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Erotic Fruit Flavoured Jelly Willies 150g

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Fruit flavoured jelly willies.

Glucose syrup, Sugar, Geletine, Acidifier, Citric acid, Flavourings, Colours-E100, E120, E140, Vegetable oil-Coconut, Glazing agent-Carnauba wax.
Produced in a factory and on a production line that handles wheat.

Specifications of Fruit-Flavoured Novelty Jelly Willies, 150g

Liquid Volume : 150g
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood
Size : 150g

Customer Reviews

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Isabella (Barcelona, ES)
Whimsical fruit flavors, playful shapes added a light-hearted treat.

The concept of edible novelty jelly willies caught my eye right away. The packaging was discreet and straightforward, creating a sense of fun without being too explicit. Upon opening the bag, I found an assortment of colorful and anatomically suggestive shapes.

Tasting the jelly willies was a whimsical experience. The fruit flavors were distinct and enjoyable, adding a playful twist to the usual treat. The novelty of the shapes added an element of amusement that sparked laughter and created a relaxed atmosphere.

The jellies themselves were soft and chewy, making them easy to enjoy. Their texture added to the light-hearted vibe, creating a treat that's not just tasty, but also fun to eat.

However, the shapes might not be for everyone. Some might find them a bit too cheeky or might feel a bit uncomfortable eating them in certain settings.

In terms of quantity, the 150g bag provided a reasonable amount for snacking or sharing with a partner. It's worth noting that due to their novelty nature, these might be more suited for occasional enjoyment rather than a daily treat.Cleanup afterward was simple – no mess or residue to worry about.

In summary, the Fruit Flavoured Novelty Jelly Willies offer a playful and unique twist to snacking. The fruit flavors, chewy texture, and amusing shapes create a light-hearted experience. However, individual preferences for the novelty aspect might vary.

As with any product, personal tastes and experiences can differ, so choose what aligns with your sense of fun and enjoyment. Here's to sweet and amusing moments of indulgence!