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Squirting Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Squirting Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Various dildos come with features to provide fabulous, gorgeous, and multiple orgasms. Sometimes, regular dildos are unfavorable because you may not get that final jazz from an ordinary dildo. If you are a lady that loves watery things and would not mind cleaning the sheet, then these squirting dildos are perfect options for you.

Squirting Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Squirting dildos are sex toys designed with unique features to give you an intense sensation leaving you craving for more. These are the right toys to pick whenever you wish to have an ejaculating feeling. They are shaped like a real penis with a sculpted cock head, veiny shaft, and sometimes balls at their bases. The liquid ejaculated by the sex toy is usually edible and flavored to add that oral effect to your sensation. Always use enough lube compatible with your sex toy for exciting internal stimulation and immense pleasure during solo play. They are generally meant for women for drying dildos. Choosing the best squirting dildo can be challenging, but with our guide, you will find it much easier than you expect. This article discusses some of the best types of squirting sex toys.

Common Feature of a Squirting Dildo

The Size

Chalker (2018) explained that the size of the squirting dildo should be considered, just like any other dildo. Squirting dildos aren't designed to appear realistic. They don't have the bulges and veins like dildos do, and they're usually much bigger than the real penis. They can reach a height of 12 inches. Go big or go home if you're searching for more girth and length. If you want to keep things average and opt for a dildo about 6 inches long, try something around that size.

Toy Materials

Donaghy (2020) stated that the bulk of squirting dildos on the market are manufactured of low-quality materials such as low-cost plastic, jelly, or PVC. These toys may appear less expensive and appealing, but they are not. There are numerous reasons why they should not be included in your sex toy collection. Because these materials are porous, there's a good potential you'll share bodily fluids with someone if you share, which isn't something to take lightly. Second, porous materials are difficult to keep clean. Removing all the jazz from the toy is tough, and you'll most likely spend hours scrubbing away at it. You will not be at risk of developing an STD if you purchase something expensive, such as silicone. Simultaneously, silicone is significantly easier to clean. To make the material as good as new, use warm water and an antibacterial spray. What more could you ask for in a squirting dildo than a lot of pleasure and no time to clean.


It is not referred to as the product's actual delivery. It means talking about how the liquid is delivered. Squirting dildos discharge the semen in one of two ways. The first method is to use a syringe. Individuals believe the syringe is inefficient because it needs too much hand coordination, which you may not have when experiencing a shaking orgasm. The squeeze-bulb is a superior alternative. The bulb functions as a pump, and you squeeze it to release a burst of liquid. There are various ways to deliver cum using squirting dildos; search the web for one that meets your needs.

Types of Squirting Dildos

Realistic Squirting Dildos

Carroll (2018) explained that realistic squirting dildos come with special semen from manufacturers to give you endless orgasms. They are best for women who miss out on the cum of their partners. The toys measure about seven inches long with an insertable length of about five inches, giving you a wide option to choose the perfect one that suits all your needs. Also, newbies can use them since they require little or no skills to fix their pleasure. They are used by filling the syringe with a lube plug in the tube running through the dildo. Realistic toys feature a suction-cup base that can attach to flat surfaces and provide room for switching to different positions.

Bust It Squirting Dildos

Miller (2019) explained that most women are not satisfied by an average-sized dildo. It led to the invention of these powerful bust-it squirting dildos. The toys measure 8.5 inches long with an insertable length of 7 inches to offer maximum sensations. They also feature a bottle of nut butter and a syringe to load the butter into the toy. You can either blast cum in long blasts or little busts. The tools have tips with realistic edges and visible veins, making them look like a real penis. These toys allow you to enjoy hand-free movement as they come with a Vac-U-Lock suction cup.

Ejaculating Hollow Strap-On Dildos

Ejaculating hollow strap-on dildos are perfect for homosexuals who wish to spice up their bedrooms. Everything will feel realistic with the squirting of artificial semen. Even though the dildos are designed for gays, they can also be used by women who wish to experience the pleasure of long penises inside their cunts. These dildos come with a longer insertable length, wide girth, and super-realistic texture. Ejaculating hollow strap-on dildos are made from firm and realistic PVC material to give you a long-lasting experience. They also feature adjustable hardness made from elastic material for comfortability.

Features to Consider When Choosing Squirting Dildos

Choosing the right dildos can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. However, the following guidelines will help you to know what you should consider before purchasing the toy;

Pick the Right Size

The size of the squirting dildo is the first thing you should consider before buying your toy. Fahmy (2017) explained that all squirting dildos do not look like real cock; some lack the bulges and veins. Some squirting dildos are much bigger than the actual real penis. For instance, they measure 12 inches long, while others can have an extra girth. Chandra (2021) explained that if you need a squirting dildo for oral sex, choose dildos with a small pouch. However, if you want it for vaginal penetration, a slightly larger one can be the best option. Also, if you are a lady who loves drenching after sex, go for the largest bowl.

The Material Used

Most squirting toys in the market are made from low-quality materials like PVC, jelly, and cheap plastic. These materials are porous; hence, the chances of contracting a disease are high, especially if you share sex toys. Most of these sex toys are generally cheap and look attractive. However, it would help to consider whether you are comfortable with the material or what it might cost you. Porous materials are not easy to get all the jazz off. Consider silicone material because it is easy to clean and is flexible enough to provide room for switching to different positions. Furthermore, the material is body-friendly and delivers maximum emotional and physical sensations.

Delivery of The Liquid

Squirting dildos deliver semen in different ways, including through a syringe and squeezing the bulb. The syringe method requires hand coordination, which might not favor you. Also, the squeezing bulb method is the most loved because of its compatibility. The bulb act as a pump, which is squeezed to deliver cum. 

How to Use Squirting Dildos

Squirting Dildos Guide by Sex Expert Tatyana Dyachenko

Squirting dildos is the easiest masturbation technique; you must load up the supply drop. These tools have a fake-cum recipe to help you make out the night. Ensure you fill the howl to the top for an endless ejaculation. After loading the squirt, lube up your sex toy for smooth penetration. Make sure you use the right lubricant to avoid damaging the toy. Start inserting the dildo slowly as you increase the speed if you wish. Once you feel almost climax, squeeze the pump to release the load.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squirting Dildos

Is it possible to get a strap-on squirting?

 Yes, many squirting dildos are appropriate for that purpose.

What happens if the pump or tubing malfunctions?

Make sure you can get replacement tubes and the pump or syringe for your squirting dildo when you buy it. The most dependable sellers will have them at hand, allowing you to get years of use from your squirting dildo.

What is a Squirting Dildo Made of?

Low-quality materials, such as low-cost plastic, gelatin, or PVC, are used to make them.

Semerene (2021) explained that squirting dildos could be manufactured with the following materials: Silicone, latex, and other realistic materials like Cyber skin.

Are There Allergy Concerns

It is like any other dildo, but it's even more important for this variety. Because there is no way to wear a condom over the dildo, allergic reactions are a risk. If you are allergic to silicone-based lubricants, you must use water-based lubricants.

How Do I Clean My Squirting Dildo?

These will need to be cleaned inside regardless of the type of pump or syringe. It should be simple; simply sucking soapy water into the pump and squirting it out should suffice. However, these pumps must be completely dry before being stored.

What is the Best Lube to Use with my Squirting Dildo?

WHO (2019) explained that if you are allergic to silicone-based lubricants, you must use water-based lubricants. Many lubes look like semen, but not all of them are from reliable manufacturers, so make sure you buy from a trusted source.

Can Couples Use Squirting Dildos?

If you choose to utilize with a partner, you may relax and let them handle the situation; all you have to do is shout "pull the trigger" at the appropriate time. If there's any anal sex involved, it'll have to be with one of the smaller, stiffer, squirting dildos, and it'll take a lot of control to get the dildo to fire its lubrication load. Always get the appropriate type for the job.

How Do One Clean my Squirting Dildo?

These will need to be cleaned inside regardless of the type of pump or syringe. It should be simple; simply sucking soapy water into the pump and squirting it out should suffice. However, these pumps and syringes must be completely dry before being stored.

Care and Safety Tips When Using a Squirting Dildo

Because they spray a foreign substance inside you, safety should be emphasized when using an ejaculating dildo. It must be safe for both you and your dildo. This type of dildo is shared; if used for anal sex, it must not be used by an individual for vaginal intercourse. Always purchase the correct type for the application, and never share them.


Squirting dildos are perfect toys for those who want to experience a real-life experience in a solo play. They are also the safest sex toys for newbies who wish to experience pleasure from a different angle. However, like any other sex device, remember to wash the tools after every use to prevent infections. You can also invite your female or male partner to double the pleasure.


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