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22.5 Inch Rimba Black Leather Medium Riding Whip

by Rimba
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Crack this hot and sexy riding whip across your slaves thighs when riding them to give corrective punishment This is a high quality horse whip made of carbon fibre with a soft handle and tail, the tail measures 22.5 inches while the handle is 7 inches. Get riding your slave and dont spare the whip

Specifications of Black Riding Whip Medium Tail for BDSM Bondage Play

Length : 22.5 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Size : 22.5 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
L. (Copenhagen, DK)
Enjoyed the satisfying crack and versatile impact during play.

I recently tried the 22.5 Inch Rimba Black Leather Medium Riding Whip, and here’s my honest take based on my experience using it:

The whip is well-crafted with a sturdy yet flexible black leather design. It feels durable and comfortable to hold, with a handle that provides a good grip during use. The length of the whip allows for ample reach without feeling cumbersome, which is great for various types of play.

In terms of performance, the whip delivers a satisfying crack and sting upon impact. It’s versatile enough for both gentle teasing and more intense sensations, depending on how it's wielded. I found the leather to be of high quality, providing a consistent experience without fraying or discomfort.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the balance of the whip. It’s easy to control and maneuver, which enhances the overall play experience. The sound and sensation it produces are quite satisfying and can be adjusted based on the force applied.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks for me. While the whip is generally well-balanced, I felt that the handle could be slightly longer for better leverage and comfort, especially during longer sessions. Additionally, some users might find the intensity of the whip's sting to be on the moderate side compared to heavier riding crops.

Overall, the 22.5 Inch Rimba Black Leather Medium Riding Whip is a reliable choice for those interested in exploring impact play. It’s well-made, offers a satisfying range of sensations, and is comfortable to use. Whether you’re new to using whips or have more experience, it’s worth considering for its quality craftsmanship and versatile performance.

Customer (Jacksonville, US)
Versatile sensations and approachable design for BDSM exploration

I recently added the Black Riding Whip with a medium tail from Peaches and Screams to my collection of BDSM toys, and it's been quite an interesting experience.

The design of this whip is simple yet effective. The black whip with a medium-length tail is visually appealing without being too intimidating. It's the kind of toy that draws curiosity rather than fear, which can be a great starting point for exploration.

In terms of performance, this whip delivers a satisfying sensation. The medium tail allows for a wide range of intensities, from gentle strokes to more pronounced stings. It's a versatile tool that suits various levels of BDSM play, from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.

One aspect that pleasantly surprised me was the ease of use and precision. The whip responds well to your movements, allowing for precise targeting and control during play. It's also relatively quiet compared to some other impact toys, which can be a significant advantage for those who need discretion.

However, there's a learning curve involved. It takes some practice to master the art of wielding a whip effectively, and it's important to prioritize safety and consent in any BDSM play.

One potential drawback is the handle. While it's comfortable to hold, it's not as sturdy as some other options on the market. If you're engaging in intense play, you might want to consider a whip with a more robust handle.

In summary, the Black Riding Whip with a medium tail is a versatile and approachable addition to BDSM and bondage play. It offers a range of sensations and allows for control and discretion. However, it does require practice to use effectively, and the handle could be sturdier for heavy play. If you're looking to dip your toes into impact play, this whip is a good starting point. Just remember to prioritize safety and communication with your partner.