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Water-Based Lubes Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Water-Based Lubes Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Make your sex enjoyable and frustration-free with water-based lubricants designed from safer and non-porous natural ingredients to reduce friction and irritation.

Water-Based Lubes Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Lubing up before getting into the act adds a new wave of erotism into your sex. Besides the pleasure, lubes also prevent you from skin damage. There is a wide range of lubricants created from different material although used for the same purpose.

Water-based lubes have become popular because of their compatibility features. For this reason, various manufacturers have invested in increasing production. Herein, is everything you need to know about water-based lubes.

What are Water-Based Lubricants?

Lubes are liquids or gels manufactured to reduce friction during sex. The main ingredient in water-based lubricant is water. Of course, there are other additives such as glycerin and propylene glycol which provide slipperiness and more sensations. Furthermore, unlike other types of lubricants, water-based lubes are compatible with most types of sex toys and condoms to serve your sexual fantasies. These blossom organics and natural moisturizing lubricants are best for both vaginal and anal sex. When you are using these super lubes, forget about staining your beddings, struggling to wash them off, and risks of skin breakouts.

How Can Couples Use Water based Lubes

There are many ways that a couple can use lube but the downside of water–lube is that when the use involves water, the lube will be washed away. Water-based lube may not be great for anal sex because the lube dries up and you must keep on reapplying. There are many ways that couples can use this lube, some include;

During sex

Like every other lubricant the water–based lube comes in a handy during sex. The downside is that they are not good for anal sex because they dry up fast and you need to keep on re-applying. Water-based lube are however perfect for vaginal sex. They mimic the qualities of vaginal lubrication. Water-based lube feels like normal lubrication during sex.

With condoms

Water-based lubricants are perfect for using with condoms. unlike oil-based lube this would not tear condoms. There are men who need condoms to prevent premature ejaculation and that makes water- based lube perfect for them as they can enjoy thrusting without worrying that the condom could burst.

With sex toys

If you want to involve sex toys in your sex game then water-based lube is best you. Water-based lubes are compatible with most sex toys unlike silicone-lube that erodes silicon sex toys. Most people would want to avoid spoiling their silicon toys because they do not come cheap and no normal person would have fun popping up at the sex toy shop frequently to replace toys because of wrong choice for the lube. If you want to keep your sex toys looking new and durable then the lube that you should invest in is water-based lube.

On all the sheets

If the couple is aroused early in the morning and they want to use lube on their bedsheets they need not worry about it spoiling their beddings. Water-based lube is easy to wash. If they were to use Silicon-based lube they would have to consider their bedsheets getting stained. Washing silicone stain is not an easy task. The thought of it alone is enough to put you off from the thought of having sex, and that’s one advantage that makes water-based lube superior over other types of lube.

Why Use Water based Sex Lubricants

A water-based lube is popular because it resembles the vaginal lubrication. Some people still believe that lube is for women who are post-menopause and women who have issues causing them to have dry vagina. However, regardless you falling in such categories or not, you may want to use water-based lube discreetly. Your partner would not even know that you are using lube unless you tell them.

Water-based lube also do not cause an unclean mess like Silicone-based lube which is not only messy but very difficult to clean.

Water-based lube is compatible with almost every toy and can be used without worrying that the toys can be damaged, thus ensuring their longevity.

It is not advisable to use condoms with oil-based lube because they will tear the condoms and when that happens it will place you at the risk of contacting sexually transmitted infections and diseases and HIV.

Points To Consider When Choosing Water-Based Lubes

Do not just rush into buying the lube because they are advertised. Not all advertisements are true; some are made just to entice you into buying the products. For this reason, there is a wide range of factors to consider before buying your lubricant including;

Read the Labels to Check Ingredients Incorporated

Reading the labels will help you to select the right lubricants that work well with your purposes.

Check The Expiry Date.

Avoid selecting expired lubricants which may cause health issues like fungal and bacterial infections. Read carefully on the wrapper to identify the manufactory and expiry date.

Look At the Package.

The appearance of packing material indicates what is inside. If the package is loose, rubbed, or discolored, probably the lube is worn out. Therefore, check these qualities before buying the lubes. 

Look At the Quantity.

When buying the lubricant, ensure that it is enough to get you and your partner high. If it means spending more, do it because what you are preparing for is something special in life.

Consider The Cost.

Cheap things are frustrating even though they are helping you to save. The lower you spend, the higher the risks. Go for pricy lubricants because they come with high levels of pleasure and safety. 

Look At the Quality

The thickness and slipperiness of the lube speaks to its quality. Even though it is a bit tough to determine these, you can press the tubes and feel how light they are. If you find that they are extremely light, toss it and go for the best.

Check Lube Life

The longer the lubricant lasts on your toy the better. Make sure the lubricant you are choosing is going to last longer.

What is Your Purpose

Water-based lubes are suitable for vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Therefore, buy the right amount that will serve your purpose whether you are massaging or penetrating. Note that massaging requires a large amount of lube than vaginal and anal sex.

Know The Possible Side Effects

Identify any effect that may occur and know how you can handle it before buying and using the lubes. Ideally, you can start with a small amount and see what you feel before using it generously.

How To Use Water-Based Lubes

  • If you are a lady apply the lubes inside your vagina, at the opening, and on the vulva for intense foreplay pleasure and add more during penetration.
  • For beginners, start by trying different lubes in varying amounts to find what works well with you.
  • If you are using the condom, apply the lubricants inside it first and add on the top to enhance 100% pleasure and protection.
  • Apply small drops at the tip of the condom to reduce friction inside the condom.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean before applying the lubes to avoid introducing unwanted particles into your body.
  • When you go for anal penetration, apply more lube than vaginal sex because the anus does not produce natural lube as in the vagina.
  • When using sex toys, apply suitable lubricants to avoid damages.
  • When using in the shower, apply more lubricant to avoid washing off completely.
Water-Based Lubes Guide by Sex Expert Barbara Santini

Safety Tips to Consider When Using Lubricants

  • Avoid water-based lubricants with glycerin, nonoxynol-9, petroleum, propylene glycol, and chlorhexidine glucose to prevent the increase of yeast infection (Burnier, et al., 2020).
  • If you have sensitive skin, taste the lubes first before using them.
  • After applying the lube, seal it completely to avoid entry of germs.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly after using the lubes to avoid holding foods with lubed hands.
  • Taste the pH value of the lube to see if it matches with your vaginal level which is 3.5 to 4.5.
  • Wash your lubed sex toys thoroughly after the session to prevent infections.
  • Communicate to your lover to see whether she or he is comfortable with lubricants, particularly water-based lubes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water based Lube

What are the Ingredients of Water based Lube?

Does Water-based Lubricants Affect Fertility or Conception

Water-based lube can affect fertility or conception because they interfere with how the sperm was meant to travel in the woman’s reproductive organ. Tomlinson, et al., (2020), proved that the lube that causes the most problem for sperm motility is oil-based lube.

Does Water-based Lube Affect Vaginal pH

In order for the vagina to be healthy its pH should be around 4. The pH scale ranges from 0-14 and pH 7 is the range of neutral. Therefore, if the pH is below 7 that means it is acidic and if the pH is above 7 then it is alkaline. Lemon is at the range of 2 and is very acidic while bleach is at pH 12-13 meaning that bleach is alkaline. Vaginal pH is 3.8 - 4.5. Now back to the big question. Does water-based lube affect vaginal pH? According to (Das, et al., 2014), Yes, it can. When you go shopping you may need to find out the pH level of the lube that you are purchasing because if you use lube that has a higher pH than the vagina the lube will neutralize the vagina and that will make the vagina a habitable place for bacteria. Read the label and make sure that the pH level is perfect for your vagina (Marais, et al., 2006).

Does Water based Lube Expire. How DO I Know When My Lube Goes Bad?

Water-based lube can expire just like any other lube and the shelf life is usually between 1 to 3 years.

Can I Use Water Based Lube with Sex Toys?

You can use the water-based lube with almost every sex toy the material notwithstanding, because it will not spoil them. Unlike silicon-based lube that will spoil silicone toys, the water-based lube is compatible with most sex toys. It is also easy to clean and that is very important to sex users because no one wants to get infections from a sex toy that was not kept clean.

How Do I Wash off Water based Lube?

Washing off lube is always a matter of concern for most people because you want to know how you can clean the sex toys and garments so no one wants lube that you cannot wash off. Water-based lube is the best lube because it is easy to clean. All you need is some water.


The use of lubricants during all forms of sex introduces a new wave of erotism into your sex. Besides the pleasure, lubricants also prevent skin irritation and tearing. There is a wide range of lubricants created from different ingredients, but they have the same goals. Water-based lubes are liquids or gels made from water to reduce friction during sex. They contain glycerin and other additives which increase slippery properties. Some have added preservatives, such as propylene glycol. Choosing the best lubes from the market is crucial. However, consider the quality, package material, specific purpose for buying, and expiry date before buying. 


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