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Vibrating Vaginas Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Vibrating Vaginas Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Is it your first time using a vibrator? Well, suppose you don't have a clue, we have good news for you- it doesn't have to trouble you because that's an easy thing requiring willingness and practice. The market also has numerous types available, giving plenty to choose from. That can probably guarantee that you’ll get something suitable for your bedroom vibes, without forgetting that there’s always a new and exciting thing for trials. Perhaps you’re on this page because you want to familiarize yourself with a vaginal vibrator for your orgasms. This article is the right one for you. Please read on to get more.

Vibrating Vaginas Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

What’s a vaginal vibrator?

Usually, vaginal vibrators are sex toys that help arouse the vagina for sexual pleasure. It’s a wonderful tool for women that don’t experience pain during vaginal penetration in sex. Using such helps a woman enjoy sexual sensations that can improve her sex life and response. These vaginal vibrators can be used on the internal to stimulate the G-spot and the external for clit sensitization.

Common Features of Vibrating Vaginas


This feature helps to warm the vibrator above the body temperature, which in turn helps in relaxing the muscles

Vibration Mode

Each vibrator contains a different vibration mode. Knowing which mode gives you more pleasure is up to you.


Due to this feature, you can get into the sower with your vaginal vibrator without fearing water damage as Rullo, et al. (2018) described.

Tips for buying the best vaginal vibrator

Chances are you don’t have excess money in your account to waste on experimenting with the numerous vibrator types before settling for one. Therefore, it’s best to understand the following considerations before shopping for one.


Generally, vibrators are expensive, more so ones sold n boutiques. That’s why you should research properly and choose how much you’re willing to use on this investment. Suppose you go for cheap kinds; be sure they aren't worth it. Perhaps they're plastic-made and too small to hold and use comfortably. They may also not be body-safe and weak, thus giving disappointing experiences. Another wastage can be the most expensive toys. They may be luxurious with high-end features, but having a will to invest in them will bring you a small heaven in your bedroom moments. You can acquire a safe toy with the best material and pleasure.


The market contains multiple vibrator types. They’re designed to serve different functions, including those that imitate oral sex or masturbation. Others are created for exploration with partners. But, below is a list of these types.

  • External- Mostly made for people with no preference to penetration completely. They, therefore, stimulate the clit area for pleasure. Their looks vary however, they're wider to occupy more surface area.
  • Internal- These types are for stimulating the G-spot. Their overall design is being long and cylindrical to bring the real penetrative sex emotion. More other shapes are also available.
  • Combo- they mainly provide double stimulation, internal and external. A good example is the rabbit vibrator. They're cylindrical with an extra part for simultaneously arousing the clit and G-spot.

Looking at the above types of vaginal vibrators, your most ideal type depends on what you like most. Guide yourself by the way you masturbate and the stimulations that give the best emotion, then go for your pick. To illustrate, you may be a beginner and have a clit. Why not get something that works on your labia and clit spot, ensuring it has different speed patterns and settings to help attain an orgasm. That’s because most people with a vulva experience an orgasm mostly after clit stimulation.


What stimulation kind do you want? A vibrator's sensations vary with the motor type it has. They could be patterned, nonstop, or targeted vibrations on a large surface. Suppose you want a broader thing, buy a flatter toy, and go for one with a narrow tip for a targeted part. Vibrators also have different modes, including vibration functions and pulses. Choose what feels marvelous to you, but for newbies, you can pick ones with several cycles and pulses to discover what your body loves. Others may choose to consider a suction type for vaginal and oral sex. This kind develops air vibrations or pulses with a tender seal to the clit.


Hakala & Mustak (2017) explains that material type should always be prioritized when buying sex devices. Material is a critical factor regardless of the vibrator type you want, internal or external. This is because it will have contact with your skin. That implies you should choose a body-safe material for vaginal vibrators. Notably, avoid jelly material since it’s porous, thus unsafe because it traps bacteria. Other materials like cheap plastic, rubber, and those with phthalates and latex aren't good either. Silicone is the best since it's nonporous, soft, and easy to maintain. You only get keen by exclusively applying water-based lubes to protect the toy's surface from damage. Silicone-based lubricants easily degrade silicone toys. Alternatively, you can opt for ABS plastic, which is nonporous too and safe. It may not be that soft, but it serves quite well. Other alternatives are expensive metals, such as gold and silver.


Vibrator sizes range from small to medium to large, and your preference relies on personal preference. Whether you want a discreet type for hiding and ease of carrying or other larger types, it's all an individual option. Newbies should go for more versatile types, which can be inserted and used externally.

How to use a vaginal vibrator

Vibrating Vaginas Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

  • Start by going through the manual and read the instructions carefully. Most people overlook this step, and that shouldn’t be the case.
  • Foreplay is essential even in solo flying. This is because you have to create the mood for you to enjoy sex, especially if you intend to reach the climax.
  • Apply lube frequently for great massaging and penetration. Doing this increases sensitivity and ease of penetration for great pleasure.
  • Be easy on penetration by taking it slowly. You can begin by using your fingers for familiarization before applying the vibrator.
  • Go slow on settings by starting with the lowest as you progress.
  • Clean your toy after use for hygiene reasons and maintenance.

How Couples Use Vibrating Vaginas

The vibrating vagina enhances your partner's sexual arousal. Before using the vibrating vagina, make sure it is clean. Below are ways in which you can use the vibrating vaginas with your partner:

Since the vibrating vagina has different vibration modes, you need to find the type of mode your partner will enjoy the most. If you want to lubricate your vibrating vagina, you should find a lube that is best for your partner. It can be oil-based, silicon-based, or water-based. However, the water-based lube is recommended since it can not cause a negative reaction in the skin since it uses water as its main component. If you want your partner to enjoy the most, you can decide to start with external stimulation. External stimulation means you can use your lips or tongue to stimulate your partner's vaginal area. After your partner is stimulated, insert the vibrating vagina inside her vaginal area. Before penetrating it deeper, ask her first whether she is comfortable.

You can then rock the vibrator in different movements such as back and forth, in and out, or you can leave the vibrator at a specific place. By using different movements, you can find out which movement your partner gets to find the most satisfaction.

After you are done pleasuring your partner, do not forget to clean up the vibrator ad store it in a safe place.

The Best Lubes to Use with a Vibrating Vagina

Lubrication is very important as explained by Angel (2022). Moreover, Wilson et al. (2017) explains that lubricants are used to wet the genitals during procreative sex.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lube is the most common type since you can use it with any material that the vibrating vagina is made of. In addition to that, it doesn't cause any strain on the fabric, and you can wash it easily.

Silicone-based Lubricants

Most people love silicone-based lube because it is long-lasting and does not stick like water-based lube. It is also utilized underwater. Your skin does not absorb this type of lube; hence it is difficult to cause any skin irritations.

Oil-based Lubricants

It is long-lasting, and you can find it in your nearby pharmacy. It is water-proof and non-sticky too. However, they can be hard to wash off, so you must be prepared to wash up your vibrator well after using it. after

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Vibrating Vagina

Below are some tips that will help you in cleaning and maintain your vibrating vagina:

  • Choose the right product. Suppose your vibrating vagina is made up of non-porous materials like silicon or even glass. In that case, it is easy to clean since it hardly collects bacteria like vibrators made up of rubber. If you want to clean your vibrating vagina, choose an anti-bacterial soap. If your vibrating vagina is made from silicone, you should not use oil-based soaps since they can cause damage to your toy.
  • Give it a good wash.
  • You can scrub your vibrating vagina using your hands or a piece of a washcloth. Using warm water and scrubbing it for up to one minute is advisable. Unless your vibrating vagina is water-proof, do not submerge it inside water since it can be damaged. After you are done washing it, dry it completely using a towel.
  • Store it wisely. After cleaning your vibrating vagina, you can store it inside a box since it won't collect dust easily. You should also keep it away from objects that often carry germs, such as your phone.
  • Before using your vibrating vagina again, you can give it a quick wash using warm water since it will help eliminate any bacteria it may have obtained.

Safety Tips When Using Vibrating Vaginas

Before using your vibrating vagina, ensure it is clean, so you may not get infected. According to Wood et al. (2017), cleaning of sex toys is important to avoid contracting infections. Do not share your vibrating vagina with another person. If you want to share it with your partner, ensure that your partner does not have any infection.

Never insert your vibrating vagina in your anus or vice versa, since it may collect bacteria that may harm you vagina. If you prefer a lubricant, use a water-based lube since it won't cause discomfort. According to Crosby et al. (2004), water-based lubes are the best for condoms and sex toy materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrating Vaginas

What Are Vibrating Vaginas Made of?

Most vibrating vaginas are made of rubber, making them look more realistic. However, some vibrating vaginas are silicone, glass, steel, and even plastic.

Are Vibrating Vaginas Safe?

Yes, they are. As long as you choose a vibrating vagina made up of a material that is not sensitive to your skin, vibrating vaginas are safe to use. You should also choose a high-quality vibrating vagina since they are much safer.

Can I Get Addicted to a Vibrating Vagina?

It is a myth that you can get addicted to your vibrating vagina. It takes your sex life to another level, and who would not want that?

How Often Should I Use a Vibrating Vagina?

You can use your vibrating vagina as long as you want. You are not limited to how many times you can use it. If you are worried that your vibrating vagina will desensitize you if you use it too much, then don’t. It is also a myth that using a vibrating vagina can desensitize.

Are There Water-proof Vibrators?

Yes, there are. Most vibrating vaginas are water-proof since many women love using their vibrators in the shower as Rullo, et al. (2018) explained. So, if you want to enjoy your vibrating vagina while taking a bath, choose a water-proof one since it will not be damaged.

The Bottom Line

In case you didn’t get a chance to learn how to use vibrators earlier, be happy because there's no rocket science in it. Be sure its learning curve is pure pleasure without pressure. Again, nobody should lie to you that there's one method of using the toy- it's an individual thing whereby you can just get one and do what pleases you. For more knowledge, the above article equips you with most of the best tricks to understand in using a vaginal vibrator.


Before purchasing your vibrating vagina, you should ensure that the material is not sensitive to your skin. This is why silicon-made vibrating vaginas are recommended since they are hypoallergenic and can be used if you may have sensitive skin.


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