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Deluxe Anal Douche Enema Attachments for Couple Use In-Shower

The Deluxe Anal Douche Enema Attachments for Couple Use In-Shower makes your shower a sex toy as well as a cleaning system. Enjoy a shower alone or with your partner and use this fabulous Deluxe Anal Douche Enema Attachments for Couple Use In-Shower for pleasure or for the great clean out. Turn a simple shower into an amazing anal experience. With two attachments, you can feel the internal thrust before you push the warm water through to cleanse and penetrate even more. With included shower hose, you can use this by yourself or make it long enough to use with your lover. Each of the two attachment has holes for water to flow. You can control the water temperature and the flow. This system is easy to use. The attachments have up to 7 inches of insertable length. Both of the fun attachments connect to the shower douche system for internal cleaning as well as water pleasure in the shower. Peaches and Screams offers a great line of incredible anal toys and douches. Check out the fun and exciting toys here at Peaches and Screams to add to your current collection. Mix and match for the best experiences together. We respect your privacy from billing and delivery. Peaches and Screams will ship all your sex products and cleaners in a discreet package directly to your door. Trust Peaches and Screams to fill all your sexual needs from toys, sexual safety, to sexual health. For added cleansing and douching, be sure to grab this Deluxe Anal Douche Enema Attachments for Couple Use In-Shower. Bring your lover into your shower with you so you can prepare for your anal sex pleasure together. You can use this shower system for the full cleanse you need before sex or you can jump into the shower together and wash up and clean out after your sexual pleasures. Shop for the Deluxe Anal Douche Enema Attachments for Couple Use In-Shower now!


Length : 6 and 10 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water
Insertable : 7 to_8 inches
Diameter : 1 Inch
Width : 3 Inches
Colour : Black
For Who : Female
Features : 5ft Long Hose
Brand : You2Toys
Size : 6 and 10 Inches

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