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Whips Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Whips Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Whips are mostly used in kinky sexual fantasies, particularly in BDSM play. We’ll explore various types of whips, factors to consider before choosing them, and safety measures.

Whips Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

Practicing BDSM or impact play is a fun way to elevate your sex life. Both can range from light to intense games, but all are designed to inflict erotic pain for pleasure purposes. If you have ventured into the world of erotic spanking, you have probably come across a paddle – which offers intense pleasure. Whips, on the other hand, can be a great addition to your spanking arsenal. Herein is your buying guide to spanking whips that will provide the necessary pain to your spanking sessions.

Unlike other erotic spanking implements, whips are dangerous as they deliver extreme sensations from hard spankings, and if mishandled, can cause bruising according to (Brown, et al 2020). Whips come in a variety of designs and materials. Before venturing into the world of whipping pleasures, it is vital to master safe play because it can be dangerous. Often, novices struggle to cope with the extreme effects of erotic spanking using a whip. Sex experts, however, suggest starting slow and graduating accordingly to intense erotic pleasures.

Erotic spanking is typically associated with bondage sex or impact play, but you will be surprised how often people practices this kink in their bedroom. Frédérike Labrecque, et al., (2021) suggested that over 50% of adults have either shown interest or engaged in erotic spanking for sexual arousal or gratification. If you derive pleasure from being spanked and are ready to introduce a whip into your collection of sex tools, here is everything you need to know.

How couples Can Use Spanking Whips

What Is an Erotic Spanking Whip?

A whip, generically, refers to any object you can whip someone or something with. In the BDSM community, whips, paddles, canes, and floggers, are used to spank a partner's buttock and other erogenous zones for impact play. An erotic spanking whip is a single lash that is mostly braided and tapered to offer sensational pleasure by striking/spanking the butt during impact play.

Structurally, most people would struggle to distinguish between a whip and a flogger. The key difference is that a flogger is a handheld lash with multiple straps at the end, while a whip is a single lash with one strip at the end. This strip can be handheld and is what represents the whip, and can be used to spank or cause a slight tickle for sexual stimulation. Whips are quite popular because of their versatility. With a whip, you don't have to be directly behind your partner to spank them. The strap is long and doesn't come with positional restrictions.

Why Use an Erotic Spanking Whip?

Whips, as mentioned earlier, are typically associated with BDSM, but can trickle into normal sexual relationships (Carlström 2019). However, why are whips popular and pleasurable?

The pleasure derived from erotic whipping has a psychological connection. Experts suggest that the infliction of pain on the butt stimulates more blood flow in the whipped area as the mind tries to respond to the pain signal. This is thought to enhance sensational stimulation. Being spanked is also pleasurable as it is considered part of fetish fantasies. Lastly, spanking using a whip helps the body release endorphins (the happy hormone), which manifests in the form of a pleasure rush.

Types of Erotic Spanking Whips

Most people are into spanking. However, if you have never used a whip before, we suggest you use other forms of erotic spanking and leave the whip to those with the right sense of how to use this pain-pleasure implement. Your hands are great spankers as you can easily manage the intensity. A whip, on the other hand, requires ample experience to avoid accidents in high-intensity spanking sessions. That said, whips come in a variety of sizes and materials. Hence, if you are looking to venture into bondage play, here is a roundup of the types of erotic spanking whips on the market today.


A bullwhip's design is compact, with an average length of 3 feet, and is ideal for use in your bedroom. These whips have a flexible grip that is reinforced with a knot to prevent your hand from slipping. The lash is highly flexible too and is recommended for experienced spankers.

The Flicker Whip

Ideal for beginners, this whip is considered user-friendly as it is easy to handle, and delivers smooth impacts that novices can handle or train with. If you want to experience a thrilling sensation or spanking pleasures on your ass, invest in this whip to act on your fetish fantasies.

Nylon Whips

Nylon whips are ideal options for beginners to erotic bondage whipping. They are crafted from soft synthetic fiber that leaves a sharp sting sensation on the butt, making the spank recipient shiver in waves of pleasure. They come in different sizes and flexibility and leave no hiccup prints on the butt. Nylon whips are easy to handle, are considerably safer, and are quite durable.

Rubber Whips

Rubber whips are made from firm rubber and are ideal for novices as their unique intriguing sensations are easy to handle. The only downside to this type of whips is that they pose a high risk of bruising and abrasion.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Erotic Spanking Whips

Their Length

The length of a spanking whip plays a key role in its safety of usage. Whips longer than your feet are more likely to cause bruising or abrasion because they can wrap beyond the targeted area. Too short a whip can also undermine your effort. The recommended average length of a spanking whip is 3 feet.

The Material Used

Spanking whips come in different materials, including leather, rubber, nylon, and so on. Whips made of rubber, for instance, are known to leave an intense trail of sensational pain pleasure, which beginners could struggle to handle. Therefore, select a whip material based on your level of experience.

How to Use A Whip

For beginners, it is always recommended to start with soft tickles and increase the intensity as you gain experience and insight into how to use this otherwise dangerous erotic tool. For safe play, agree with your partner, ensure they consent, understand their erogenous zones, and start your spanking sessions with the fleshy parts like the thighs and buttocks. Besides, you can introduce blindfolds and increase your partner's anticipation.

Whips Guide by Sex Expert Katie Lasson

How Couples Can Use Spanking Whips

There are several ways in which couples can use whips during BDSM play. They are


A soft BDSM play starts with partners experiencing soft stimulations on their skin, as explained by (Fenell, et al., 2018). So, if you want to use whips in your play and get the best out of it, start with simple tickles with the whip. Tickling using whips will help you as a couple finds your partner's erogenous zones so that you can act on them accordingly. You will also know which parts of your partner's body are more ticklish to apply more effort to the play. To perform tickling well using your whip, I recommend arm bondage to prevent your partner from moving or resisting the action.   Tickling is a great foreplay move, and it's one of the best. Note that tickling is done using the tip of the whip.


This is another common way couples can use the hip. It creates anticipation and a sense of suspense waiting for a spanking. This move is used to turn submissive or puny partners on. Drag your whip down your submissive partner’s spine until you reach their buttocks. Spend some time on the areas you stroke to bring out the anticipation feeling.


This is the whip's most common and obvious function that most people know. Take note to spank on the thighs or buttocks slowly, or you may seriously injure your partner, which will be way out of the play. To make the spank more sensational, create suspense when stroking as much as possible. When your submissive partner doesn’t know what's coming next, use the whip and spank them gently. You can thrust the whip harder if your partner bears the previous force until you reach their limits. Always aim for parts of the body with more flesh, or else you will hurt your partner's pelvic bones. Spread your spanking areas so that your submissive partner doesn't get sore spots. After the spanking, use your hands to massage the spanked areas for more sensations. 

Safety Tips

  • Ensure you apply the right force on the whip to limit body wrap damage.
  • Use safe words if necessary.
  • Practice bondage whipping with a partner you completely trust.
  • Remember the aftercare.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spanking Whips

Are Whips Safe?

Holvoet, et al., (2017) says it is. However, it is only safe when partners agree on the force applied during spanking. Also, there are some delicate areas that a partner should avoid when spanking their partner. These areas include the face, neck, kidney, spine joints, front of the body, and the area where kidneys are at the back. To practice safe whipping:

Go slowly. Do not use a lot of force like you are hitting an enemy. Accuracy is the key. Hitting one-point gently several times will help you obtain your desired effects without hurting your partner. However, care should be taken to avoid making one point of the kin sorer than the other.

To use the whip safely with your partner, try the following tips:

  • Wear safety goggles
  • Make sure you have a spacious room. For instance, for a three feet whip, you need a six feet circumference circle area. The small area invites backlash, which is not good for a sensual play.
  • Practice the art of precision by using your whip on animal fur and noting how much fur is displaced.
  • Do not strike hard. Start gently as you go your way up. Train using pillow or teddy bear fur before doing it on your partner.
  • Be sure of flexible whips; also, they may wrap around your partner's waist, hips, shoulder, thighs, or neck, and that will be painful. You have to aim carefully to don’t hit the wrong area.
  • Some whips may cause abrasions and cuts. If that happens, wear latex gloves and do first aid to prevent bleeding.
  • Some whips materials may be porous; hence they will absorb bodily fluids and bacteria hance too good for sharing.

If whipping is done with the utmost care, there is no need to fear injuries because they are avoidable.

What Are Whips Made From?

Whips can be made from a variety of materials. Each material has different features, and each call for different levels of sensations when used. For instance, the paracord is the most common material used to make whips. Other whipmaking materials include polyester and Kevlar. Another commonly used material is the kangaroo leather, 550 nylon paracord. Some whipping materials that are continuing to gain popularity include: 275 paracord, titanium, and Dyneema.

The kangaroo leather whip is mostly recommended for beginners as the first whip. It is considered a traditional whipmaking material, and it is light and beautiful. However, the kangaroo leather whip is expensive because the maintenance practices are high and need exorbitant prices. There are some whips made of materials such as flexible silicone.

How Do I prepare for a BDSM spanking session?

  • Ensure you want to get spanking or if it’s your partner, make sure they are into it.
  • Communicate with your partner to establish a good rapport. You need to discuss with your partner how the session will be conducted.
  • Prepare your or your partner's butt (depending on the partner who wants to be spanked).
  • Wear something that will make you feel sexy. For instance, thigh-high stockings and cute underwear. These clothes play a vital part in spanking and make your partner want to do it, depending on their instinct.
  • Get the implements ready, i.e., the whips. They will bring out the effect of spanking even before the session begins.
  • Prepare your space. Spanking can’t be done in a small room, or you will risk suffering backlash. The size of the whip determines the size of the room you are using for the session. For instance, a three-foot whip calls for a circle of six feet in circumference.

You can also prepare the room by adding some erotic music to make you relax during the session. After all these, you are good for spanking, and you can get down to it.

Where in the Body Should I Concentrate on When Spanking?

On the buttocks, back of the thigh, and back, avoid the spine.

What Is the Necessary Aftercare after a Spanking Session?

Massaging the spanked area by applying sensual oil calls for more pleasure after spanking. Other elements of aftercare include

  • Soothing comfort
  • Food and drink
  • Blanket, water, and some arnica healing balm for the sore skin.

What Are the Risks of BDSM Whips?

  • Bruises
  • Skin cuts
  • Sore skin
  • Long-lasting pain


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