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California Exotic


Black Stretchy Weighted Ball Stretcher for Men

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Pushing the limit in your pursuit for the perfect orgasm is always a welcome strategy. Orgasms are great for stress relief and achieving a general sunny disposition. You are the power behind your sexual experiences and it is up to you to ensure that you have set the perfect environment to achieve that feeling that makes you scream out in pleasure and gets you and your partner addicted to the after effects of the mind-blowing orgasmic experiences. The Black Stretchy Weighted Ball Stretcher for Men is a great tool when it comes to the unorthodox means of extending the life span of the greatest stroking game of your life. The scrotum is somehow always overlooked during sex as most people put all the time and energy on the shaft, forgetting that the twins can make a life-changing difference between a good sexual experience and a great one. With an adjustable strap, the Black Stretchy Weighted Ball Stretcher for Men is designed to fit various sizes, ensuring that every size comfortably fits into the toy. The stretcher has four heavy duty weights evenly distributed around the silicone strap, ensuring that the total 2 ounces pulls your scrotum without placing undue stress on one side. With the weights, the balls hang low and are placed strategically to swing as you pound into your partner, your balls joining the party with some greater pressure, driving both of you wild, making the orgasm a welcome explosion that serves you justice. Make you balls regular guests at your play time sessions and reap the rewards of a mind-blowing orgasm every time. 

Specifications of the Black Stretchy Weighted Ball Stretcher for Men

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Features : Size Adjustable
Brand : California Exotic