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Rimba Black Silicone Submissive Adjustable Collar

by Rimba
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BDSM is a game for the selected few, the ones bold enough to relinquish all the power and just have a great time enjoying taking orders and following someone else’s script. However, most of the accessories are designed for the submissive and some are very awesome especially if they fit the current narrative. However, beginners cannot begin to enjoy the joys of the hardcore toys that are created for pain and not pleasure. Collars are somewhere within the list of items that require a slow breaking in process that takes up to months. Leather collars are harsh and a bit bulky to be used by newbies on account of the risk of chaffing that may discourage the submissive from pursuing that game. The same applies to the submissives that become a little uncomfortable when they have a scary looking leash around their neck. The Black Silicone Submissive Collar for Women is a perfect accessory that looks unintimidating, allowing for newbies to contemplate giving it a try. The collar is 18 inches in length and is adjustable, making it great for use by multiple partners if required. The silicone material is a bit flexible and comfortable to wear ensuring no risk of chaffing. The collar has the word submissive printed boldly in white at the front, clearly stipulating who gets to put it on during the BDSM session. The collar feels and looks so harmless that even the jittery submissives will have no problem allowing it to be tied around their collar and the newbies get to enjoy a comfortable first try.

Specifications of Black Silicone Submissive Collar for Women

Length : 18 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Features : 3/4 Inch Deep
Brand : Rimba
Size : 18 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
L.A. (Barcelona, ES)
Comfortable fit, soft silicone, and versatile for various play scenarios.

I recently tried the Rimba Black Silicone Submissive Adjustable Collar, and here's my honest experience with it.

This collar is made from silicone, which gives it a smooth and flexible feel. The material is soft against the skin and easy to clean, which is convenient for regular use. It features an adjustable buckle closure, allowing for a customized fit around the neck.

During use, I found the collar to be comfortable and non-irritating. The silicone construction prevents chafing, even during prolonged wear. The adjustable design ensures a secure fit without feeling overly tight, which is essential for comfort during BDSM activities.

One aspect I enjoyed was the minimalist and discreet appearance of the collar. Its black color and simple design make it suitable for both private and public settings. It pairs well with various outfits or other BDSM accessories, enhancing its versatility.

However, it's worth noting that silicone can attract dust and lint, so regular cleaning is necessary to maintain its appearance. Additionally, while the adjustable fit is generally accommodating, individuals with larger neck sizes may find the range somewhat limited.

Overall, the Rimba Black Silicone Submissive Adjustable Collar is a practical and comfortable choice for BDSM play. Its soft silicone material, adjustable fit, and discreet design make it a reliable addition to any collection of bondage gear.

Comfortable, adjustable, and discreet design for submissive play enthusiasts

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Black Silicone Submissive Collar for Women from peachesandscreams.co.uk, and I'd like to share my honest thoughts about the product based on my experience.

I appreciate the wide range of products available to cater to different preferences, and the ordering process on peachesandscreams.co.uk was straightforward and discreet. The packaging ensured my privacy, which is crucial when purchasing items of this nature.

Now, let's dive into my experience with the submissive collar. The black silicone material immediately struck me as both comfortable and durable. The sizing was adjustable, providing a snug fit that was neither too tight nor too loose.

Wearing the collar was an intriguing experience. The silicone material was flexible and soft against the skin, making it comfortable for extended wear. The design was minimalist yet alluring, fitting the theme of submission play. The discreet O-ring offered opportunities for various attachments during play.

In terms of comfort, the collar felt lightweight and non-restrictive, which was appreciated during longer periods of wear. The silicone construction was easy to clean and maintain, and the durability was evident.

One thing to consider is that this type of collar may not be suitable for everyone's comfort level, especially for those new to submissive play. It's important to communicate openly with your partner and set clear boundaries to ensure a positive experience.

In summary, the Black Silicone Submissive Collar for Women from peachesandscreams.co.uk offers a comfortable and versatile option for those interested in submissive play. The quality of the material, adjustable fit, and discreet ordering process make it a valuable addition to your collection.