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Electrastim Metal Silver Clitoral Electro Stimulation Probe

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Do you love experiencing clitoral stimulation that leaves you gasping for air? Buy this Silver Electro-Stim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe designed to make your dreams and fantasies come true. Clitoral stimulations cover a wide area; hence, this sex toy is made with amazing techniques that allow you to take control of your sexual pleasure. The device allows your clitoral stimulation to take the lead into the whole labia and vaginal area. It features an insulated base that allows you to hold the probe against the targeted area and drive jolts of pleasure into your body. Its pointed tip delivers an intense sensation when the stage shifts to thetorture momentum. For more intense sensations from the toy, the user should activate the wide base and wait for the electro sensations to induce in the body.

The toy also features a bipolar probe ability that allows you to choose several electrodes that best suit your interest. Also, the conical shape of the toy allows for shallow penetration and stimulation into the vaginal opening. Always clean the toy and rinse it thoroughly before storage or the next usage. The toy is also compatible with water-based lubricant; thus, ensure you apply plenty of lubricant before starting the play.

Specifications of Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe for Her

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Female
Brand : ElectraStim

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
H.S. (Bucharest, RO)
Smooth metal, adjustable intensity for unique clitoral electrostimulation experience.

I recently tried the Electrastim Metal Silver Clitoral Electro Stimulation Probe, and here’s what I found:

The probe is sleek and well-crafted, with a smooth metal finish that feels cool against the skin. Its design is simple yet effective, making it easy to use and handle during play.

The electrostimulation feature adds a unique twist to clitoral stimulation. The sensations are distinct, ranging from gentle tingles to more intense pulses, which can be quite arousing when adjusted to the right intensity.

I enjoyed how easy it was to integrate the probe into my routine. The metal material is easy to clean and maintain, which is a big plus for hygiene. The probe’s design also ensures it stays in place, allowing for hands-free enjoyment.

However, the intensity levels can be quite strong, so it might not be suitable for everyone, especially beginners to electrostimulation. Additionally, the probe’s firmness and direct stimulation might not be comfortable for those who prefer gentler sensations.

Overall, the Electrastim Metal Silver Clitoral Electro Stimulation Probe is a well-designed tool for those looking to explore electrostimulation. It offers a unique, stimulating experience with easy cleaning and effective design, though the intensity might be too much for some users.

Maya Joshi
Innovative clitoral sensations through sleek design heightened intimate pleasure.

Intrigued by the promise of a new kind of clitoral stimulation, I decided to explore the Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe from Peaches and Screams. As someone who's open to trying innovative pleasure products, I was excited to see how this probe could elevate my intimate experiences.

Upon receiving the probe, I was impressed by its sleek and modern design. The silver color and ergonomic shape felt comfortable to hold, and the set-up process for the electro-stimulation was relatively straightforward thanks to the provided instructions.

As I started experimenting, the sensations from the probe immediately caught my attention. The combination of the unique shape and the electro-stimulation created an intriguing mix of tingling and pulsing against my clitoral area. It was an entirely new form of arousal that I had not encountered before, captivating my senses in unexpected ways.

What stood out to me was the adjustable intensity levels. Starting from a lower setting, I gradually increased the electro-stimulation to explore the sensations. The fact that I could tailor the intensity to my preferences added a personal touch to the experience.

However, there were aspects that required some adjustment. Finding the right intensity level took some trial and error, as the sensations could be quite intense at higher settings. Additionally, while the probe's design was unique and stimulating, this form of clitoral stimulation might not be for everyone's preferences.

Cleaning the probe was relatively straightforward due to its smooth surface, though I had to be cautious around the electro-stimulation components to prevent moisture from entering.

In conclusion, the Silver ElectraStim Halo Clitoral Stimulation Probe offers an innovative journey into a new realm of clitoral pleasure. The quality, adjustable sensations, and unique design are commendable. However, finding the right balance of intensity and adapting to this specific type of stimulation might require patience and exploration. If you're open to exploring new dimensions of intimate pleasure and curious about the blend of design and electrifying sensations, this probe could provide a captivating journey that's both stimulating and unique.