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Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Condoms offer much more than preventing pregnancy or diseases. Herein is about stimulating ribbed condoms, including; the importance of using condoms, lubes, and safety.

Different types of condoms have different uses. For instance, some people may opt for the warming types if they need to experience a different sensation during intercourse.

Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Sex is not only for pleasure but also about having fun and discovering what is good for your lover. Sometimes condoms may fail to offer protection even if they are used properly. However, that should not stress you since the chances of such cases are minimal. Consider choosing the right condom that meets your desire for sensational pleasure.

Understanding Stimulating, Warming, and Ribbed Condoms

Stimulating condoms offer a stimulating sensation during sex. The ribbed type of condoms has a raised ridge that runs around them for additional sensation. When putting on standard condoms, a person may fail to feel anything, but that is not always the case with these types. They have an extra texture leading to greater friction and enjoyment and additional pleasure for both penis and vagina. Warming condoms are usually lubricated with special warming formulas and are fully approved by FDA, making them safe for use. The formulated lubricant will warm when it comes to contact with your skin. It will increase intimacy and bring new interesting bedroom sensations. They not only provide extra sensation but also offer protection.

Why Use Stimulating, Ribbed, and Warming Condoms 

Condoms are birth control and a form of preventing a person from sexually transmitted infections. According to Olson (2022), using ribbed and warming condoms protects people from sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Ribbed condoms also enhance stimulations during sex. The great thing about warmed condoms is that both partners feel stimulated and pleasure together. It makes them bond in ways. They help in boosting sensations, especially during penetrative sex.

How Different Stimulating, Ribbed, And Warming Condoms Compare

These types of condoms are preferred majorly by couples for additional excitement in their monogamous relationship that may be getting boring. No matter how long couples have been together, the act of an additional new element will bring about new vigor and passion in the bedroom. Don't waste much more time if you are experiencing ailing in your relationship that desperately needs to spark back. Below are different types of well-discussed stimulating, ribbed, and warming condoms you need to know.

Double Ecstasy Condoms

Double ecstasy condoms are specially designed to provide natural freedom of movement. They feature fire and ice lining that is essential for the enhancement of extra sensation. They come with a special lubricant that provides gentle warming regarding contact with your body. Their special shape helps them create a comfortable space and stay firm enough when used. They come with deep ribs at the base for additional stimulation. A good example of this type is the Trojan fire & ice double lubricant, which offers cooling and warming sensations. The standard packet consists of 10 double lubricated condoms.

Dual Lubricated Condoms

Dula lubricated condoms are slightly larger compared to the double ecstasy ones. A man can opt for larger lubricated condoms since they create enough room for dildos. They offer to cool and warming sensations from both inside and the outside. They are affordable and can help a person save on extra pennies.

Factors to Consider When Buying Condoms

Size of The Condoms

Nobody wants a too-tight condom on their 'meat'. A too-tight condom may bring about discomfort and make the sex process painful instead of pleasure. A loose condom is not recommended either because it may create room for semen. It may fall off easily, causing the semen to spill. A person needs to consider choosing the right size of condom that will fit their dick for increased pleasure. A man can opt for the ribbed condom since the ribs offer a tightening feature.

Compatibility with Sex Lubes and Toys

Cooper et al. (2018) noted that lubricants provide additional sensation as they reduce friction during intercourse. Latex condoms are usually not compatible with silicone lubricants. Silicone lube may weaken the latex material, making it break easily. It is advisable to use water-based lube to avoid such inconveniences.

The Sensation You Intend to Feel

Ribbed warming condoms offer a different type of sensation, unlike normal condoms. The ribbed condoms offer additional friction when inserted, resulting in added stimulation, Kusema (2006) stated. They are usually rigid and will reach you at a sensational end. The wide rings make ejaculation delay, and this will improve how long you stay in bed.

The Material Used

A person must be keen on the material used to make the condom when practicing oral sex. Some materials may contain a harmful ingredient that may be harmful when ingested. Some people also react with latex material; you may need to consider the other best type of condom. You can use your internet to gather enough information about the product you need; if the label does not include ingredients. You can ask some of your friends to give you enough data needed.


Ask yourself if the pricing is within your budget before pressing the 'buy item' button because an expensive product does not make it of the best quality. Different companies have ways of rating the same product. They will come up with their pricing, so you are advised to go for the one that is within your reach.

How to Use Condoms

  • check the expiry date on the package of the condom. It will assure you if the condom is safe for use or not.
  • Careful open the wrapper to avoid damaging the condom
  • Have its place on the tip of your fully erected penis with the rolled side facing outside. Consider pulling back the foreskin before inserting the condom for those uncircumcised.
  • Ensure to leave a space of about a half-inch at the tip for the collection of semen.
  • Unroll it down your cock.
  • Have your partner in a comfortable position where you can easily access their vaginal opening.
  • You can start stroking as you gain momentum.
  • Stop the activity and change the condom to a new one if it bursts.
  • Carefully remove it from your partner to avoid spilling the semen around the vagina after ejaculation. It may cause pregnancy and STI infection.
  • Tie the end and dispose of it with care.

Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Best Lube for Ribbed and Warming Condoms

The best lube to use on the warmed condoms is the water-based lube. However, to choose the best lube, they must check on the material from which the condom is made. At times, you may get that it is made from silicone. It will rule out the use of silicone-based lube. It is not a good lube, but just because it will react with the latex condom or the sex toy you are using. Water-based lube can go along with anything. However, do not go light on the lube. Use a lot of it so that the whole process can be enjoyable.

Safety Measures

  • Only put on a condom if you have fully erected.
  • Do not use silicone-based lube with latex condoms, as Geibel (2013)
  • Do not use expired condoms.
  • Do not use one condom for more than one erection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ribbed and Warming Condoms

Do Ribbed And Warming Condoms Make any Difference?

Warmed condoms are not different from standard condoms. They both give out protection against sexually transmitted infections and also unintended pregnancies. The only difference that you can notice is that they make one feel stimulated and feel different pleasures compared to the standard condoms. The warming part is all about lube.

What Are the Risks of Ribbed, Stimulating, and Warming Condoms?

The only risks that the ribbed and warmed condoms pose are for those allergic to latex. Most of the ribbed and warmed condoms are made from latex. They are likely to have some irritation and get a reaction from wearing the latex condom. Sensitivity is something that you should not tolerate. If you are sensitive to ribbed and warmed condoms, the best thing that you can opt for is non-latex condoms or internal condoms. The internal condoms are latex-free, and you can wear them inside the anus or vagina to prevent sexually transmitted infections and reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Can I Use Ribbed and Warming Condoms in Water?

Ribbed and warmed condoms are no different from standard condoms. They can all be used in water and have fun in your sexual activities with your partner, either in a pool or the bathroom. Be sure to use a lot of lube in the bathroom; the best one is the silicone-based lube. This is because it is sticky and does not dry out easily. Water-based lube would also work well in water; however, you will need a lot because they dry out quickly and are not thick compared to the silicone-based lube. The oil-based lube is likely to damage the latex of the condom; therefore, it is not preferred in water. There is nothing different about stimulating, ribbed, and warmed condoms than the standard ones. They can all be used in water. Go forth and have fun with your partner in the pool or the bathroom, as it does not pose any risk to use the ribbed and warmed condoms.

Do Warming Condoms Break Easily

Warmed condoms are made of latex. According to Walsh et al. (2013), latex condoms are harder to break than non-latex condoms. The only thing that can increase the probability of latex condoms breaking is a lube that can alter or damage them. The oil-based lubricant is mostly the one that can break the condoms so easily. They may react and make them have holes, increasing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. Also, the size of the condom may make the warmed condom break. Sanders et al. (2012) stated that a person is likely to break a condom because of its friction if it is too tight on the penis.

Can I use Ribbed and Warming Condoms for Oral Sex?

A person can also use ribbed condoms for oral sex and contract infections, although the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections is higher in vaginal and anal sexual activities. A person should stay on the safe side and wear a condom when having oral sex. A person can always use a warmed condom during oral sex. You should use a latex condom on the penis as your partner gives you the head. However, you should have a latex barrier such as a dental dam to help minimize the risk of vaginal fluids or blood getting into the mouth.

Do Ribbed and Warmed Condoms Increase Stimulation?

A warmed and rimmed condom has no major difference except that they help increase the stimulation of the vagina nerves better than the standard condoms. The ribbed and warmed condom help create exciting and intense fun when having anal sex with your partner. They are mostly used to improve the sexual life of a person in the bedroom. They are responsible for increasing pleasure and also enhance intense stimulation when having sex.

Are They as Safe as Standard Condoms?

The warming condoms are no different from the standard condoms. The major difference is that they make the sexual experience better and improve through intense stimulation. They protect against unintended pregnancies and minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

How Do Warming Condoms Work?

The warming condoms are not special except that they are passed through a special lubricant warming effect. They do not burn the skin or even the surrounding area. They give out that extra sensation and intense feelings that anyone would wish to have in the bedroom with their partner. The great thing about warming condoms is that they make both partners feel pleasure, which is not one-sided. It will make them bond and improve their sexual life.

The Bottom Line

Condoms offer safety from contracting STIs and unplanned pregnancies but offer a more pleasurable feeling when used during sexual intercourse. Use ribbed condoms to enjoy sexual life. Consider use and safety measures.


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