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Vibrating Eggs Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Vibrating Eggs Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Vibrating eggs are among the popular sex toys and are easy to use. Because of their simplicity, mobility, portability, and diversity, most people find them easy to travel with and enjoy private masturbation on the go. There are various egg vibrators in the market, including remote-controlled and rechargeable options. You only need to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Vibrating Eggs Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Egg vibrators are more discreet than other blunt sex toys and they have more than one way to make fun. They are among toys that you can use privately to spice up games in the bedroom. An egg vibrator is a standard stimulator with a curved or egg-shaped body. Due to the current technology, we also have app-controlled vibrators and they no longer need to have an attached remote (Etten (2014). The egg vibrator targets hard-to-hit sports, making them the most popular.

Types of Egg Vibrators

Remote-Controlled Vibrating Eggs

These vibrating eggs feature a remote control, making it easier for you to control them for immense pleasure. The vibrators also feature ten different vibrations that will give you a wide range to choose the one that perfectly meets your needs. They best suit couples and are easily controllable since they come with almost 15 meters long wire, giving you the option to have fun in various positions across the room.

Rechargeable Control Egg Vibrators

The vibrators are made from silken silicone material and feature a tapered end for easier insertion. These vibrators can be used for both solo play and with your partner for immense sexual pleasure, and also come with 12 different speeds giving you a wide range to choose the perfect one for you. The vibrators are rechargeable and feature a remote control, making them easy to power on and off when need.

App-Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Eggs

These app-controlled vibrators come with three different speeds and four varied patterns to make your G-spot and P-spot deliciously scrambled. In addition, they come with a 5-hour powered battery life, making you enjoy almost the whole night without recharging them.  They feature a silent mode and can be controlled through an app making them the perfect choice for a couple in a long-distance relationship and looking for a way to connect sexually.

Power Play Egg Vibrators

These vibrating eggs are suitable for solo plays or with your partner for incredible sexual pleasure. The vibrators come with 7 different vibration settings, giving you a wide option to choose the best vibration that will meet your need. Power play vibrators can provide sensation and vibration for the clitoris and the inner vagina. You can use this amazing vibe in all positions that you desire since most of them come with a long wire making you explore all the sweet spots of your body.

Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrators

If you need a discreet vibrator that you can use anywhere without worrying about buying replaceable batteries frequently, go for rechargeable remote-controlled egg vibrators. You can enjoy buzzing over and over again as these vibrators feature in-built rechargeable batteries and also come with remote control, making you in charge of whether to power on or take the power off. In addition, the vibrators allow you to try out new toy combinations or even enjoy a tie-up game. These egg vibrators can be used anywhere even in the bathroom allowing you to experience pleasure from diverse places.

Powerful Love Egg Vibrators

If you are a beginner and need a vibrator that will walk you through incredible sexual pleasure, the powerful love egg vibrators are the perfect choice for you. The vibrators are designed with multiple speeds giving you a wide option to choose the one you are comfortable with. Another good side of these vibrators is that they are easy to insert and feature long wires, making them suitable for use around the room in different positions. These vibrators can be used either for solo play or with your partner, and they allow you to choose the vibration intensities and speeds (Morales, et al., 2018).

Common Features of Vibrating Eggs

Remote-Controlled Technology

Technology has greatly changed and improved bedroom moments. For long-distance relationships, remote-controlled vibrating eggs work best. While some work from a short distance, others can be controlled from far provided there is a strong network. This is the right option for couples who want to have fun moments in public. They also work perfectly for a ten-meter range delivering an earth-shaking orgasm. Don’t let distance limit your intimacy, remote-controlled vibrating eggs are never restrained by distance.

Vibrating Eggs in Unique Shapes

Some vibrating love eggs have standard shapes and are designed in ergonomically and friendly sizes for easy usage. Contrary, vibrating eggs with different shapes are ideal for insertion, though they are perfect for external stimulation. For better results, try a pair of irregularly-shaped vibrating eggs to experience the most powerful sensations and vibrations and make you orgasm hard.  Use them for foreplay and penetrative sex, and always remember to lubricate them,

Love Eggs Have Cute Names

Vibrating eggs are sex toys with the cutest name in the world that suit their sizes too. They are characterized by powerful and focused vibrations. This enhances your level of orgasms and boosts your sex life by making you cum harder.

How to Use Vibrating Eggs?

Vibrating eggs have slightly muted vibrations that offer subtle pulses different from the regular vibrators which give intense vibrations. Increase your arousals by wearing these love eggs. Enjoy deep sensations which will improve your sex moment by giving body-shaking orgasms. The eggs come in different sizes for you to pick what suits you. For an improved sex life and bedroom experience, vibrating love eggs have you covered.

Vibrating Eggs Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Different Brands Offering Vibrating Eggs


Lelo is among the leading companies with the best vibrating eggs. For example, its Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote-Controlled Love Egg Vibrator is a deluxe and versatile toy that guarantees thrilling clitoral stimulation. It has eight vibrating settings for intense pleasure and satisfaction.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey have been around for years and is known for its outstanding products. The company focuses on offering the best products for bondage play, solo pleasure, and couple sex. Examples of love eggs from the company include the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote-Control Egg.


Maude is a top-notch adult company built on simplicity, quality, and inclusivity. The company offers incredibly designed sex toys, and its love eggs are not exceptional. For instance, its Drop is a little monster that packs three vibration speeds with powerful punches. The egg vibrator is also suitable to use on any part of the body to heighten pleasure.


The company offers disposable and reusable egg vibrators that mimic the real eggs, but with beautiful shells that hide the vibrating sections inside. The eggs are also super-stretchy to accommodate different penis sizes. The company also focuses on male masturbators.

How Couples Can Use Vibrating Eggs

Enjoy your sex life with your partner with vibrating love eggs. Using love eggs in your oral sex will greatly boost your overall sensations to offer you deeper overall body orgasms. Unlike the bulkier and bigger vibrators, these eggs will leave your vulva fully open ready for lapping with your tongue.

Sexologists like Döring (2021) suggest you should always start with the egg from outside the vagina as you touch your partner erotically before you insert it into her vaginal canal. Consider using your tongue on her mons labia as the egg rests on her mind pubis. Afterward, you can place it inside her vagina as you lap her clitoris with your tongue.

Best Sex Lubricants to Use

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubes are considered to be the most effective for use with vibrating eggs since they are compatible with most materials. Sexologists also suggest their usage because they are body-safe and easy to clean either using adult toy cleaners or lukewarm water and soap. Make water-based lubricants your number one choice today.

Silicone-Based Lubes

Silicone-based lubes are ideal options for those with highly sensitive skins. They have hypoallergenic properties which makes them a perfect choice to use with love eggs leaving you with no allergies. They are also preferred for durable performances. However, they are less compatible with silicone love eggs since they can cause material degradation.

Oil-Based Lube

For less reapplication of lubes, always use oil-based lubricants. They are long-lasting than other types and will take you through your entire masturbation and sex moment. They are safe to use with love eggs. Though they cannot be used for fun since they easily stain clothes and bedsheets making your room dirty.

Make your sex life pleasurable and great by lubricating your love eggs whenever you use them. Make it your responsibility to spice up your bedroom moments and make fun with your partner using lubricated love eggs.

Factor to Consider Before Purchasing an Egg Vibrator

Buying an egg vibrator is somewhat of a challenge, considering these mini sex toys have an egg-like shape; hence, challenging to tell how deep they can reach. However, you can overcome these worries by considering the following aspects before placing your order.

Choose A Body-Safe Material

A good egg vibrator should be made from high-quality, medical-grade, and body-safe material. Thus, always check to ensure the material is skin-friendly.

Individual Expectation

Consider the experience you need from the sex toy before buying it. A vibe that mimics the feeling of oral sex would be beneficial if clitoral stimulation is what you crave. Nonetheless, a bigger vibe with internal stimulation is a perfect choice for those who would wish to have a feeling of penetrative sex.

Need for Sex Lube

The sex lubricant you choose depends on the toy’s material. Silicone- and water-based lubricants are the most recommended. However, avoid using silicone lubes on silicone toys as they degrade the toy’s surface. You can also get the most bang for your toy using water-based lube since it is compatible with most materials.


If you have a roommate, the best option for you would be a quiet vibrator for your private purposes.  If you love traveling, then look for a mini vibrator with a locking system so that it does not accidentally buzz off.

Stick on Your Budget

Do you need to save on the cost? Choose ABS plastic or other nonporous options. But if your budget allows, you can try luxurious and expensive egg vibrators such as silicon, glass, and stainless steel. The price of a sex toy also determines the added features included on the toy such as app-enabled and remote-controlled vibrators.

Check the Power Supply

Consider the USB-rechargeable vibrators so that you don't have to worry about power shortages when you get down to business. You can also buy battery-powered vibrators if you love feeling the buzz even when traveling or buzzy with your work.

Safety Consideration When Using Vibrating Love Eggs

Find The Right Type

The two major types of vibrating love eggs are wired and wireless love eggs. Always choose an option that works best for you. For instance, a wireless love egg will give you hand-free fun, unlike the wired one.

Wash It Before and After Use

Whether it is old or new, remember to always clean your vibrating love eggs before inserting them into your orifice. Cleaning prevents bacterial accumulation and enhances the egg's durability. Also, you should clean them using warm water and unscented soap after use and store them in a clean, dry place.

Use It with Lube

However small it is, remember to lubricate it properly. Arousal before insertion is very important, or you can use scented lubes instead.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrating Eggs

Are Vibrating Eggs Safe?

Yes. Vibrating eggs are made of body-safe materials that make them safe for use.

Can I Have Sex with the Vibrating Eggs on?

Yes. Since vibrating eggs are made for both anal and penetrative sex, you can comfortably have sex with them in either hole.

Can the Vibrating Eggs Get Stuck?

Vibrating love eggs can easily get stuck on your vagina, especially if you don’t follow the recommended usage instructions.

Can I Use Lube with the Vibrating Eggs?

You can use love eggs comfortably if you apply the best sex lubricants on them before insertion. Lubricants will enhance your sensations and make your sexual experience more enjoyable.

What Is the Noise Level of Vibrating Love Eggs?

The noise level of the vibrating egg ranges between 10 and 150 decibels.

Can I Use Vibrating Love Eggs in Public?

You can use your vibrating love eggs in public. However, it also depends on your level of experience.

Will Vibrating Love Eggs Make My Vagina Tighter?

Some vibrating love eggs act as Kegel exercise devices and can make your vagina tighter if used correctly.

How Do I Clean My Vibrating Love Eggs?

The vibrating egg should be cleaned using adult sex toy cleaners. Alternatively, you can use lukewarm water with soap.

  • The Bottom Line

Egg vibrators are more discreet than other blunt sex toys, and they have more than one way to make fun. They have an egg shape with beautiful artistic features, making them be easily mistaken for house decorations. If you need small but powerful vibrators that will drive you crazy even when traveling, add these egg vibrators to your list. However, remember to maintain them by cleaning and storing them in their storage bags after use.


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