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Fistit Intimate Silicone-based Anal Lubricant, 500ml

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FistIt Intimate Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant, available in a generous 500ml size, is a high-quality lubricant specifically formulated for intense and adventurous intimate activities, including fisting.

What sets FistIt apart is its silicone-based formula, designed to provide long-lasting and frictionless glide. It offers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable experience, reducing friction and discomfort during intense and prolonged encounters. This lubricant is ideal for individuals and couples who engage in activities that require extended and reliable lubrication.

The 500ml bottle size offers a substantial and ample supply of this premium lubricant, ensuring that you have more than enough to enhance your intimate moments without the need for frequent reapplication. It's the perfect choice for those who engage in intense and extended sessions.

FistIt Intimate Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant is compatible with latex condoms but should not be used with silicone-based adult toys. It's the go-to option for individuals and couples who prioritize comfort, pleasure, and safety during intense and adventurous intimate play, ensuring that your encounters are both enjoyable and satisfying.

Specifications of FistIt Intimate Anal Lubricant, 500ml

Lube Type : Silicone Based
Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 500mls
Colour : Clear
For Who : Both
Brand : PharmaQuests
Size : 500ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
ל.פ. (Dublin, IE)
Enhanced glide for adventurous intimate exploration with ample supply.

Embarking on an adventurous path of intimate exploration, I decided to try the FistIt Intimate Anal Lubricant (500ml) from Peaches and Screams. Here's an honest review, detailing my personal encounters with this product.

First impressions were made by the generous 500ml size of the bottle, which promised ample supply for numerous encounters. The convenient pump dispenser made application straightforward and minimized any mess, a practical feature I found appealing.

Upon using the lube, I noted its texture – smooth and slightly thicker compared to regular lubes. It provided a substantial coating that created a comfortable glide, adding to the overall pleasure.

The lubricant's purpose was to facilitate more intense and adventurous activities, and in that regard, it lived up to its claim. Its slightly thicker consistency was effective in reducing friction and enhancing the experience, catering to more demanding scenarios.

The long-lasting quality of the lube was notable, requiring minimal reapplication even during extended activities. This aspect added a layer of convenience to uninterrupted intimate moments.

However, I did observe that the thicker texture of the lube might not suit everyone's preferences. Some individuals might find it more suitable for specific activities or for those who prefer a more substantial coating.

On the flip side, the thicker texture might require more thorough cleaning compared to regular lubes, which is something to consider for post-activity cleanup.

The absence of any noticeable scent was a plus, catering to those who prefer unscented options. This consideration was important for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

In summary, my experience with the FistIt Intimate Anal Lubricant (500ml) was a mix of positives and considerations. The substantial size, thicker texture, and enhanced lubrication made it a noteworthy choice for more intense activities. The potential drawbacks included the specific suitability for certain preferences and the need for thorough cleaning due to the thicker texture. If you're looking to explore more adventurous and intense experiences and seeking a lubricant that offers enhanced glide and comfort, this product could be a viable option for your intimate explorations.