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Rimba Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar And Wrist Cuff Restraint

by Rimba
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Give your lover little romantic torture with this Adjustable Black and Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Restrain whether in BDSM sex or any other pleasurable bedroom affair.

Made with soft padded cuffs and straps, the Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Restraint ensure you get quality bandage time with your partner with extra ordinary orgasm.  The O-ring connector hardware hosts the leather strap with holes and buckles that runs to the wrist cuffs. Buckle strap makes it easy to find the right length that offers more comfort. The bedroom can get hotter if both lovers are kinky to embrace this fashionable and naughty restraint.

Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Restraint is applied by strapping your lover down and fastening the neck with the buckles on the padded strap that hangs down to the cuffs. After cuffing down the person you can now start administering the punishment including spanking, massaging or rocking. Little resistance from your lover gives room for wetness and sexual satisfaction   that results improved intimate experiences. However, you can introduce whips and paddles  to the plays after cuffing down your lover  for more fun and pleasure. Remember, this wrist restraint  has a slight flexibility and to keep it clean  you wipe down.

Specifications of Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Cuff Restraint

Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A. (San Francisco, US)
Comfortable, secure fit with versatile positioning options.

I recently tried the Rimba Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Cuff Restraint, and here’s my experience with it.

The set includes a sturdy black leather collar with matching wrist cuffs connected by a detachable chain. The leather is of high quality, providing both durability and an appealing aesthetic. The adjustable nature of the collar and cuffs ensures a comfortable fit for various body sizes.

Setting up the restraint was straightforward. The collar and cuffs each have buckle fastenings, making them easy to adjust and secure. The collar fit snugly around my neck without being too tight, and the wrist cuffs were equally comfortable, with enough padding to prevent any chafing during use.

During use, I found the restraint effective in maintaining control and adding an extra layer of excitement to our play. The chain connecting the collar and cuffs limited my movement just enough to heighten the experience without causing any discomfort. The leather felt soft against my skin, and the secure fastenings ensured that everything stayed in place.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the versatility of the restraint. The detachable chain allowed us to experiment with different positions and levels of restriction, adding variety to our sessions. The high-quality leather and sturdy construction made the product feel reliable and safe.

However, one consideration is the initial stiffness of the leather. It took a few uses for the collar and cuffs to become more flexible and comfortable. Additionally, the chain's length might be a bit short for some users, limiting the range of motion more than desired.

Overall, the Rimba Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Cuff Restraint is a well-crafted and versatile addition to any BDSM collection. Its combination of comfort, durability, and functionality makes it a valuable tool for enhancing intimate play.

Sensual leather restraints blending vulnerability and empowerment in play

Curiosity led me to the Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Cuff Restraint from Peaches and Screams as I delved into the world of bondage play. With an open mind, I embarked on an exploration of the sensations and dynamics these restraints could bring. Here's my candid account of the experience.

The moment I received the restraints, the rich black leather caught my attention. The material felt both supple and robust, instilling a sense of quality. The set consisted of a leather collar and wrist cuffs, all connected by sturdy metal chains. The adjustable buckles on each restraint ensured a secure and customizable fit.

Adorning the restraints was relatively easy, thanks to the pliability of the leather and the adjustable buckles. The sensation of the leather against my skin was surprisingly sensual, adding a tactile layer to the experience. The visual appeal of the restraints, coupled with the metal chains, created an intriguing aesthetic.

As I explored using these restraints, I found that they offered a delicate balance between vulnerability and empowerment. The collar added a psychological dimension, creating a feeling of submission and trust. The wrist cuffs, connected by the chains, allowed for limited movement, contributing to the overall sense of restraint.

The aspect I enjoyed most was the simplicity and versatility these restraints offered. The collar and wrist cuffs could be worn together or independently, accommodating different levels of play. The adjustable buckles allowed me to find a comfortable fit that didn't feel too restrictive.

However, there were certain considerations to bear in mind. The collar might feel constrictive for those unaccustomed to neck restraints, so communication and consent are crucial. Additionally, the metal chains, while evocative, could potentially create audible sounds that may affect the atmosphere of the play.

In conclusion, the Adjustable Black Leather Neck Collar and Wrist Cuff Restraint offer a tasteful and accessible entry point into bondage play. The quality of the leather, the adjustability of the restraints, and the aesthetic appeal contribute to a captivating experience. The balance of vulnerability and empowerment adds depth to intimate moments. However, clear communication and respect for each other's boundaries are paramount in any exploration of this nature. If you're curious about enhancing trust and connection in your intimate encounters, these restraints could be a valuable addition to your journey.