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Id Jelly Extra Thick Water-based Sex Lubricant, 2oz

by ID Lube
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Thick and cushiony, ID Jelly Extra Thick Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 2oz makes the perfect companion for your toys. Readily adhering to surfaces and providing excellent slip, this lubricant is a favorite choice when it comes to the time to play with your toys. This water-based lubricant is a superb choice whether you are partaking anal sex, vaginal sex, having fun with toys, or just enjoying solo action.

Specifications of ID Jelly Extra Thick Water-Based Sex Lubricant, 2oz

Lube Type : Water Based
Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 2oz/60mls
For Who : Both
Brand : ID Lube

Customer Reviews

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Victoria (Berkeley, US)
Cushioning thickness enhances comfort, versatile for various intimate activities.

As someone who values both comfort and versatility in the bedroom, I was intrigued to see how this product would perform. Here's my honest take on the experience.

First off, the packaging of the 2oz tube was practical and discreet. The flip-top cap ensured easy and controlled dispensing, which is a must for avoiding any unexpected spills during those heated moments. The promise of "extra thick" intrigued me, as I was curious about the potential benefits.

Texture-wise, the ID Jelly certainly lived up to its "extra thick" claim. It had a substantial consistency that provided a notable cushioning effect. This thicker texture made it great for reducing friction and enhancing comfort during various activities. It didn't feel overly slippery or watery, which was a plus.

One aspect I enjoyed was its versatility. The ID Jelly worked well with different types of play, including both solo and partnered experiences, as well as with a variety of toys. Its water-based formula meant it was compatible with pretty much anything, making it a versatile addition to the bedroom arsenal.

Moreover, it stayed put and didn't dry out too quickly. This helped maintain the desired level of lubrication throughout the experience without needing frequent reapplication. The cushioning effect added a layer of comfort, especially during more extended intimate sessions.

However, there was a minor trade-off for the thicker consistency: cleanup required a bit more effort compared to some thinner lubes. In terms of comfort and skin-friendliness, I didn't experience any irritation or discomfort, which was a relief. This is something to take into account, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

In summary, the ID Jelly Extra Thick Water-Based Sex Lubricant offers a different kind of intimacy experience with its substantial texture and lasting performance. Its versatility and compatibility with various activities and toys make it a convenient choice for those looking to explore different pleasures. Just keep in mind the cleanup might take a bit more effort due to the thicker consistency.