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Id Velvet Body Glide Silicone-based Sex Lube, 1oz

by ID Lube
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Exemplifying the epitome of sophistication is ID Velvet. Formulated in Germany and manufactured in the US, ID Velvet uses only the highest pure grade silicone available. This luxurious product allows superior indulgence for those desiring long lasting and friction free intimacy. ID Velvet is fragrance free, latex compatible and the premium formula also works as a skin conditioner and moisturizer. Perfect for both extended sensual encounters and endless erotic massages.

Specifications of ID Velvet Body Glide Silicone Sex Lube, 1oz

Lube Type : Silicone Based
Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 1floz/30mls
For Who : Both
Brand : ID Lube

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
lsabella (Brentwood, US)
Luxuriously smooth texture enhanced intimacy and lasting comfort.

First off, let's talk about the texture. This lube truly lives up to its name - the "velvet" sensation is no exaggeration. As soon as I applied it, I could feel the luxurious silkiness on my skin. It glided effortlessly, creating a smooth and sensual experience. Whether I was using it for a massage or intimate moments, the texture was consistently impressive.

The longevity of this lube was a standout feature for me. Unlike water-based lubes that can dry out over time, the silicone-based formula of ID Velvet Body Glide maintained its slickness throughout the entire experience. This made everything feel more comfortable and natural, without the need for constant reapplication.

Speaking of comfort, I must mention that this lube is great for sensitive skin. I didn't experience any irritation or discomfort, which is a big plus in my book. It's also compatible with various types of play, whether you're using toys or engaging in different forms of intimacy.

However, there is one point that I didn't enjoy as much. The fact that it's silicone-based means that it's not suitable for use with silicone toys. If you're a fan of silicone toys, this might be a bit of a limitation. Additionally, cleanup required a bit more effort compared to water-based lubes, but it wasn't a major drawback considering the benefits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a little goes a long way with this lube. Since it's so slick, you don't need a large amount to get the desired effect. This also helps with the longevity of the product, making the small 1oz bottle surprisingly durable.

In conclusion, the ID Velvet Body Glide Silicone Sex Lube offers a sensationally smooth and long-lasting experience. The luxurious texture, compatibility, and skin-friendly nature make it a solid choice for those seeking a high-quality silicone-based lube. Just be mindful of the limitations with silicone toys and the slightly more involved cleanup process.