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20 Inch Rimba Black Large Leather Paddle

by Rimba
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Genuine leather paddle, Handle 8 x 1 Inches, Paddle 12 x 4.5 Inches.

Specifications of 20-Inch Large Black Leather Spanking Paddle for Bondage

Length : 20 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Size : 20 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Powerful impact & captivating auditory experience

I recently got my hands on the 20-Inch Large Black Leather Spanking Paddle from Peaches and Screams, and boy, do I have some thoughts to share.

Let's start with the positives. The build quality of this paddle is no joke – the leather feels sturdy and well-crafted. It's got a good weight to it, which adds to the anticipation when you're about to use it. The length provides decent reach and control, making it easy to deliver a variety of sensations. The handle is comfortable to hold, which is essential for those longer play sessions.

When it comes to the experience, this paddle really delivers on that classic spanking sound. The loud smack it produces can be incredibly arousing, setting the mood just right. The size is generous enough to cover a larger area, allowing for some creative play and exploration. For those who enjoy the visual aspect, the contrast of the black leather against the skin is quite captivating.

However, there were a couple of aspects that didn't align with my preferences. Firstly, I found the paddle to be a tad too rigid for my liking. The lack of flexibility made it feel a bit unwieldy at times, especially when trying to achieve varying levels of impact. Additionally, the intensity of the sensation might not be for everyone. If you're more on the sensitive side or prefer a gentler touch, you might find this paddle to be a bit overwhelming.

One more thing to keep in mind is that this paddle requires a certain level of skill and practice. If you're a beginner, I'd recommend starting with something smaller and working your way up. It's easy to get carried away, so remember to communicate openly with your partner and establish clear boundaries.

In conclusion, the 20-Inch Large Black Leather Spanking Paddle from Peaches and Screams has its strengths and weaknesses. While the build quality, the sound it produces, and the overall experience are intriguing, the rigidity and intensity might not resonate with everyone. If you're into more intense sensations and have some experience under your belt, this paddle could be a thrilling addition to your collection. However, newcomers might want to explore gentler options before diving into the deep end with this one.