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Spencer and Fleetwood


Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Pouch for Men

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Edible panties are an amazing source of candy and sensuality whether you are nibbling from the crotch of a woman or the crotch of a man. This sexy little number, candy posing pouch novelty underwear for men, will keep his package secured underneath tasty edible sweet candy. As you nibble your way around his hips and down towards his cock, you can expose pieces of him to taste as well. The Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Pouch for Men holds his package in place until you are ready to take it out for play. You can lick these candies. Eat these candies. Suck on these candies. He will get turned on the closer you get to his package. With over 300 candy pieces, the two of you will enjoy intimate moments with your mouth on his skin licking and tasting the sweetness of this incredible candy novelty underwear until all the pieces are gone or until you expose his package for your mouth. Novelty underwear are fun sweet and tasty. They make great gifts for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. Great gifts for Brides or Grooms, boyfriends or girlfriends. Novelty underwear is meant to create a fun environment for you and your partner in your bedroom. Create a little game with both of you wearing novelty candy underwear and see who can uncover and eat the most candy before the two of you succumb to the passion in the room. Peaches and Screams has a wonderful line of novelty sex products. We respect your privacy. Every order you place through Peaches and Screams online will be shipped to you in a discreet package. So add a little fun and a little play to your bedroom time knowing that your privacy is fully protected through Peaches and Screams. Add some sweet joy to the time you spend with your favorite partner. Shop for Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Pouch for Men now!

Specifications of the Multi-Coloured Sweet Candy Edible Novelty Pouch for Men

For Who : Male
Features : Candy sweets
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood
Size : One Size