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Id Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone-based Sex Lube, 2.2oz

by ID Lube
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Guaranteed never sticky, ID Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Sex Lube, 2.2oz represents the highest quality pure silicone lubricant manufactured in the United States. It never dries and never loses slip, even under water. This super concentrated, clear, odorless formula is latex compatible and washes off easily with soap and warm water. Experience the premium quality and superior performance of ID Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Sex Lube, 2.2oz its truly amazing

Specifications of ID Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Sex Lube, 2.2oz

Lube Type : Silicone Based
Liquid Volume : 2.5oz
For Who : Both
Features : silky smooth and never dries
Brand : ID Lube
Power : na
Size : 2.5oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Enduring, slick sensation; ideal for extended intimate moments.

In my pursuit of a reliable and enduring lubrication option, I decided to test out the ID Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Sex Lube from Peaches and Screams. Here's my candid take on the product after incorporating it into my intimate moments.

Right off the bat, the "longest lasting" claim intrigued me, and I was eager to put it to the test. Upon application, I immediately felt the difference in consistency compared to water-based lubes. The silicone-based formula provided a silky and slick sensation that was quite distinct.

The longevity of the ID Millennium lube was impressive. It maintained its effectiveness even during extended sessions, reducing the need for frequent reapplication. This aspect stood out as a significant advantage.

I also appreciated the versatility of the lube. It worked seamlessly for various intimate activities, both solo and with a partner. The small 2.2oz size made it convenient to carry for travel or discreet storage.

However, there were a couple of considerations to note. The silicone formula, while long-lasting, might not be compatible with certain silicone-based toys. Checking compatibility before use is essential to avoid any material interactions.

Furthermore, the thicker consistency of the lube might not suit everyone's preferences. Some users might prefer a lighter and more fluid texture.

In terms of cleanup, the ID Millennium lube could be slightly more challenging to wash off compared to water-based options. This might be something to keep in mind when choosing the right lubrication for your needs.

In conclusion, the ID Millennium Longest Lasting Silicone Sex Lube from Peaches and Screams offers impressive longevity and a distinct sensation. While compatibility, texture, and cleanup considerations exist, my overall experience was positive. This lube provides an enduring and satisfying lubrication solution for various intimate activities, making it a noteworthy option for those seeking long-lasting comfort.