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Kheper Sensuality Honeysuckle Flavored Bath Salts

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Experience a new bath full of great pleasure with Sensuality Verbena Green Tea Bath Salts With 5 Activity Cards, 50z created to help you relish your whole-bodypleasure. Taking bath is one of the activities that bring pleasure into your life. However, getting the required added essentials to help you achieve that can be quite challenging. Thus, this powerful product is created to turn your bath time into a fun and magical time filled with great sensationsgiving you more cravings. The product is filled with a soft romantic honeysuckle scent to help you find more sensuality in your relationship.

This amazing product features 5 powerful waterproof foreplay activity cards to allow you to have a wonderful relaxation with your lover in the bathtub as you play them. Heat your romance and get to know your lover on a more sensual level with the help of this fantastic product. The product allows you to pamper yourself and your lover with incredible sensual foreplay activity. Sock yourself against your lover’s body and connect with romance as you touch eachother gently spreading the soft water across your skin. Shop for this masterpiece having many romantic games that will help you create intense pleasure while alone or with your partner.

Specifications of Sensuality Verbena Green Tea Bath Salts with 5 Activity Cards, 5oz

Liquid Volume : 5 oz
For Who : Both
Brand : Kheper Games
Size : See Description

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Claire (Lisbon, PT)
Subtle scent, smooth dissolution, mindful activity cards.

I recently treated myself to a serene evening by trying out the Sensuality Verbena Green Tea Bath Salts with 5 Activity Cards from Peaches and Screams. Being a fan of calming bath rituals, I was intrigued to see if this product could truly elevate my self-care routine. Here's my honest take on using these bath salts:

To start, the packaging caught my eye with its simple elegance. The sturdy jar came with a secure lid, keeping the bath salts fresh and intact. The inclusion of 5 activity cards piqued my curiosity; they seemed like a promising way to enhance the bath experience.

Upon opening the jar, a delicate blend of verbena and green tea fragrances greeted me. It created a serene and inviting atmosphere in my bathroom, setting the tone for relaxation. The bath salts themselves were finely textured and dissolved effortlessly in warm water, which I found quite pleasing.

As I immersed myself in the bath, I appreciated the subtle and calming aroma that enveloped me. The scents of verbena and green tea were gentle and not overpowering, contributing to the overall soothing ambiance. The bath salts dissolved smoothly, leaving the water clear and free from any gritty residue.

The 5 activity cards were a thoughtful addition.They could be a beneficial tool for those seeking a more holistic self-care experience.After my bath, I noticed that my skin felt notably softer and hydrated. While the effects were enjoyable, I can't say they were dramatically different from using other bath salts. The fragrance didn't linger extensively on my skin, which could be a positive or negative aspect depending on individual preferences.

One aspect that I found less appealing was the price point. Compared to other bath salt options, this product leans toward the pricier side. While the activity cards do contribute uniqueness, they might not justify the higher cost for everyone.

In summary, my experience with the Sensuality Verbena Green Tea Bath Salts was mostly positive. The gentle scent, seamless dissolution, and the idea of incorporating mindfulness through activity cards created a serene and enjoyable bath session. However, the higher price could be a potential drawback for those looking for more budget-friendly options. If you're inclined to invest in a tranquil bath experience and don't mind the slightly steeper cost, these bath salts could be a worthwhile addition to your self-care routine.