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27 Inch Black Leather Whip And Chain-wrapped Handle With 16 Strings

by Rimba
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Genuine leather 16 strings 21 Inches long, Handle wrapped in chain 6 Inches x 1.5 Inches.

Specifications of the Black Leather Flogger with Chain Handle for Bondage

Length : 27 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Size : 27 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
G. (Barcelona, ES)
Versatile impact, unique chain handle for comfortable control in play.

I recently had the opportunity to use the 27 Inch Black Leather Whip with Chain-wrapped Handle and 16 Strings, and here's my honest experience with it.

The whip's design is striking and unique, featuring a chain-wrapped handle and 16 leather strings. It immediately stands out visually and feels substantial in hand, with a good balance of weight and maneuverability.

During play, I found the whip to be quite versatile. The combination of leather strings and the chain-wrapped handle allows for a range of sensations, from light flicks to more intense strikes. This variability makes it suitable for different levels of intensity and play styles.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the handle design. The chain wrapping provided an ergonomic grip that was comfortable to hold and offered good control during use. It enhanced the overall aesthetic and added to the tactile experience of using the whip.

However, one consideration is that the chain-wrapped handle may require careful maintenance to prevent wear and tear over time. Regular inspection and cleaning may be necessary to maintain its appearance and functionality.

Overall, the 27 Inch Black Leather Whip with Chain-wrapped Handle and 16 Strings is a distinctive choice for BDSM enthusiasts. Its unique design, versatile performance, and comfortable handling make it a valuable addition to any BDSM toolkit.

Edgy appearance and versatile sensations elevate BDSM play

I recently tried out the Black Leather Flogger with a Chain Handle from Peaches and Screams, and I'm here to give you the lowdown on this rather unconventional BDSM accessory.

The combination of black leather and a chain handle gives this flogger a distinct and edgy look. It's not your typical flogger, and that's part of its appeal. The build quality is decent, with sturdy leather tails and a chain handle that feels substantial in your hand.

Now, onto the practical aspects. The chain handle, though it may look intimidating, is surprisingly comfortable to grip. It's relatively easy to maintain control, even during intense play. Plus, it adds a unique weight and sensation to the experience.

The leather tails of this flogger offer a balanced blend of sting and thud. When used with precision, they provide sharp impacts that can range from mildly stimulating to intensely pleasurable. The versatility in the sensations it offers is a strong point for this toy.

However, there are a couple of caveats to consider. This can lead to fatigue for the person wielding it, so it's something to keep in mind.

Secondly, like with any flogger, there's a learning curve. Achieving the right balance between sting and thud takes practice, and beginners might find it a bit challenging.

Maintenance-wise, the leather tails are relatively easy to clean with a damp cloth, but the chain handle may require a bit more attention to keep it rust-free and in top shape.

In conclusion, the Black Leather Flogger with Chain Handle is a unique twist on traditional BDSM floggers. Its edgy appearance and balanced sensations make it an intriguing choice for those looking to spice up their bondage play. However, be prepared for some weight and a learning curve, and it's best suited for those who already have some flogging experience under their belts.