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5.5-inch Electrastim Noir Rocker Bi-polar Large Electro Butt Plug

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Packed with layered throbbing sensations this butt plug offers slightly bigger length and thickness. This achingly sweet butt plug is a step up in the world of hardcore anal pleasure givers. It transmits just the right levels of pain and gratification in equal measure. The 5.5-Inch ElectraStim Noir Rocker Bi-Polar Large Electro Butt Plug is an impressive statement of your commitment to the authoritative artistry of bondage. The 5.5-Inch ElectraStim Noir Rocker Bi-Polar Large Electro Butt Plug’s tapered shaft makes insertion easy and provides for auto thrust during use with your stimulator. It has subtle textured ridges that increase sensation and as if that were not excitement enough, the rocker base really gets you off to an explosive anal orgasm. It is the ultimate in bondage and is a sophisticated pleasure mate, made with finesse worthy of your pleasure chest. This sublime hi-tech pleasure meets pain sexual toy will turn you into a legend in the history of masters of bondage. It is a bondage stamp of authority, a sure sign that you have entered the highway of butt clenching delightfully aching eroticism. Nothing speaks more of your erotic proficiency than this beautifully made sensual butt plug. Behold the wonders of floating yourself off on a journey of two worlds that herald an explosive bittersweet and breath-taking orgasmic end. With this sumptuous toy, the beginning and end merge into one warm tingling story of a well-choreographed story of complete sexual satisfaction.

Specifications of 5.5-Inch ElectraStim Noir Rocker Bi-Polar Large Electro Butt Plug

Length : 5.5 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1.6 Inches
Width : 5 Inches
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Rigid
Controller : Wired
For Who : Both
Brand : ElectraStim
Size : 5.5 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Intense sensations with bi-polar design heightened anal pleasure remarkably.

Venturing into the realm of electrifying pleasures, I decided to try out the 5-Inch ElectraStim Noir Rocker Bi-Polar Large Electro Butt Plug from Peaches and Screams. As someone who appreciates a mix of intensity and satisfaction in intimate play, I was eager to see how this product could enhance my experiences.

Upon receiving the butt plug, I was immediately impressed by its size and weight. The silicone material felt comfortable and body-safe, and the tapered design allowed for relatively smooth insertion. The flared base was reassuring for safe use, especially given the larger size.

Setting up the bi-polar electro-stimulation feature required attention to detail, but the provided instructions guided me through the process. As I cautiously increased the intensity, I was met with a unique blend of sensations that ranged from tingling to intense pulsing. The bi-polar design added a new layer of stimulation that I hadn't encountered before.

What stood out to me was the customizable intensity levels. Gradually increasing the electro-stimulation allowed me to adapt the sensations to my preferences and comfort level, creating an experience that felt tailored to my desires.

However, there were aspects that posed challenges. Finding the right intensity level required careful adjustment, as the sensations could quickly become overwhelming, especially when using both polarities simultaneously. Additionally, this level of stimulation might not be suitable for those new to anal play or electro-stimulation.

Cleaning the plug was relatively straightforward due to its silicone material, though I had to be cautious around the electrical components to prevent moisture from entering.

In conclusion, the 5-Inch ElectraStim Noir Rocker Bi-Polar Large Electro Butt Plug offers an intense journey into the world of anal pleasure and bi-polar electro-stimulation. The size, customizable sensations, and unique design are commendable. However, adapting to the intense stimulation and finding the right balance of intensity might require patience and careful exploration. If you're intrigued by the combination of anal play and bi-polar electro-stimulation and if you're experienced in both, this plug could provide an electrifying adventure that's both intense and uniquely satisfying.