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Rimba 1.45-inch Diameter Wide Donut Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher

by Rimba
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The Rimba 1.45-inch Diameter Wide Donut Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher is a specialized accessory designed for those interested in CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) or ball stretching activities within the realm of BDSM. Crafted by Rimba, a brand known for its quality adult products, this ball stretcher is made from durable stainless steel. Ball stretchers are worn around the scrotum to provide a stretching sensation and add a weighty feel to the testicles. The "donut" shape implies a round and wide design, offering both visual appeal and a broader contact area for the wearer.

The 1.45-inch diameter suggests a size suitable for those with experience in ball stretching, as it may provide a moderate amount of stretch. The stainless steel material not only adds a sleek and polished look but is also easy to clean. As with any BDSM activity, communication, consent, and understanding of each other's limits are essential. Individuals interested in using a ball stretcher should start with sizes suitable for their experience level and gradually progress. Safety, hygiene, and mutual enjoyment should be prioritized during

Specifications of 1.45-Inch Diameter Wide Donut Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher for Men

Washing : Wipe down
Diameter : 1.45 Inches
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Misc : Alan Key Provided
Brand : Rimba

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A. (Montgomery, US)
Customizable stretch and premium build delivered intriguing sensations

I recently ventured into the world of ball stretching and decided to try out the 1.45-Inch Wide Donut Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher from Peaches and Screams. The idea of experimenting with a new sensation intrigued me, and I'm here to share my candid thoughts on my experience with this product.

Upon receiving the ball stretcher, I was impressed by its sleek stainless steel construction. It felt substantial in my hand, and the weight added to the anticipation of what the experience would be like. The product's craftsmanship was evident, and the smooth edges ensured comfort during wear.

Getting the stretcher on required a bit of patience and finesse. Applying a water-based lubricant helped with the process, and I found that taking my time was crucial for a comfortable fit. The sensation of the stretch was intense yet surprisingly pleasurable. It was like a gentle tug that provided a constant awareness of my anatomy in a new and exciting way.

I particularly enjoyed the adjustable nature of the stretcher. The two halves could be separated or closed using the provided Allen wrench, allowing me to customize the level of stretch to my comfort. This adaptability is definitely a plus, as it accommodates both beginners and those more experienced with ball stretching.

Wearing the stretcher for an extended period was a mixed experience. The sensations were undoubtedly erotic and added an extra layer of arousal to my day. However, there were moments when I became more aware of its presence, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's important to note that this sensation could be distracting during certain activities or in public settings.

When it came to removal, the process was straightforward. Ensuring a gradual release by using the Allen wrench to open the stretcher made it comfortable and stress-free. Cleaning the stainless steel was also hassle-free, which I appreciated.

On the flip side, I must admit that this product might not be for everyone. Beginners to ball stretching should approach with caution, as the sensation can be quite intense and takes time to get used to. Additionally, the weight and pressure might not suit everyone's preferences.

In conclusion, the 1.45-Inch Wide Donut Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher offered me a journey of intriguing sensations and exploration. Its quality construction, adjustable design, and unique experience are definite highlights. However, it's essential to be aware of your own comfort levels and preferences, as ball stretching is an acquired taste that requires patience and openness to new sensations.