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Rimba Leather Black Horse Bit Gag And Reins With Buckles

by Rimba
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Bring the equestrian moments in your bedroom with the Adjustable leather BIT Gag with Reins for BDSM Bondage Play ensure you gain total control over your lover during the naughty plays.

Adjustable Leather Horse Bit Gag with Reins for BDSM Bondage Play ensures you subject your lover to romantic torture and naughty memorable moments.  The product is ideal for enslaving intimate partners making submissive to foreplays and sex. Bring this bit gag on with reins on to spice up those lazy weekends with your partner.  With that in mind, you can enslave your male or female lover leaving them with nothing to day and do while administering the naughty punishment.

Adjustable Leather Bit Gag with Reins for BDSM Bondage Play is crafted with leather that sustains the strain from your partner. Also, it comes with buckles that help find the right head fit for enhanced comfort. The leather strap holding the horse bit gag has rings that allow connecting more restraints to spice up BDSM bondage plays. However, taking control of your partner may not be pleasurable without vibrators and lubricants.  These additional sex tools can help you create an intense rhythm you may live to remember. Also, you can include whips or paddles to take the bondage play to another level

Specifications of Rimba Leather Black Horse Bit Gag And Reins With Buckles

Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Size : One Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Comfortable leather, effective gag, adds thrilling role-play with reins.

I recently tried out the Rimba Leather Black Horse Bit Gag And Reins With Buckles, and here's my honest take on it:

The first thing that struck me was the quality of the leather and hardware. The black leather straps felt sturdy and comfortable against my skin, which is essential for any prolonged wear during BDSM play. Adjusting the buckles allowed me to achieve a secure and personalized fit, ensuring both comfort and control.

The horse bit gag itself was intriguing to use. It provided a unique sensation and effectively restricted speech, enhancing the power dynamic between myself and my partner. The bit was comfortable to bite down on, and its size was suitable for extended play sessions without causing excessive jaw strain.

The reins attached to the gag added an exciting element of role-play and control. They allowed my partner to guide and direct movements subtly, which added to the overall experience of submission and dominance.

While I enjoyed the overall design and functionality of the gag and reins, it's important to note that personal preferences will influence enjoyment. Some users may find the horse bit gag too large or uncomfortable depending on their mouth size and sensitivity levels.

Overall, the Rimba Leather Black Horse Bit Gag And Reins With Buckles is a well-crafted piece of BDSM gear that enhances role-play and power dynamics effectively. Its quality construction, comfortable fit, and added control with the reins make it a worthwhile addition to any adventurous couple's toy collection.

Customer (London, GB)
Customized fit, control, and surrender for an intriguing BDSM experience

I recently explored the world of BDSM with the Adjustable Leather Horse Bit Gag with Reins from Peaches and Screams. Today, I'll share my unfiltered experience with this intriguing accessory.

Let's talk about the packaging. It was discreet and ensured my privacy, which is crucial when it comes to intimate items like this. Unboxing the gag, I was met with a genuine leather piece that felt both durable and luxurious.

The adjustable feature of this gag is a standout. The leather straps allowed for a customized fit, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The bit itself was not overly large, which was a relief. It allowed for the right level of "filling" without being overwhelming.

Putting on the gag was straightforward, and the adjustable straps ensured a secure fit. The sensation of having the bit in my mouth was unique, and it added an element of vulnerability and submission to the experience.

What I enjoyed most about this gag was the sense of control and surrender it facilitated. The reins, which are detachable, allowed my partner to guide me with precision. The combination of restraint and guidance can be incredibly thrilling for BDSM enthusiasts.

However, it's essential to approach this accessory with caution. Not everyone may find wearing a gag comfortable or enjoyable. The experience can be intense, and establishing clear communication with your partner(s) about comfort and boundaries is paramount.

One aspect that may not suit everyone is the taste and smell of the leather. It's a natural material, and some users might find it takes some getting used to.

In summary, the Adjustable Leather Horse Bit Gag with Reins offers a unique and thrilling experience in BDSM play. Its adjustable design and reins provide a sense of control and submission that can be incredibly erotic. However, it's not for everyone, so it's crucial to prioritize communication and consent in your BDSM adventures.