here is what most people fail to understand. Smaller and tiny dildos are much simpler to utilize and store up. They are also highly demanded by people who need a tiny sex toy that can fit perfectly inside their pocket to be used anywhere they are needed. Extra-large dildos do not mean that tiny dildos can do nothing at all. Mini dildos are ranked as the fast-moving sex toys in the market due to their pocket-friendly price compared to the bigger sex toys. Some people are naturally tighter, while some could be new to anal penetration. Recent surgeries or medical conditions also require shallow plays, making small dildos the only option.

Understanding Small Dildos

According to Hua et al. (2010), small or mini dildos are masturbation sex toys with a minimum size of 2cm and a maximum size of 15cm. They are designed with multiple functions and feature a slippery surface that makes them eye-captivate. Some people are passionate about these types of dildos despite their tiny sizes. Some people decide to purchase small dildos due to different reasons, while some keep wondering whether small dildos can generate the same sensation as larger ones.

Whether a dildo is small or large, how a person uses it determines the sensation you receive. Therefore, small dildos may also offer kissing, touching, and oral sex sensation like bigger options, as Hensel et al. (2020) suggested. Experts can also use them for external stimulation such as clit and P-spot stimulation, although beginners mostly use these mini stimulators. There's no option but to discover the contrast between full-size and smaller ones since these dildos offer the same sensation as those delivered by the bigger ones for vaginal sex.

Common Features of a Small Dildo

The most prominent aspect of tiny Dildo sex toys is this. It is usually only available in 4-6 inch sizes. A lady may handle them and look after small dildos. Fahs & Swank (2013) stated that small Dildos increase female masturbation fun and can be carried along for additional pleasures on the road.

They are meant to stimulate the woman's most sensitive zones. Many dildos are available, including realistic dildos, vibrating dildos, straps, Dong toys, and gigantic dick. A small Dildo can be readily rubbed on the clitoris of the vagina. It's also simple to capture it in hand. According to McElheran (2004), the smallest dildo is appropriate for a woman using a dildo for the first time; by utilizing small dildos, the lady feels Dildo stimulation. A dildo can be used if the woman takes good care of him. A small dildo heightens the sex stimulus. Small dildos can be placed into the vaginal canal and passed out easily in the surrounding area. Some women use small dildos to stimulate the clitoris during sex.

Types of Small Dildos

Short Pocket Dildos

Short pocket dildos are essential for stimulating the G-spot. The dildo helps improve your sexual function by enhancing your blood flow. They help prevent sclerosis, diabetes, and other nervous systems.

Bullet Small Dildos

Bullet dildos are designed to look like a bullet with a rounded head for targeted stimulation. Anything larger or smaller than you require can be a waste of money. Consider factors like color, textures, and styles of these dildos. Some come with unique features like harnesses for vaginal and anal stimulation.

Slim and Thin Dildos

Slim and thin dildos are perfect for women who need to try anal penetration for the first time. These dildos might be appealing to everyone but can be a life-changer to someone. They are relatively cheap as compared to other dildos. Always consider applying enough lube before using the slim thin dildos.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Small Dildos


Having shorter dildos does not indicate that you have a little girth and length. The average size of small dildos should range from 4 to 6 inches in insertable length. Always consider extra features like having a prominent head or extra thickness at various points along the shaft. A woman can opt for the thinner office. A woman must take a little pressure off the vaginal or the anal walls.


It is not easy to tell how dildos may feel by looking at their photos alone, but it is everyone's prayer to have something gentle for quick thrusting in heated moments. A person can also listen to several audios from those who have already used the same product to understand what they are ordering for clarification.


Sleek veins, bumps, and ridges are not for decorations. The more accentuated the texture, the more a person drags the toy inside. Ensure you are aware of whether you need it before buying the toy. Also, consider a sex toy that can withstand changes in temperatures. Other options are suited to gain and retain what is closer to your natural body heat.


Consider body-safe materials to avoid bacterial accumulation and infections. Silicone is the most recommended material since it is body-safe, easy to clean, and durable. However, a person can also buy metal or glass dildos, though they are expensive.

How Couples Can Use Small Dildos

How you use dildos depends on the kind of sex you need. Consider the following steps for an incredible and mind-blowing sexual experience.

Small Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Choose the Right Dildo

Consider choosing body-safe dildos that suit your purpose since there are many dildos on the market. Consult the doctor about the issue if you feel uncomfortable using porous toys.

Observe Hygiene

Clean your tool thoroughly before using it to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi. If you are using silicone, non-motorized, or stainless-steel sex toys, throw them into hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes and allow them to dry before using.

Don't Forget Sex Lubricants.

Apply enough lube to the sex toy and your vaginal and anal opening for intense sensations. Ensure the lubricant used is compatible with the material available. Silicone-based lube may destroy silicone toys, while oil lubricant should not be used with latex condoms. You can opt for water-based lubes because they are compatible with all toys and condom materials. ‍

Get into The Mood and Try Solo Penetration

Whether playing alone or with your partner, you must create an ambiance to feel sensual and erotic. You can use candles or put on the sultry playlist. Stimuli like visual and audio porn can also help set you in the mood. Insert the dildo slowly as you look for a perfect position that allows deeper and more comfortable play after getting wet and extreme orgasm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Dildos

Is It Possible That It May Ruin A Relationship?

Depending on how you use each toy, a small dildo can make or ruin the relationship. It has the potential to offer a nasty level of sex unlike anything else If both lovers are willing to try adult toys to liven things up. Like a fantastic threesome could. However, it can potentially make traditional sex seem boring and commonplace in contrast.

Where do You buy them from?

Get them online if you're too terrified to walk into a store that sells them because you're concerned about running into people you know, or there isn't one in the area. Request recommendations from close friends for tried-and-true websites.

Will they Hurt?

One of the first issues that come to mind is that small dildos can cause pain when using them. Everything revolves around the mind. Your dread is only a mental construct. Change your mindset to the notion of introducing sex toys into your bedroom and read the user guide to get a sense of what you're getting yourself into. The border involving pain and pleasure is razor-thin.

Are Small Dildos only for Beginners?

Most first-time consumers will lean toward something with a small shaft and girth. The small dildo has the least intimidating stance and is a favorite dildo for first-timers who want to experience sex toys. Appreciating a realistic small penis shaft is simple because it appears sweet and friendly. Beginner dildos are the most prominent, but small sizes aren't for beginners only.

Small dildos for long and thin beginners give a different experience than short and heavy ones. They're also fantastic for vaginal use because if you're searching for a dildo the size of a finger, these are your best bet.

Are Small Dildos Sexually Satisfying?

A dildo is little enough to provoke a woman with sex. The woman uses it to enjoy sex with her lover or masturbation. Women make sex according to their desires. A small Dildo contributes to a woman's genuine enjoyment. It gives a woman a full sex experience.

Small dildos should be used by sex to expand their sex progressively. However, when a lady is alone and wants to have sex, she utilizes a dildo to satisfy her sex experience and make them feel like they are having genuine sex. Men also use a small Dildo. A dildo in the anus helps men boost their sexual urge.

Why Should I Use a Small Dildo?

Using your favorite dildo with your lover for any sexual activity is always pleasurable. A dildo lover may use a dildo in various ways to boost excitement and happiness, but people must keep the features of dildos full for joy and fulfillment.

Can I Use a Small Dildo for Anal Sex?

The short and slim 5-inch dildo is the best choice for anal plays. Men buy toys from this section to use alone during masturbation, despite being designed for vaginal use by women. Pegging couples are purchasing thin and slimline models. Long and slim types are the greatest to buy because they are the most pleasant to use. It's also good to note that Small dildos are usually used for anal play.

Can Couples Use a Small Dildo?

Dildo sex toys can help you have a better sexual experience with your spouse, and utilizing one during spouse play can enhance your sexual experience in many states. It is not your responsibility if some people use dildos for masturbation, but you may teach alternative applications and apply them in your life; it is a great way to live your life with a sex toy. Most novice ladies use a dildo for everyday masturbation sessions. However, when they engage in any sexual activity with a partner, they can utilize a dildo for sexual pleasure to increase their pleasure and happiness.

How Do I Clean My Small Dildo?

Use a mild soap and warm water to clean your dildo. Immerse it in boiling water for a few seconds to clean it if you're using a silicone toy.

The Bottom Line

Most people always prefer large dildos thinking that the smaller ones cannot give them the desired sensations. However, small dildos deliver the same sensation you would get from the larger ones. They have incredible features, including shaft veins, tapering heads, and smooth touch. The tools are good for those who are still new to sex toys and those who are trying anal stimulation for the first time. Always consider applying enough lube before inserting the dildos into your orifice or your partner's cunt to experience enough sensations.


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