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Rimba Black Electro Stimulation Clamps Unipolar

by Rimba
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The Rimba Black Electro Stimulation Clamps Unipolar represent a cutting-edge addition to the world of adult pleasure products. Designed for those seeking a unique and electrifying experience, these clamps offer a thrilling combination of BDSM aesthetics and electrostimulation technology.

The clamps are crafted from premium black silicone, providing a luxurious and body-safe texture that feels comfortable against the skin. Their unipolar design means that one clamp serves as the positive electrode while the other can be paired with another electrode, like a body pad or insertable probe, for a complete electrostimulation experience.

Electrostimulation, often referred to as e-stim or electroplay, delivers gentle electrical pulses or tingling sensations to the body's nerve endings, intensifying pleasure and sensitivity. Rimba's clamps allow users to explore a range of intensity levels, from subtle, arousing pulses to more intense and electrifying sensations, all at their own pace.


Specifications of the Rimba UniPolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Power : Rimba Power Box (Not included see above)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sofia (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Electro-stimulation added electrifying novelty to intimate sensations.

Curiosity led me to try out the Rimba Unipolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps from Peaches and Screams. As someone open to new sensations, I was both intrigued and cautious about this unique product designed to combine pleasure with electro-stimulation.

Upon receiving the clamps, I was impressed by their solid build. The materials felt durable and well-made, which eased my concerns about safety during use. The adjustable nature of the clamps allowed for a comfortable fit, both on my nipples and other sensitive areas.

The electro-stimulation aspect was what truly set these clamps apart. The setup process wasn't overly complex, and the instructions provided clear guidance. Starting at a low intensity, I gradually increased the electro-stimulation, and the tingling sensation it produced was nothing short of fascinating. It wasn't painful or overwhelming, but rather an unexpected and tantalizing form of arousal.

The combination of the clamping sensation along with the gentle pulsing of the electro-stimulation made for a unique experience that I hadn't encountered before. It's worth noting that the sensation isn't for everyone, and it's important to listen to your body's signals and preferences.

As for the drawbacks, the clamps' grip could occasionally feel too intense, even at the lowest settings. Adjusting the pressure took some trial and error, and finding the right balance between comfort and stimulation was a bit challenging. Additionally, the clamps could slip off if not positioned carefully, disrupting the experience.

Clean-up was relatively simple, and I appreciated the ease of removing the electro-stimulation units for proper cleaning. The use of water-based lubricants was essential to ensure the clamps' comfortable placement.

In conclusion, the Rimba Unipolar Electro Nipple and Genital Clamps provide an intriguing blend of clamping and electro-stimulation sensations. The build quality, adjustable design, and unique experience they offer are commendable. However, the intensity of the clamping and the potential for slippage might require some experimentation to get just right. If you're open to exploring new heights of pleasure and have an interest in electro-stimulation, these clamps could be a fascinating addition to your intimate adventures.