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Master Series Stainless Steel Nipple Vice With 2 Clamps

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Explore intense bondage play pleasures with the perfectly designed Precision Adjustable Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play.

Easily adjust the intensity of the clamping action if you desire slight pressure or extreme intensity. It consists of two clamps designed to intensify the sensation of your nipples for that perfect BDSM play. The chain is made from premium materials that can withstand many hours of play and can be removed for additional versatility. The tips of the clamps are made from the purest TPR material to make sure they are soft and have a curved design to hold on to your tips tightly. With turning screws that control the tightness of these clamps, this gorgeous piece allows you to control the pressure exerted on the nipples.

The clamps are the best option for those introducing themselves to BDSM play and those that are already experienced in that sector. With each clamp having a dimension of about 3 inches in length and opening up to a width of about 0.5 inches wide, this set can fit many sizes. The chain of this set is about 12 inches wide and is designed to be strong and last longer. Purchase this amazing set to have your partner chained up in your love.

Specifications of Precision Adjustable Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play

Washing : Wipe down
For Who : Both
Brand : Master Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
N.P. (Prague, CZ)
Secure grip, adjustable pressure, durable stainless steel for effective stimulation.

I recently tried the Master Series Stainless Steel Nipple Vice with 2 Clamps, and here’s my experience with them:

This nipple vice is made of stainless steel, giving it a solid and durable feel. It features a vice-style mechanism with two clamps that can be adjusted to apply pressure to the nipples.

The stainless steel material provides a cool sensation against the skin, which can be quite stimulating during use. The vice mechanism allows for precise control over the pressure applied to the nipples, making it easy to adjust according to personal preference.

I found the design to be effective in maintaining a secure grip on the nipples without slipping, ensuring consistent stimulation during play. This reliability is crucial for extended sessions where maintaining intensity is important.

The vice-style clamps are straightforward to use and stayed securely in place during my experience. This simplicity adds to the overall convenience of the product.

Cleaning the stainless steel vice and clamps is simple with warm water and soap, which helps in maintaining hygiene after each use. This routine upkeep is essential for preserving their quality over time.

However, individuals with very sensitive nipples may find the stainless steel clamps to be too intense, even at lower pressure settings. The rigid material can provide a strong pinch that might not be suitable for everyone's comfort level.

Overall, the Master Series Stainless Steel Nipple Vice with 2 Clamps is well-suited for those seeking adjustable and secure nipple stimulation. It offers durable construction, precise control over pressure, and effective grip, though sensitivity levels should be considered for optimal enjoyment.

Penelope (New York, US)
Personalized pressure, precision adjustment for tailored nipple stimulation in bondage play.

In my ongoing exploration of BDSM sensations, I decided to experiment with the Precision Adjustable Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play from Peaches and Screams. Here's an unbiased review, detailing my personal journey with the product:

Upon receiving the package, the precision design of the adjustable clamps intrigued me. The promise of tailoring the intensity to my preference was appealing, and the clamps themselves seemed well-constructed and durable.

Applying the clamps took a bit of trial and error to find the perfect pressure. The adjustable feature allowed me to fine-tune the clamps to just the right level for my comfort. The sensation was immediate—a combination of pressure and a controlled tightness that was both engaging and stimulating.

What I appreciated most was the ability to customize the intensity of the clamps. The precision mechanism allowed for gradual adjustment, creating a unique experience tailored to my desires. The added weight from the clamps added to the sensation, enhancing the overall experience.

The sensation itself was unlike any other nipple clamp I've tried. The ability to adjust the pressure provided a level of control that allowed me to explore various levels of intensity. This is a feature I particularly enjoyed, as it let me cater the experience to my comfort and mood.

However, it's crucial to mention that the precise adjustment feature might take some practice to master. It requires careful handling and patience to find the perfect setting. Additionally, like with any BDSM tool, clear communication and understanding boundaries are essential.

In conclusion, the Precision Adjustable Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play offers a personalized avenue for those seeking tailored sensory experiences. The design, precision adjustment, and the added weight create a unique encounter. They are well-suited for individuals who appreciate control over the intensity of their play. As with any BDSM exploration, understanding your preferences and engaging in open communication are paramount. If you're intrigued by the idea of precision-adjustable stimulation and want to fine-tune your experience, these clamps could provide a fulfilling journey, as long as you approach them thoughtfully and responsibly.