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Black Leather Chain Bra, Collar And Ring With Press Studs

by Rimba
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The black leather chain bra, collar, and ring ensemble redefine the boundaries of edgy allure. Crafted from supple black leather, the bra introduces an element of rebellion into intimate fashion. Chains interlace, creating a daring mosaic that contrasts with the smoothness of leather. The metallic press studs add an industrial edge, turning the act of unveiling into a tantalizing game. Accompanying the bra, the matching collar serves as both an accessory and a symbol of submission. Adorned with a strategically placed ring, it invites exploration into realms of dominance and surrender. The collar, too, is punctuated with press studs, creating a sense of continuity and thematic unity.

The pièce de résistance is the provocative ring, strategically positioned to evoke a sense of empowerment. It transcends the conventional boundaries of lingerie, becoming a statement piece that symbolizes both restraint and liberation. In this ensemble, leather becomes a language of bold self-expression, and the metallic accents create a symphony of sensuality. The black leather chain bra, collar, and ring with press studs embody a fusion of dominance and vulnerability, a wearable manifesto that beckons exploration into the realms of desire and daring.

Specifications of  Black Leather Chain Bra, Collar And Ring With Press Studs

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
For Who : Female
Brand : Rimba
Style : Match Sets
Size : One Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
C. (Marigot, DM)
Empowering collar, thrilling chain bra, daring allure.

First off, the moment I received the collar with chain bra, I was impressed with its quality. The black leather felt soft and luxurious against my skin, and the adjustable collar allowed me to find the perfect fit comfortably.

The collar itself exuded an air of dominance, adding a touch of power play to my intimate encounters. It was symbolic and visually stimulating, creating a new level of excitement during playtime.

The chain bra design was a definite showstopper. The way it framed my chest was tantalizing and empowering. The feeling of the cold metal against my skin heightened my sensations and added a thrilling touch to my experiences.

The adjustable feature of the chain bra was a big plus, allowing me to customize the fit and find the perfect balance between comfort and allure.

On the downside, the chain bra might not be suitable for extended wear, especially if you're looking for more coverage or support. It's best reserved for special occasions and those moments when you want to embrace your daring side.

Moreover, as with any leather product, proper care and maintenance are crucial to preserve its quality and appearance. Following the care instructions provided by the manufacturer is essential to ensure the longevity of the collar and chain bra.

Additionally, it's essential to establish clear communication and consent with your partner before incorporating this accessory into your intimate play. While it can be thrilling for some, it may not be suitable for everyone's comfort levels or preferences.

In conclusion, the Black Leather Fetish Collar with Chain Bra from Peaches and Screams offers an alluring and daring journey into the world of power play and fetish allure. Its quality leather, adjustable fit, and visually striking design make it a unique addition to any collection of intimate accessories. If you're ready to unleash your sensual side and explore the realm of power dynamics, this collar and chain bra combo might be just what you're looking for. Remember to communicate openly with your partner for a fulfilling experience.