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Clean Stream Silver Shower Enema Set

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The Shower Enema System has been improved! This enema kit now includes a free narrow nozzle. New, longer 6 foot hose makes your enema time much more convenient. You use the shower knob to regulate the force of water through the hose into their ass. This allows for a more gradual and comfortable enema experience.

This is a very neat enema system. Its douche/enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. The Shower Enema Kit comes with two nozzles, one is 5" and the other is 3.5". It also comes with a 6ft (2m) metal hose. One end of the hose screws into your shower, the other end is where you attach your choice of nozzle. Where the Shower Enema Kit connects with your shower it has a valve that directs the water either through the nozzle and into you or to the shower head.

Specifications of Deluxe Shower Douche Enema Set for Vaginal and Anal Douching

Length : 125 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1.1 Inches
Width : 2.8 Inches
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Both
Features : Shower Attachment
Misc : Easy Install Guide
Brand : Clean Stream
Size : 125 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
H.J. (Basseterre, KN)
Comprehensive hygiene; versatile options for intimate cleansing and preparation.

I recently decided to explore a more comprehensive approach to intimate hygiene and tried out the Deluxe Shower Douche Enema Set for Vaginal and Anal Douching from Peaches and Screams. Here's my candid take on the product after giving it a try.

Firstly, let's discuss the practicality and versatility of this enema set. The set includes various attachments and options for both vaginal and anal douching, which caught my attention. The included bag, hoses, and nozzles are designed for a thorough and customizable experience.

In terms of using the set, I found the setup straightforward. The bag attaches easily to the shower head, and the water flow can be controlled using the shower valve. The various nozzles provide options for different levels of cleansing and stimulation.

Using the enema set for douching provided an effective way to maintain hygiene and comfort before intimate moments. The ability to adjust the water pressure and choose the appropriate nozzle allowed for a tailored experience.

However, there were a couple of aspects that could be improved. Firstly, while the enema set worked well overall, some of the attachments felt a bit basic in terms of quality. A more durable and premium construction could enhance the overall experience.

Secondly, the setup might take a bit of time and effort, especially for those new to enema kits. Familiarizing oneself with the instructions and setup could ease the process.

Cleaning and maintenance were relatively straightforward, ensuring hygienic use for future sessions.

In conclusion, the Deluxe Shower Douche Enema Set for Vaginal and Anal Douching from Peaches and Screams offers a comprehensive and versatile way to maintain hygiene and comfort for intimate moments. While there were points like attachment quality and setup to consider, my overall experience was positive. This enema set provides an efficient solution for those looking to enhance their intimate experiences through thorough cleansing and preparation.