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Id Backslide Anal Formula Silicone-based Sex Lubricant, 4.4 Oz

by ID Lube
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ID Backslide Anal Formula Silicone-based Sex Lubricant, available in a generous 4.4 oz (approximately 130ml) size, is a premium choice for individuals and couples who prioritize comfort and pleasure during anal play. This high-quality silicone-based lubricant is specially formulated to provide long-lasting, frictionless glide, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

What sets ID Backslide apart is its specialized formula tailored for anal play. It offers a thicker and longer-lasting lubrication compared to regular lubricants, making it ideal for reducing friction, enhancing comfort, and making anal encounters more pleasurable. Its durability ensures that you can enjoy extended sessions without frequent reapplication.

The 4.4 oz bottle size provides a generous and ample supply of this high-quality lubricant, ensuring that you have more than enough to make your intimate moments smooth and enjoyable. It's perfect for individuals and couples who seek a reliable and long-lasting lubricant for their anal adventures.

ID Backslide Anal Formula Silicone-based Sex Lubricant is compatible with latex condoms, but it should not be used with silicone-based adult toys. It's the perfect choice for those who prioritize comfort, pleasure, and safety during anal play, ensuring that your encounters are both enjoyable and satisfying.

Specifications of ID Backslide Anal Formula Silicone Sex Lubricant, 4.4floz

Lube Type : Silicone Based
Liquid Volume : 4.4 oz
For Who : Both
Brand : ID Lube

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Aubrey (Helsinki, FI)
Enduring slipperiness amplified comfort; thickness might vary by preference.

First off, the larger size was a practical perk. The 4.4floz bottle promised a reliable supply, perfect for multiple encounters. The flip-top cap made application mess-free and convenient – an essential factor when things are heating up.

The consistency of the lube intrigued me. It was thicker than some other lubes I've tried, which made it interesting from the get-go. When applied, it provided a noticeable, long-lasting slipperiness that created a smooth glide during play. This was definitely the highlight for me.

The silicone-based formula's endurance was impressive. It required minimal reapplication, making it a reliable companion for longer sessions. The lasting slipperiness ensured comfort throughout, which is a major plus.

I found the lack of scent or taste to be a big benefit. It allowed me to focus solely on the sensations without any distractions. The neutral nature of the lube was certainly appreciated.

However, the thickness might not suit everyone.Additionally, keep in mind that silicone-based lubes might not be compatible with silicone toys.

Cleanup was relatively easy, though it did require a bit more effort than with water-based lubes. This is a common characteristic of silicone-based products.

In summary, the ID Backslide Anal Formula Silicone Sex Lubricant offers a prolonged, slippery glide that enhances comfort during intimate activities. The larger size and user-friendly flip-top cap make it practical, while the neutral scent and taste add to the overall experience. Just remember that the thickness might not be for everyone, and be prepared for the potential need for a thorough cleanup afterward.