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Id Frutopia Sugar-free Water-based Mango Lube 100ml

by ID Lube
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ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml is water based and contains no sugar or artificial colors. With a line of fresh flavours, you and your partner are going to want to taste each one. The yummy flavours are plant based, so you are certain this natural flavour will not only excite you and your partner but is also vegan friendly. Sex lubricant has never been as tasty as ID Frutopia. This incredible 3.4 oz bottle in Mango Passion flavour will sweeten your sex life. The yummy mango passion flavour will sweeten your flavour experience. Taste your lover. ID’s revolutionary line of personal lubricants are made to create incredible flavour with the taste of the fruits you love. Turn your intimate experience with your lover into a tasty buffet. Mango Passion could be your favorite flavour, but ID Frutopia is available in five other flavours. Find ID Frutopia in Cherry, Watermelon, Raspberry, Banana, and Strawberry along with this fantastic mango taste. Lick and taste your lover while making penetration even easier and more pleasurable with ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml. Eat more fruit while tasting your lover at the same time. Ordering all your sex products from Peaches and Screams is easy to do. We respect your privacy from ordering and billing to packing and delivery. We will ship your items in a discreet package directly to your door. With lubes, condom, and all the sex toys you could imagine, Peaches and Screams has everything you need for the best experience possible. ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml is great tasting and incredibly easy to use. This incredible personal lube in mango passion flavour is also available in a smaller 1 ounce size for you and your partner to try before committing to a larger bottle. Sweeten your sex life. Love your experience and love your partner more with ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml from Peaches and Screams. Shop for ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml now!

Specifications of ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube 100ml

Lube Type : Water Based
Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 3.4floz/100mls
For Who : Both
Brand : ID Lube

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ellie (Athens, GR)
Subtle mango flavor adds exotic flair to intimate connections.

To start, let's talk about the mango flavor. The scent was distinct but not overpowering, and the packaging was practical and easy to handle. The concept of a sugar-free formula intrigued me, as I was curious about its impact on both the taste and the overall encounter.

In terms of texture, the lube felt smooth and natural on the skin. It provided a comfortable glide during intimate moments, without being overly thin or tacky. I was pleased that it didn't leave any undesirable residue afterward, which is always a plus.

The mango flavor truly brought something unique to the experience. It was subtle and not overly artificial, offering a distinctive sensory layer to the moment. The hint of mango added an exciting touch to oral play, creating a playful and intriguing connection.

As for lubrication, I found that the product performed well throughout the experience, reducing the need for frequent reapplication. This added to an overall comfortable encounter and allowed for continuous moments of connection with my partner.

On the flip side, as with any flavored lubes, personal preferences are key. While the mango flavor was a delightful surprise for me, it might not resonate with everyone. Some might find it distracting or not to their liking during intimate moments.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the natural scent and flavor of the lube didn't fully mask the typical lube smell. This might not be an issue for everyone, but it's something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents.

In terms of skin comfort, I didn't experience any irritation or discomfort, which was a relief. The water-based, sugar-free formula seemed gentle and suited my needs without any issues.

In conclusion, the ID Frutopia Sugar-Free Water-Based Mango Lube (100ml) offers an exotic touch to intimate encounters. The smooth texture, natural scent, and lasting performance make it a solid option for those looking to infuse some mango excitement into their experiences. Remember, flavored lubes are all about personal preferences.

As always, individual preferences vary, so what's enjoyable for me might not align with your preferences. Here's to embracing diverse pleasures and adding a splash of mango delight to your intimate moments!