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Rimba Black Leather Head Lace Up Mask

by Rimba
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Instil a visual nightmare or medieval torture with this genuine leather head mask with lace up sides! Strike fear into your subjugated slave, or add that extra scary dimension into your erotic bondage playtime!

Leather for erotic domination!

Specifications of Black Leather Fetish Head Mask for Bondage

Fastening : Lace up
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Comfortable fit, stylish design, and smooth leather for sensory play.

I recently tried the Rimba Black Leather Head Lace Up Mask, and here's my honest experience with it:

The first thing that caught my attention was the quality of the leather used in the mask. It feels soft yet sturdy, which enhances both comfort and durability. The design is stylish with its lace-up feature, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Putting on the mask was straightforward, and the lace-up closure allowed for a customizable fit around my head. This was a plus as it ensured a snug and comfortable feel without being too tight or restrictive.

The mask itself is lightweight, which makes it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort. The leather material is breathable, which helps prevent overheating during use. This breathability was particularly appreciated during more active moments.

One aspect I enjoyed was the sensory experience provided by the leather. It feels smooth against the skin and adds a layer of sensuality to playtime. The adjustable lace-up design also allows for easy removal when desired, adding to the practicality.

However, one consideration is that the lace-up closure might require assistance or practice to adjust properly, especially if wearing it alone.

Overall, the Rimba Black Leather Head Lace Up Mask is a well-crafted accessory that combines style with functionality. It's suitable for enhancing sensory play and adding an element of intrigue to intimate moments.

C. (San Francisco, US)
Enhanced sensory experience and durable leather construction

I recently purchased the Black Leather Fetish Head Mask for Bondage from Peaches and Screams, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on this unique product. Please note that I'll be objective and straightforward about my personal experience.

The first thing I noticed about this head mask was its quality. The black leather is sturdy and well-constructed, giving a genuine sense of durability. It's comfortable to wear and didn't cause any irritation or discomfort, even during extended use.

The mask features adjustable straps that allowed me to customize the fit to my liking. Whether you have a larger or smaller head, you can find a snug and secure fit with ease. This adjustability is essential for comfort and safety during bondage play.

I appreciated the versatility of this mask. It covers the eyes, ears, and mouth, effectively limiting sensory perception. This heightened sensory deprivation added an exciting element to bondage sessions, enhancing the overall experience.

Cleaning leather products can be a concern, but this mask was surprisingly easy to clean. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth did the trick, and it maintained its quality and appearance even after multiple uses.

While the sensory deprivation aspect is a plus, I found that the mask limited airflow more than I anticipated. It's essential to have a safeword and a partner who's attentive to your comfort when using this product to ensure safety.

The mask does an excellent job at blocking vision, which is a plus for some users. However, it's crucial to be cautious while wearing it, as your vision is severely restricted. I recommend using this in a controlled environment to avoid accidents.

In summary, the Black Leather Fetish Head Mask for Bondage from Peaches and Screams is a well-crafted and versatile addition to intimate play. Its quality, adjustable fit, and easy maintenance are definite pros. However, it's essential to consider the limited airflow and vision when using this mask and to prioritize safety and communication with your partner.