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Master Series Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage With Padlock

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This erection inhibiting device is made of durable stainless steel and features a shortened cage with a locking base piece. Simply place him in the cage and fasten the base ring using the simple pin mechanism. The hinged base ring has a rubber sleeve at the joint to prevent pinching. Then just place the pin through the top of the cage and secure him with the included lock and keys. You decide when he is free.

Measurements Cage 4 inches in length, 1.4 inches inner diameter, Base ring 1.75 inches inner diameter

Material Stainless steel, rubber

Specifications of Captus Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cock Cage for Bondage

Washing : Hot soapy water
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Brand : Master Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Solid construction and effective locking mechanism for BDSM chastity play

I recently tried the Captus Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cock Cage for Bondage from Peaches and Screams, and I'd like to share my honest thoughts based on my personal experience. Let's keep it straightforward and objective.

The build quality of this chastity cage is impressive. Made from stainless steel, it feels solid and secure. This durability is essential for comfort and trust during BDSM play.

The locking mechanism adds an extra layer of intensity and control to BDSM sessions. It effectively prevents any unauthorized removal, enhancing the overall experience.

Putting on this device can be somewhat complex, especially if you're new to chastity play. It requires practice to get it right and ensure a comfortable fit.

Using the Captus significantly restricts mobility. This may be the desired effect for some users, but it's essential to be aware of this limitation during wear.

Like with most chastity devices, there's an adjustment period. The sensation of confinement can be uncomfortable initially. Patience and clear communication with your partner are crucial during this phase.

The Captus Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cock Cage for Bondage is a well-made and secure choice for those experienced in BDSM and chastity play. Its solid construction and effective locking mechanism make it a dependable option.

However, be prepared for the complexity of putting it on and the significant mobility restriction it imposes. This product is best suited for individuals and couples who are comfortable with BDSM play and the sensations it brings.

Ultimately, whether or not you enjoy this product depends on your personal preferences and your willingness to embrace the unique experience it offers. Always prioritize open communication with your partner, consent, and safety during BDSM activities.