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10.2-Inch Crystal Anos Acrylic Butt Plug with Graduating Beads

Size Guide

FULFIL YOUR FANTASIES WITH THE 10.2-Inch Crystal Anos Acrylic Butt Plug with Graduating Beads.

 Made of body safe acrylic

 Has a graduated beads

 Has a pointed tip for easy insertion.

The crystal anos has a lovely crystal-like appearance. It is made of very smooth acrylic that feels very smooth to touch. The butt plug is made in a very smooth streamlined shape with the tip being smoothly pointed to give you an easy time of inserting it. The beads are made to give you a textured massage as the sit inside your body. The beads are graduated so that they can progressively stretch you out from the inside to give you a feeling of satisfying fullness.

The acrylic is smooth and safe to use in your body so you don’t have to worry about safety or allergies. The plug is made for use for both men and women who are comfortable with anal penetration and are looking for that stimulating massaged feeling. You can use this plug alone while masturbating or moving around the house or with your partner as you have sex. For women it really adds to the pleasure they experience during sex. You can also decide to take playtime to a different level and carry the plug with you to the bathroom to diversify your experience.

To enjoy the benefits of this plug ensure that you have lubed up very well before insertion. Water-based lubricants are great for use with this toy but you can use any lubricant that you prefer as long as you use a generous amount to make playtime smooth and more enjoyable. Cleaning this toy is easy as you can use warm water and soap to wash it or a good toy cleaner. Clean before and after each use for the best time.

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Specifications of the 10.2-Inch Crystal Anos Acrylic Butt Plug with Graduating Beads

Length : 10.2 Inches
Diameter : 1.6 Inches
Width : 4.7 Inches
Colour : Clear
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : You2Toys
Size : 26cm